Instead, it seems like its going to continue moving lower. So what does this mean for shiba inu coin? We have been watching the price extremely closely over the last several weeks and weve been watching bitcoin at that 37, 000 or 30 000 level. Sorry for the last several weeks and – and it seems like prices – are going to continue to the downside. Now guys. Weve already talked about, you know how low things are currently at lets. Talk about how low shiba inu coin could potentially go here, where the levels of support are and what it means for you as a holder, because there is going to be a mentality shift that needs to take place. If you guys expect to come out on the other side of this, so if it sounds like something, youre interested in lets get started. Music whats up everybody, im clay im here to make 2022 the best year ever. If you ever, click that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together and look if youre brand new to investing sorry about my eyes, guys if youre brand new to investing you dont know how or where to buy stocks in crypto. You got a link in the description below for weeble. It is super simple to set up your account, any deposit, get you guys. Five free stocks, any one dollar, crypto trade – gets you your choice, five dollars in free crypto; and yes, you can choose shiba, inu coin and im telling you right now you are getting it on a massive dip.

If you guys do sign up and want to start getting into cryptocurrencies or stocks, both of them are getting hammered, bitcoin falling through that 30 000 level. Currently, testing – i mean by the time this video airs it could be even lower, currently testing. The upper 27 000 mark – these are drastic declines in such a major cryptocurrency. Now, looking at that, you know, weve talked about 30 000, so much what is below and what does it mean for shiba inu coin? Now i want to preface this by saying i am not trying to scare you. I am trying to prepare. You weve been talking for several weeks now about these levels potentially being broken and the decisions that you need to make on whether or not to hold on whether to fold or whether to continue adding on the way down. Now. Let me just start by saying that i know as investors as retail investors, we look at it and especially when it comes to shiba unicoin. We want those short term gains. We want to make millions of dollars on a couple dollar investment and we want to do it in a a months time frame. We want that lottery, ticket win and yes, shiba inu coin was that lottery ticket win in 2021 for a lot of people, but erasing a lot of these gains right now could absolutely bear with me could absolutely provide you with this same opportunity moving forward.

If you make it through the downturn and if you are either still holding shiba inu coin or buying more shiba inu coin, as the price is moving lower and once again starts to recover, now lets talk about how low it could go and then why cryptocurrency absolutely Has a future and why shiba inu coin has a future as well, so how low can it go? Bitcoin has has a little level of support in the 20 000 range it hit this back in 2017, so we are going back quite a ways, five years that we have to go back for major resistance there and once again posed a little bit of resistance at The end or the beginning of 2021, sorry not the end at the beginning of 2021, when bitcoin ran in in october of 2020 from 10 000 to january of 2021 to 40 000 per coin. It spent about a week in that 20 000 time frame and that may hold up his support if bitcoin loses another roughly 30 percent in value, i would absolutely expect shiba inucoin to lose more than 30 in value. We know that shiba inucoin moves exponentially to bitcoin and if bitcoin is dropping to the next level of support, shiba inu coin could absolutely be testing for 500 points per coin. Now that we do have some technical resistance on shibuya coin in the 800 to 1000 point per coin range, so that is a positive sign, but it is really following bitcoin right now and is really going to be attached to that price.

So if bitcoin drops another 30, i absolutely expect shiba inucoin to move lower. Does this in any way affect my um belief in shiba, inu coin and the future that it has? The answer is no. It doesnt do that for any cryptocurrency, because i truly believe that cryptocurrency has a place if you believe that the future is digital. If you believe that assets are going to be in this digital sphere and cryptocurrency will be here, we are providing our. We are being provided right now with an opportunity to change lives. Well, hear this out. You know i was on the phone with my brother a little bit earlier and we talked about well dude. This is the third time we had our chance in 2015. Nobody wanted to take it, nobody knew what cryptocurrency was capable of 2017 hit man and everybody was making out like millionaires because they were millionaires. Then it dropped down. We had our chance all the way through 2020, but we didnt take advantage of it and load up now, youre sitting here and youre, looking at a potential third opportunity, guys its like we got were sitting on a full count right now. This is our third and final strike or were hitting the home run. What are we going to do? Are you going to continue buying? Are you going to continue averaging down? Are you going to continue believing in shiba inu coin and the future of cryptocurrency, or are you going to strike out give up and walk away from the game? I mean the choice is yours.

It is as simple as that. Its a choice to set yourself free from the ups and the downs of the investments and to set yourself free from the volatility that is the crypto world and especially the volatility thats involved in shiba inu coin. Or do you step up to the plate? Do you absolutely swing and take your shot at hitting a home run im choosing the latter. I am staying in crypto, i believe in what the ecosystem is building and i believe in the sheba army whether the price goes down, because everything is falling around it. Thats, the temporary the long term is the fact that the shiba inu coin army is the strongest social media presence of any altcoin or any cryptocurrency out there. That is what i believe in the price, the intraday price the day to day the week to week, price that is temporary. What lasts is you and me, and if we outlast this downturn, we absolutely come out winners so guys yes, shiba inu coin price may fall. It is currently getting hammered. We know, i feel it the same as you guys do. I understand the price is down right now, but long term, if you believe in it and we stay in it and we stay dedicated to making shiba inu coin everything that it is possible to become. I absolutely believe that it is going to soar in price – maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, maybe not next year, but i do believe in the future for it.

I want to know if you guys believe as well down in the comments below simple as that share this video with somebody that needs a little bit of encouragement right now. If that button right, there is still red make sure to click it subscribe to the channel. Join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together. Clayrow883 on twitter instagram. We will find it geminicrypt.