, Because a lot of people are buying Terra Luna want to buy, and many more are already on hold.. What will be the future of Terra Luna with all this now in this situation.? Will Terra Luna be able to recover from the huge dump that has come in Terra, Luna now.? All the things will be discussed about the white paper they have.. We will talk about its mechanism in detail. When what things happen to them when it burns. When it is minted, we will talk about all these in detail. So that you will get its future cleared by itself. Where can it go.? We will get to know whether we are doing good or bad by buying it, and you will be able to decide this whole thing. Yourself., First of all, lets talk about what happened to Terra Luna and what it is. So Terra Luna is a coin and they have a stable coin, which is decentralized.. They have a native coin of their own and a blockchain on which there are many projects built. All of which have collapsed. All of them are in a very bad condition at the moment, whoever are using their blockchain, because the dump that has come with the coin and the stable coin has not come with any one fundamental coin in the whole history.. Now these two coins are linked with each other in a mechanism as if he is Karan Arjun., Meaning if one suffers, the other will also suffer.

. If the second coin turns out to be right, then that coin is also correct., So thats why, in todays date, both the coins are lying ill together they are going towards a complete disaster downtrend.. It is these two who can help each other and take each other back.. So how did all these things happen? We talked about the attention that was there in yesterdays video, but today we will talk about the technicalities that all these things have happened in this way.. So technically, if we talk, then here is the ust of Terra Luna and I have it in large quantity and if we suddenly sell it in the market, then its supply will increase more in the market., Its price, which should be 1. It will gradually decrease. Same thing happens with any crypto when the price of UST decreases, then their mechanism burns UST at that time.. This star, which is a project, is completely decentralized and it will be ust burn and when it is burnt, then mint is terra luna, which is their native coin., The one we hold and remove the growth. Then its new coin will be minted, which means new, more coins will come in the market.. Now he has a limit of total supply, which is one billion.. But if you look on their website, you will see unlimited here and when I read their white paper. All these things were cleared that what is the problem in actual.