My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video, the bitcoin price, has now seemingly confirmed a breakdown below 30 000. What does this mean for the price in the coming weeks and months and potentially years thats? What i want to talk about in this video are we going into a bear market because thats what everyone wants to know, and actually ive been telling you for weeks now that if we do break 30k, then that will dramatically increase the risk of a multi year? Bear market, so those are big words, of course, very, very big words and, to be perfectly honest with you, i was thinking that 100 000 could happen this year. It seems like well if we keep holding below 30k now for the next few weeks, then well. 100K. Is not gon na happen this year, so lets take a look at the chart because um, i think the chart will tell us whether were going to 100k or 0k. Here we can see that bitcoin is right now falling below 30k and were currently down at 26.5. Thats, a very, very dramatic selloff here and the volume is of course massive coming in here, as many people are panic selling. Currently i am still holding all my bitcoin because i i never sell bitcoin, i make trades. Sometimes i short – and i long and i sell all – goes back and forth. I even sold some ethereum a few days ago because of this dump, but but my bitcoin i want to hold, i always just make sure, to stack and accumulate more and buy the dip.

So i keep buying the dip when bitcoin goes down. I always uh buy more all right, so the next massive support will be all the way down. 19. 000 and 19k is um. I mean 19.4, so essentially, 20k guys, i mean 20 000. Is the previous all time high, as you may remember, and that is a big big level to watch for us right now. Let me know down below if you think were gon na go down there or not. I also want to take a look at ethereum. Real, quick ethereum is right now. Well, this is the theory against bitcoin and here because bitcoin is falling down and if you look at ethereum against uh the us dollar – and we can see that were coming very, very close right now to this green support box that i was talking about before down. At 1.8 k so down at 1.8 k, we have massive massive support. Ethereum is right now coming down to that level, indicating that um, we are maybe coming into um massive massive support. So that is very, very important to me that we pay attention to those levels and what im gon na do is im gon na potentially buy more if we break down below here. So if we do break 1.8k and come all the way down to, for example, you know 1.3 1.2, then im gon na buy more ethereum. In my opinion, i think thats a great great buying opportunity.

Uh lets take a look at terra luna. As you can see, terra ust is still down at 60 cents, which is of course, uh very dramatic, and not very good for people that are holding this stable coin, which is not stable anymore. Lets take a look at also usdt usdt people are speculating that maybe usdt is going to depict and right now you can see that usdt is actually pegging. So currently i am taking my usdt and i am putting them into other assets, because what? If a usd team starts to depict just like ust im, not saying that usdt is also going to go to zero, but you know im getting a little bit worried and i have a few million dollars worth of usdt. So im gon na put them into us dc and back into ethereum and bitcoin, potentially maybe even buy some terra luna on buy bits to be honest, uh. If you also want to buy terra luna, you can buy over on buybit. I bought some yesterday right now. Its even down lower – i was thinking today to potentially buy even more now its down at 30 cents. I think im gon na put in another 100 000 here potentially, but if i buy now thats it im, not gon na buy more because then i already lost uh more than i want to lose on this stupid coin. To be honest, but, like i said yesterday, this is a gamble.

This is a pure gamble, im doing right now with my money and you can do whatever you want, but you can buy or sell tara luna over on buy bit. I have the link down below and the same with bitcoin. If you want to buy or sell you know you can short and long bitcoin uh you have the link down below. Let me just go out here: if you want to get a um, 4 000 bonus on buybit, make sure to click. My link down below at the top of the description uh sign up to buy a bit and when you signed up with your your email takes 20 seconds, you get four thousand dollar bonus. You can use that bonus to trade and you can keep all the profits yourself. Uh leave a thumbs up down below. If you enjoyed this quick video and subscribe. If you havent done that already, i love you guys stay strong. The market is dumping, but uh. Your mindset is the key to your future success and there is nothing in the world that can ever change your mindset. If you have a strong mindset, so prices material things have no impact on you. If you are strong, so mindset is key. Guys mindset wake up every day, telling yourself you are wealthy, youre, rich and youre happy and you are ready to go out there and become incredibly successful, no matter what the bitcoin price is thats, important, guys um.

Thank you for watching.