This is daryl from daily crypto trade signals coming to you live from vietnam guys. This is our morning time update guys wow wow what a crazy rhyme were having with crypto, and i know a lot of you out there are you know, looking at your portfolios, looking at everything and a lot of you, you know with this whole tara, luna debacle, You guys are thinking that this is the end and uh. You know were gon na go be going down from here, and you know im here to tell you that you know, even though things are looking pretty nasty, pretty bad in the house im here to tell you that is that we will see some silver lining. We will see a recovery and you know, even though that things are looking pretty bad. We saw that yesterday the u.s markets out there uh everything just tagged. Everything was down about one percent. We saw that uh, you know the dow was down. The s. P was down, and a lot of that was fueled by the fact that you know the cpi data it came out at 8.3. People are expecting about 8.1 out there, and you know this kind of you know. If you look at we, where we were before 8.6 to go to 8.3, it means that you know the inflation has gone down, but even even so, we are still having uh. You know inflation, its hurting everybody, and you know it just put a lot of fear in the whole market, and you know, will this ever end and remember guys? None of this is financial advice.

Im, not a licensed financial advisor uh. You know so inflation barrel ahead at 8.3 in april from a year ago, remaining near 40 years highs guys. So from that perspective you know inflation is better than where it was yesterday, uh, where it was last month, but overall it just wasnt enough uh. You know to make the markets really move in a positive way, but if we look at the pre markets right now, the pre markets right now as time recording, are looking pretty positive in the house, and you know from that perspective the fear and greed uh. You know im looking at the fear and greed im, quite surprised that its unchanged i mean i would have. I would have expected that the fear and greed would be down. You know around eight seven, eight nine area, but in fact uh you know the extreme uh fear is still at 12.. So you know im gon na talk to you about what im doing today. What i did today were gon na talk about. Bitcoin were going to talk about tara luna out. There were going to talk about tara, lunas, stable coin and see whats going on and theres some interesting news thats coming out from dokuan that this is not the first time that he has had a stay algorithmic stable coin that has tankity tank tank guys so were Gon na talk about that uh, you know, will luna recover. Will we get back up there? Im gon na talk to you about that as well.

So lets take a look at the heat map right now, so the heat map overall uh, you know, is looking nasty in the house were seeing that bitcoin has fallen to 28.849 and thats equal with the lows that we had last year in may at 2000, uh 2021, so hopefully this will hold and we wont go down any further any lower. I know a lot of your portfolios are looking pretty pretty bad right now. My portfolio is not looking good as well im down almost like 50 right now uh, if not more so you know its a bad time to be in crypto. You know what should you be doing now from my perspective, uh, you know, im still holding im still looking for the value im still looking for im still looking for you know, good projects, im still dollar cost averaging. So im going to talk to you about that. So right now we can see that you know the 29. 000 line has been broken guys and we are about the same area where we were last year, uh and in may so we saw we have seen this before lets. Go all the way back here. So we did, we have seen this here by last year, but were actually below that so thats a you, know, thats a little bit of a risky uh risky proposition. Will we bounce back a lot of the ta? A lot of analysts are saying that were going to be bouncing back, and i know thats not what you want here this.

I know thats, not what you want to see. Uh you guys all wanted to see that you know bitcoin was you know at 31 000. You know showing signs of recovery, but you know we were we were. You know yesterday on the 11th we did get as high as around about 30 31 500, but we have slipped down considerably from. There were still seeing a lot of cell pressure in the markets. Right now you know this whole. You know the whole lunar debacle, luna, going down the destabilization of its algorithmic coin. Uh algorithmic, stable coin were also seeing. There is now a run on any projects that have algorithmic stablecoin, like luna uh phantom and all the other uh coins that do have algorithmic uh stable coins were seeing a bit of a run there so were seeing a lot of these coins. The markets the market cap is going down, the ballots are going down, things are tankily tagging and a lot of people are saying that bitcoin is dead and you know from my perspective, we have seen that uh, you know hey pop ups guys, you know, bitcoin has Died 448 times, but it always does manage to recover and right now this is our latest. Our latest crypto is dead, guys uh, so people are saying that on the uh on the 10th of may, crypto is dead and were never going to come back from this, but every time crypto does die.

We do come back, i say absolutely do come back and i believe that bitcoin will come back. We will recover, and you know from that perspective, if you look at the rainbow chart its still saying that its a good time to be accumulating uh from that perspective, if we look at the logarithmic growth curve, you know sure right now we have slightly fallen out Of the logarithmic go golf curve ground curve, get your words right, but you can see right now were heading back up in that direction, so that is not too bad from that perspective, but overall things are not looking good. I must admit things are not looking good. I have not sold anything sure ive done a little bit of a redistribution. I did take some profits uh. You know on luna about four or four days ago, so that was pretty good and i did buy back yesterday. I bought back yesterday around about just over. You know like a thousand luna, and i also bought more luna today, because i believe that luna will come back. I absolutely believe that luna will come back, but lets look lets take a look at some bitcoin hope. You are out there, so you can see. This is from plan b, the time for some opioid guy, some hopium, some hopian. We have been in the 30 000 to 60 000 range for about 1.5 years now, but the first time we were at 30k december 2020 btc was overbought with rsi of 90.

. Second time it was at july, 2021 uh b2c market was neutral, rsi was 50. now at 30k. Btc is oversold like, like the covert peak fear in 2021, 2020 with rsi of 34.. I believe that we have been here before we absolutely have been here before and i believe that were going to see the market start to pump guys uh. You know – and this is this double bottom – i keep telling you about this double bubble. Double bottom. I think its here and we can also see the miners having capitulated. The miners are still continuing to mine, were adding more hash rate on the network and theres no chance of the miners capitulating at this point. So that is pretty good news and you know you can see that right here. If we look at bitcoin on the weekly right now, we can see that we have just were still were still in our blue box. We did go past it, but were still on blue box, and this is often indicative of a signal that bitcoin is going to reverse and go to the upside. So some other interesting news, thats coming out right now, uh, you know justin top 100 bitcoin walls have added 77 618 bitcoin. So this is pretty bullish guys. This is absolutely bullish and thats. Over two billion dollars of bitcoin has been bought up in the past 24 hours, so you know the diamond hands. The huddlers are still hotline like crazy, and i believe that bitcoin is going to be going up.

The third biggest uh bitcoin wallet is still buying more bitcoin, guys if theyre still buying. So from that perspective, i am still pretty bullish. This is also some pretty uh. You know. Positive news. Shanghai peoples, court has declared bitcoin is illegal virtual property protected under chinese law. So bitcoin is now being protected under chinese law and being looked at and considered as property. So lets take a look at luna tuna in the house. So luna right now is at 54 cents uh, you know yesterday it did. It did go all the way down to 54 cents. It did spike back up to seven dollars and you know, and right now were just kind of going sideways. Theres still a lot of selling pressure on luna tuna. Will it recover? Can it recover lets? Take a look, but you can see here that its a ust algorithmic, stable coin is starting to come back. It was at 77 cents early its starting to slowly regain its pay, and i still believe that you know. I believe that do kwan is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that you know we get repacked and if we do get repacked youre going to see a luna will slowly start to recover uppity up up. I still dont think that luna is dead and you know other people are thinking that you can see here that crypto fund r could double down on usd amid stable coin collapse, and you know what hes saying is that a crypto hedge fund arc is one of The many likely suffering considerable fallout from the sudden and dramatic collapse of terror, blockchains little power, steel stablecoin.

You know the firm has 500 million under asset and they have told their limited partners in the notes sent out tuesday. It believes that terrorists teetering usd stable coin. Would eventually regain its pay and conclude as a huge buying opportunity? So you know, arc is still arc actually went in a bought more ust because they think this is a good buying opportunity, because they believe that dopant uh, you know, has learned from his past mistakes and that there he is definitely going to be doing what he Can to ensure the survival of terror, because taras ecosystem is still huge guys. Terrorist ecosystem is still huge and you know the developers are still working on, but you know some interesting breaking news as well is that we can see that here, dokwan dokwan uh, you know, was behind earlier failed uh, stable coin exterior colleagues say basis cash, an algorithmic, Stable coin project founded by anonymous, rick and morty in 2020, uh was actually uh, terraform labs. You know this is not the first time hes done that and you know basically, when uh asked about this dokkan said look. This is just a test pilot algorithmic, stable coins. You know they can easily go into these death spirals and, and once they get into this, that spiral it can be game over and were seeing this time and time again guys. So you know, algorithmic stable coins can be very risky, but i believe that over time that you know, tara luna will come back and you know, and if nothing else, i have bought more tara luna.

Just on the you know the speculative risk that it could come back guys. So this is not financial advice, so i know that you guys are hurting. Things are looking pretty bad from that perspective, never sell anything in loss if youre holding a lot of luna tuna right now. All that you can do is basically hold and wait uh and hopefully the project will recover and things will go up guys. I know its gon na its looking messy. I still think that were gon na get a june reversal coming in, and i still think that june could be looking good lets. Take a look at uh lets. Take a look at bitcoin once more its trading at 28.732, and that is exactly at the bottom of my blue box right there. So, hopefully we can recover from there lets. Take a look at the leverage apes out there guys you know cheer up out there. Absolutely cheer up out there uh, you know: dont panic, dont, dont, wet the bed, dont be weak, nancys out there. We will get through this together and you know. I think that you know this is not the end of end of crypto, but you can see that amazing 1.02 billion has been liquidated in the last 24 hours. You know that 371 000 traders have been wrecked just insane and were seeing that you know in the last hour its mainly longs and thats whats, going to be pushing the bitcoin price down.

I wish i had really good news for you, but i dont, and you can also see that you know if we take a look at uh. If we take a look at uh, you know the overall wreckage out. There were seeing a huge amount of wreckage, and this is not helping, you know were just the only thing you can do is sit back and wait for this to recover. I think there will be a recovery uh, its just gon na be a matter of time guys. So, ah you know, from my perspective, things are not looking good. Absolutely things are not looking good uh, you know what am i doing uh. Quite frankly, im just you know, sitting back waiting, uh to see things recover. I know things will recover. The bitcoin always does recover and is absolutely not dead, guys and gals. So from that perspective, uh, you know lets take a look at dogecoin, so you know we still for dose going. We still have a lot of catalysts out there for dogecoin, even though its not looking like right now. We still have the dose going tipping jar, joes payments for twitter, blue tesla, accepting doors for cars. We have the ethereum bridges, smart contracts, we have dogecourt uh 1.21. We have the big three baseball league. We have spacex those going to dogecoin mission thats supposed to be happening june 1st we have the the you know the little dogecoin gigawallet we have spacex and starling, except so theres many many catalysts out there, but right now were not seeing and were not feeling the Love out there, so im gon na im gon na thumbs.

Up on that, i love it uh. So you know right now for the price of dogecoin right now, so dogecoin is not looking very attractive right now it has gone down uh. You know its just above eight cents right now, so that is not good in the house, guys, absolutely not good uh. You know we could be collapsing down to seven cents. Absolutely we could do that uh. So you know just get keep an eye. You know have diamond hands and and wait for life changing wealth, uh and i know a lot of you are not feeling pretty good. I cannot tell you its looking good its looking bad its looking really really bad and you should you be terrified hell yeah. You should be terrified, but we will get through this. We will recover lets. Take a look at a theorem right now. Ethereum right now is at two thousand dollars. Our next support level is about sixteen hundred and fifty three dollars. We may go that low, but you know time will tell whats going to happen and i think that a reversal is coming were seeing that uh right now, a phantom is uh being supported at this level, its being supported right now at 23 cents. So hopefully we can hold that as support it. May not. It may go down theres a huge amount of selling right now, a huge huge amount of selling. It is absolutely a bloodbath. It is crazy, it is carnage, absolute carnage out there uh, you know, lets take a look at those again.

Doge is just going down dddd down down so guys. You know, dont panic in the house, things are things will recover? Things will go up its just a matter of time. Lets take a look at the total market cap right now, so the total market is 1.27 trillion. The volumes are about 157.95 billion, a huge huge sell off guys the bitcoin dollars at 43.23. A lot of people have been selling their old coins and moving into bitcoin like crazy uh, i mean its just its just its its its a disaster out there, this blood on the street, its complete carnage. It is a nasty nasty day out there guys i mean i dont need to go through all the coins. I dont need to tell you whats going on. It is just horrendous. You know, dogecoin is down 25.84 uh, you know its just its just its just terrifying. Its absolutely terrifying out there uh, but you know all we can do, is wait and hopefully that things will recover in due time guys uh. You know we can see that uh, you know were gon na recover, so guys smash it like subscribe. Omg, its a horrible day out there uh, you know, check out the merch check out the links guys i just want to say god bless each and every one of you i mean im kind of like beside myself. I mean i wasnt expecting this. It is just terrifying guys, uh, you know, yeah im, im, worried og is worried in the house uh.

But overall you all we can do is just wait, be patient and hopefully things will come back. Things will come back, uh eventually uh. Maybe we have to wait. Another month, uh and well just have to wait and see you guys so lets uh ill. Keep you updated uh. You know watch out for the next videos.