Finally got my triggers to work. Hey. Do you guys already know anything i say? Is not a suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell, and please please please not just on my page but anybodys, page anybodys, instagram, anybodys, tick, tock, never fall for spam in the comment, sections or dm never send crypto or money anywhere. Uh lets talk about whats going on. I took some notes today because i just wanted to make sure i hit some key bullet points. Uh the market took time to understand the cpi numbers. Cpi numbers came out. They were hot um, so they werent great, but it was better than it was last month, thats the little the saving grace that we had so the market went down. Then it went back up and then it came back down because the core cpi numbers uh got a. We got a better understanding of where inflation was and for those of you want to know how they break it down. I want you to google core cpi numbers. The cpi stands for consumer price index. Okay, it measures inflation. This is important to know why the fed has to raise rates in the first place. Uh. We all know that it is out of control. It was fueled by out of control, spending and um. You know supply chain and all of this was started by covet, and so we just poured gasoline on our already burning fire thats. What we did um so now.

Uh lets go to number two big tech, uh values. Stocks are okay, big tech value stocks are where you might want to look to put your money in uh, but not at this price point, because the stock market and crypto ill get to that in a minute are still a falling knife. And so, if you see something you need you want to buy at these prices, thats, fine, okay, uh just just know that you may be in it for uh. You know a little length of time and dont put all your money all in at once. Just kind of dollar cost average take us, take the amount of money you want to spend and split it up. I would split it up into weeks, not days um. Actually, i actually would split it up into months and just be patient and just kind of divvy off in in bite sized pieces, its just the safest thing to do. I know a lot of people just like to go all in and and dont worry about. It truth be told five years from now. If you have a stock that has a fair, multiple right now you can do that and still win uh. But now is the time to do whats, tough, okay, its tough to buy when its red, okay, so thats. What were gon na look at all right im on number three im gon na keep it moving forward. Earnings on these companies will suffer, causing them to report weaker forward guidance.

I talked about that uh, so um, you know uh forward. Earnings used to be really the multiples. Really you used to be really big. This is how much were gon na you know make down the road and because of that, it caused the price to earnings to be uh expensive. It calls the multiple to be expensive because you were paying a premium on future or upcoming earnings right, and so that is tanking further tanking the market on these earnings reports when they come out further tanking the stock. Should i say, because now the forward guidance are being lowered, so expectation is being lowered right and so that just has a uh um uh, a domino effect should i say right so lets keep going um its very important that you keep an ear to the market Right now i know its difficult to look at your portfolios right now, but um i hate. I got read in my portfolios too, and i keep saying that i also keep saying that i am 70 money, but the 30 that i have in stock are really tanking. Ive been faring well in crypto because i got it so cheap, but its crypto was hurting today, cryptos hurting everybody today and so thats whats crazy. So um, i would say what you want to look for is value: okay, like tech, stock or growth, stock or tech stock that are in growth right because theyre, the ones thats getting a shellacking and so thats.

What i would be looking at some really good solid companies, um ill ill, probably shoot a few out uh at the end of this okay, all right uh, some of you ask, should you con continue to dollar cost average into companies like sofi and arc, and those Type of deals and im gon na tell you what im doing absolute. Yes, as a matter of fact, more so now than ever so were not going to continue, were not going to stop right now, because youre going to make a greater multiple on stock. That are oversold the further we get past a recession. You will make more money by dollar cost averaging at these prices, as if you did when they were green. Okay, so remember you bought them green and you were buying them up here now, youre buying them down. Here, its psychological good people and remember this is a minimum of five years. This is not dollar cost averaging on a stock thats just falling for a swing trade, because those are range bound right of where you should dollar cost average down or when. But if your dollar cost averaging uh with the five dollar a day challenge, then you continue to dollar cost average im really uh looking to get sulfite at these prices, im really looking to get arc at these prices. You do your own research because i have learned from actually this is the fourth recession, but three big recessions.

I have learned every single time. This happened when the fear index is high is when it was the best time for me to just close my nose and do it close my eyes and do it dollar cost average. Your way through. The fact of the matter is for those of you that are new that are literally only depositing five dollars or investing five dollars a day that would have been money. You would have drunk away that would have been money. You would have shopped away. You spend more than that for lunch, and so the fact of the matter is that money would be going anyway. So when you look at your your your five dollar a day challenge, i want you to look at the amount, even though its red look at the amount at the bottom and thats money you would not have had, because you would have drunk it away, partied it Away and so thats why time in the market outweighs trying to time the market right and the further were going to keep doing it as low as it goes, and when some of these stock get very over oversold thats when im actually going to just turn it Up a little bit more and im just going to continue remember this is not bill money. This is not money youre pulling out of the bank. This is you know, coffee, starbucks, money right, so dont hurt that much good people. This is the thing endurance and of endurance and remember what warren buffett said.

You just need temperament to invest during a bear market or recession, temperament and consistency. This is a game of consistency, so the five dollar a day, larry jones challenge we are going to dca through all right. I wanted to be very, very, very, very clear on that. All right so now lets get to whats happening in crypto. Crypto is tanking and its because of the terror coin right and so um. Let me read it and make sure all right. This terror coin is backed by cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin and not by the dollar. Okay, so stable coins, which tara is a unstable coin. Stable coins should be dollar for dollar right, but you had this terror usd coin and its bagged by uh cryptos, uh cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin and its not backed by the dollar, maybe uh, janet yellen was right about hey. We got to its just going to cause them to really start to govern these stable coins. So maybe she was right. You know uh. We got to get this under control. This is its really complicated um, and so i want you to look at what it really means. Actually, i saw meet kevin me. Kevin did a great uh, a video today on what this all means and what is the terror usd and how is bagged. So i would suggest going to watch that one okay, so now theres fear with all crypto. The fear index is crazy with crypto and it is tanking all right, thats, the fear in it so im, gon na also say this if they regulate it and if and if, if the ceo of luna whos trying to do everything he can to calm things down.

If hes able to get this under control and and these things the government goes and they try to get this stuff all lined up and if we get over this hump um there. I believe that theres gon na be days in the future that were gon na, be looking at these prices and were going to find out that some of these prices is where we should be buying at kent. Larry. Can you tell me where should we be buying right now? No, i cannot because the entire stock market, the nasdaq, is tanking and so is crypto. So you guys understand that we were paying a premium based on forward earnings of ridiculous pricing right on the stock, and now they are down some of them by two thirds they are down because um, like i, was saying, then im not chasing these extremely pricey ipos. Now, theres a reckoning happening in the entire stock market: okay, theres a purging happening of these high, multiple companies, and so that is further causing the stock market to tank with raising inflation. And then the feds rate hikes, okay and balance sheets of cleaning, their books. And so uh selling of bonds all right, so i just wanted to tell you guys that and im gon na leave it right. There listen. We know thats red all throughout the market, but what were gon na do stay the course were. Gon na stay positive watch out for the negativity it always rises in a time like this make sure you know that in moomoo i have a link below theyre going to give you some free stock deposit, a hundred dollars.

They got a promo if you deposit, two thousand dollars theyre going to give you a free share twitter, but i just want you to deposit a minimum of a hundred dollars because we are going to start cashing up in our moo moo app. That way, we dont have to look at a sea of red and were going to be ready to invest through the recession, okay and then with weibo. We know thats, where we do our swing trading on uh. You know the crypto and stock all right, good people. Listen tonight at 7, 00 p.m. Eastern time, which is new york time, six oclock chicago ish time and what itll be like four oclock l.a time im going live uh with my man, stock mo keenan grace and myself. We will be live and we will be discussing some of these things that are going on in the market, okay and so thats. What i wanted to tell you guys, i left a video before this one uh just streaming live the consumer price index numbers, and i just wanted you guys to be informed all right. Good people hey, as always, were gon na stay positive were not scared were prepared, and you guys know i love you.