My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video and the market keeps going down and uh people out. There are starting to message me saying that they feel really bad and stuff, and i understand exactly how you feel, because ive been in the same boat many times before. Actually this is not my first crypto crash ive been through this. I dont know so many times now, probably at least 10 times ive seen the market crash, like this um through the five world yeah five years, ive been in crypto now so maybe not five years, but more than four years at least so i would say you Know every single every single crash makes you stronger and poorer. No im kidding, of course not poor, because crypto is always back especially bitcoin. I mean some of you may only hold a bunch of old coins and in that case i would say yeah thats thats risky. You know, but ive been telling you for years now. Never ever put everything in all coins make sure to always have at least 70 of your liquid um crypto into bitcoin, and then you can take 30 into altcoins. As you know, guys, bitcoin is always always coming back. Bitcoin is very, very stable uh, but we see corrections ive seen bitcoin corrections like i said, like 10 times, i remember march of 2020, when bitcoin went literally from like 11k down to 3k. Just like that, i lost 60 of my net worth in yeah.

Two three days did i care. Did i cry? Did i feel bad? No, actually, no, because that was also not the first time. The only time i felt bad about the bitcoin price was back in uh, i dont know 2017, probably 18. When i was a complete noob. I didnt know anything. I thought that when bitcoin goes down 30 everything is over, but now i know that bitcoin is always back uh, but what about nfts and altcoins? Well, if we do enter into a two three year bear market, then i think, and nfts and altcoins might get completely demolished its very possible very possible thats. Why i never hold all of my net worth in all consent and um nfts. I do have this nft and im, not gon na sell it because i bought it for not, for investment is mostly for fun to be honest, but lets um lets go into the bitcoin chart, because i want to show you whats going on here. We can see all right, so bitcoin has now actually broken thirty thousand dollars now that could potentially be a very bad sign. Let me go to the four hour here. You can see that were breaking 30k now with pretty big volume. To be honest, so uh we i mean we look, we came all the way down to 27.7. This has to be taken uh seriously because of course, breaking 30k. I told you before that. If you break 30k, then we could easily sail down to 220k from here.

On um, so yeah i mean: do i want that happen to happen? No, i dont. I dont think that would be good for for anyone out there uh. But obviously, if you can keep cool, then this will be a fantastic opportunity to accumulate bitcoin for cheap um. I would prefer to see bitcoin shoot up to, like i dont, know 300k and then c correction, but it seems like thats, not gon na happen, so so yeah pay attention to 30k. If we can confirm a daily close here below 30k, then that will be, of course, a bearish signal and we will have this um bear flag playing out more and more um lets. Take a look at uh, maybe ethereum as well before i go into um, luna and ust. Let me just find ethereum here here: uh ethereum against use dollar. We can check first uh. We can see that ethereum against the us dollar is right. Now, um falling were not right now down at two thousand dollars. In fact, uh big support down at the one thousand eight hundred dollars so lets see if we can come all the way down there, eight made 1.8k thats, essentially the look at it. This is the area, so 1.8k will be nice uh place for a potential bounce for ethereum. Let me actually take a quick look at coin market cap. I want to do this whoops. Let me do i need to go to corn market cap.

I had it open. Actually, but i guess its gone now, you know what whatever im not gon na go over there. What we can take a look at is um the bitcoin uh um cme chart lets check for any potential gaps. We can see that bitcoin has formed a small little gap up here at um, 34, 000 and lets take lets flip the screen here and see. If we can see something below down here, because some people have been saying that, of course, there is a a gap down here at twenty five thousand dollars. Is this cme gap now going to get filled? Thats the question i i hope you guys can see here down here down there so basically at twenty five thousand dollars, theres a cme gap. Let me know guys in the comments down below. Let me know right now and okay, what about luna luna is down at one dollar right now, so i lost even more money, because earlier today i put in two hundred thousand dollars into luna or one hundred and fifty thousand um at one point, two dollar or One point three dollars and uh two point something dollars um. I think i might scoop up a little bit more uh, but if i put in another 50 100k at that point its over, then i dont buy more. I i honestly i already said earlier today that i consider this money lost, but if luna does get a recovery in the future, i might be able to recover the losses that i lost because remember i i lost 1.

6 million dollars in luna thats insane thats a Lot um, obviously im fortunate to to do have. I have a lot of crypto so for me its not a big loss, um percentage, wise but um, but 1.6 million – could have been a very very its i mean. Of course, you can buy a lot of nice things for that um ust. Last time i checked was at 70 cents. I made a poll on twitter asking you guys you if you think its gon na go to zero or one dollar, and it seems like most people. The majority thinks its gon na go to zero. You tell me in the comments right now. What do you think about ust is the terra, stable coin going to zero or to one dollar? Let me know in the comment section right now and dont forget also do like this video. If you enjoy these videos, and also if you want to buy or sell luna or bitcoin go to my buy bit, link down below by bit gives you four thousand dollars in bonus. If you click my link at the top of the description sign up with your email takes 20 seconds and you can start trading um luna, bitcoin ethereum, whatever you want, you can short or long um yeah but yeah. Basically, i i bought a bunch of luna today. If you want to buy luna use my buy bit link you get a bonus, i get a bonus and its a win win.

Basically, but its gon na be a loose loose if luna goes to zero lets, hope it doesnt. I already lost 1.6 million um im prepared to lose another 200k and i think in the next few hours here, ill probably put in another 100k at these very, very low levels, um, but its a gamble. Im telling you right now, im gambling right, i mean its a trade, but at the end of the day, this is not technical analysis. This is just who knows: whats gon na happen its fundamentals, its a roller coaster. Nobody knows its a black swan so in a way its gambling but um, but i think the risk reward might be nice because uh, of course, the risk that will go to zero is always there, but the the reward, the potential that we might go 5x10x from Here is there so maybe theres a 1 to 10 ratio there i dont know you tell me if you think this makes sense or no tell me in the comments if im stupid, um but um other than that i keep holding my bitcoin. I didnt sell my bitcoin. I keep holding them um, i i i did actually put a little bit of my ethereum into usdt a few days ago, but um only a very small part of my my ethereum um, maybe, like i dont, know five ten percent maximum of my ethereum uh. Just to have some usdt to deploy into dips if we see some so um, so yeah yeah thats, it guys thats my update.

This was just like a small emergency video uh. Let me know in the comments what you want me to talk about uh tomorrow morning, when i make my uh my morning, video. I love you guys. You are amazing, you are my crypto family. You are the reason why i wake up with a smile every day. Even though the crypto prices are going down because you guys are always there with me, i love you guys so much so so much and if you guys have lost money today. Well me too: all of us did literally everyone in crypto right now is losing a bunch of money. We are all in this boat together and um its part of the game, guys its part of the game and its gon na happen. Dozens of time more in the future, even when bitcoin goes up to three million dollars and corrects down to 500k. You will feel bad because thats how our brain works. We made a bunch of money, but now were losing some gains and uh our brains, dont like that um and im, also, of course, sorry for every noob um, every beginner who jumped into crypto in the past like six months, because, of course, you dont even have Gains youre just losing money and bad timing, bad timing. Many of my friends jumped in back in 2017 at the top of 20k and were were at lost for three years, but if you hold bitcoin for more than four years, youre, usually always in profits eventually.

So keep holding thats it um yep thats it guys. Let me let me show you my beautiful nft uh uh pillows, honestly. These are a little bit embarrassing. At this stage i mean i, i bought this crypto punk for a million dollars. This board ape for 200 000. I dont even know i dont want to know what theyre worth now, because, honestly, i think the nft market is going to crash im not going to sell them, because i i love them theyre part of me right now, but i think it was a stupid decision To be honest, whatever, it is what it is guys, but guys have an amazing day wherever you are um. Let me know if you want me to do some live streams or whatever you want me to do. Im here, for you guys, maybe live stream.