It will become 12.. The only decision any of us investors have to make now is how much should i allocate to crypto now and how should i deploy it? How much diversification should i have in my head? The big event is going to be policy on crypto. It will open the floodgates to capital from pension and sovereignty which we dont. Have people talk about bitcoin. You know 800 billion thats, nothing thats, nothing in financial services, its its, not even a pimple, its nothing. I mean yes theres, some highly worth individuals, some hedge funds – and you know a few retail investors but bitcoin is – is a nothing burger in financial services. However, the potential would be that we do provide regulation and all of a sudden in a sovereign fund where they might put one percent allocation, but that sovereign fund is a hundred billion dollars. Thats, a small sovereign fund im investing ahead of that im, making the assumption that, if im buying in you know 35 to 40 000 that ill see this at 150 250 000 one day when it gets allocated and indexed, because if, if an indexer says im putting One percent allocation if the coin drops twenty percent, which is very volatile. They buy back up to one percent, so you have a bid theyre the bid theyre the market, all the time. 24 7 theyre in the market. We dont have that right now, so who makes up the population of attendees, and here i can point to institutions that i index for that are walking around baseball.

My bats on your hats on because they dont want to be seen but theyre here to learn and government officials from multiple countries. So this tells you the tone is towards policy and thats. Why theres a big buzz out there? I think the best strategy right now is not to bet the farm on a token or a coin. I, like the analogy from the gold rush way back hundreds of years ago, when you would have done better, owning the picks and shovels and the jeans that people wore than to try and pick a hole in the ground and mine it so im. Looking for opportunities. Im a shareholder in ftx. I have to disclose that im also a paid spokesperson for sam happy to do that, but i also find companies like immutable holdings, thats doing thats infrastructure, another one called wonderful, thats buying all the regulated exchanges to service banks like in countries like canada bit zero. We talked about its a private company, but im 100 behind that for sustainable mining and working with them in all these different state and different countries. Its a very collaborative way of working, a good example is ryan ftxs ceo. He introduced me to the government in georgia. Yeah and im way down the rabbit hole in georgia now buying assets in their country, even though its right beside russia, but i have an opinion about that. I think russians are pretty busy right now in ukraine and not doing so well.

So i think, at the end of the day, im not that worried about georgia because its a very entrepreneurial place – and i dont think its of much interest to them. The point is, i wouldnt have known about it. Unless you know this collaboration existed with other ceos that are working on this stuff. I im im im intrigued. I think infrastructure is the play buying owning a piece of exchanges, youre agnostic to price of coin doesnt matter. It goes up or down you still. You still get paid, so that is what im sort of focusing on now and i do have a big portfolio of 32 other tokens and positions. Polygons, solana, uh, hbar, helium, uh avalanche, like all this stuff, its all its all software theres, no coin, its just software.