The moon boys have quite a few things in common with the moon itself, darkness, loneliness emptiness and nobody cares about them at all. As luna plummets, nearly one hundred percent in what is being considered the biggest dump assad of all time. But can the moon boys pick themselves up, wipe the tears from their eyes and lose even more of their money? Whats the difference between a bitcoin holder and a baby, a baby only cries himself to sleep. A few nights of the week hes into the channel, be sure to like subscribe turn on this ghost notifications. Never miss these absolutely time sensitive alerts as well. If youre interested in protecting your crypto getting any alt coins, uh trading make sure to get all the bonuses below uh some great sign up bonuses. If you want to get alt coins, both here at and femix in the links below uh, i have one twitter and one instagram and those are in my description as well, and every other account is not my account um without any further ado lets lose everything. Ginormous, as the dumpster that keeps on dumping keeps on giving us more and more. We have so many beautiful things to be talking about and i have a lot we need to be jumping into as well, but before we jump into these charts and some other stuff real quick, we can take a look. The entire cryptocurrency subreddit is absolute chaos. Mayhem. You see the uh luna ust discussion mega thread here, pinned to the very tippy top, even above the official daily discussion, which is just bound to be despair, uh, dumpiness and uh pain right.

Although many long term holders like myself uh, we dont really care that much. There is not a chance that ill be selling my bitcoin now, if i wasnt selling it last month, right um, but as well. We i even saw the suicide hotline pinned here as well. Not maybe not pinned, but i have seen the thread here, which is just very good in terms of well one. We dont want people to hurt themselves, but two that has historically marked the bottom and as well. If you are considering hurting yourself, uh its just money and crypto will probably go up way more than weve dumped over the next a couple of years. So definitely dont do that eat an apple go outside and be thankful. You werent born a a worm or a a little bug right. Your life could be so much worse. You could be a little itsy, bitsy bug or you could be uh. You could be a pile of dirt as well before we continue. I was looking actually for a bullish article uh on the internet and usually coin telegraph provides. Usually william sueberg has a bullish article and i dont see it. I guess he hasnt put oh wait here. We go bitcoin price reclaims 30k as bitcoin cashes, okay, so so yeah no bullish articles to be found as bitcoin uh, initially uh has hit some of the dumbest levels. Weve seen currently at this very second were actually below 30k um.

Will that change by the time? This gets uploaded uh, who knows, but what weve been talking about for the past week or so absolutely is still in play and again. This is absolutely exacerbated by the fact that luna lets see how much is down from all time highs its currently down. 98 99 uh right around a dollar, so obviously getting dunked and crunched on. I think absolutely one thing thats going to come out of this is that the market will you know whenever it recovers and if were going to be in a bearish trend for a very long time or not either way? I think a lot of people are going to be looking at the market differently. Ive already seen a lot of people uh over the internet, say things like well today, converted me into a bitcoin max maximalist or realistically, what has gone on with luna has not only affected luna and some garbage all coins its affected bitcoin its affected everything, its brought. The entire space to its knees, a little bit here as bitcoin, just really struggles to hold the 30 000 level. Now, really only two things can come out of this um, a prolonged bearish trend where a lot of stuff gets shaken out of the market similar to the last bear market that we were watching back at the beginning of 2018 uh, and, to be honest, i think That is whats most likely going to happen. There is going to be a lot of stuff shaken out.

A lot of people are going to be converted into uh, not taking as many risks but again in the long term. A lot of these crazy risks are how people made the most money, but also you can make so much money and you can lose all of it. Thats the point uh and again thats what weve seen i personally was not ever invested in luna. So i never uh, i didnt, you know im not holding this. I was never holding this, so i didnt uh. I guess i guess you could say im not down 98 on luna or 99. However, the entire crypto market is absolutely wrecked. So all of my investments in crypto are absolutely wrecked as well um. All all coins are down uh but as well. We see the dxy still kind of right around 103 104. It has not really gone. It has not really surpassed that level that weve been watching from the highs back in 2016. 2017. uh. It still has not really gotten past that so thats one thing uh and the stock market as well has been continuing to dump, albeit not nearly as bad as bitcoin bitcoin is absolutely getting, and the entire crypto space is getting hit more and again, theres going to Be more information that comes out here about luna if it will be able to get re, pegged nice uh pegged back to a dollar as its lost its peg with a dollar.

This is the crypto, but then ust is not pegged with the dollar apparently or you can just pull that up real quick, uh, ust yeah, currently its at what like 65 cents, thats, not good, considering its supposed to be a stable coin, its supposed to be at A dollar so thats not good. I believe it went even down significantly below yeah. What did it go down to here? Pizzas sake, 22 cents against tether, thats insane. But one thing i do think is important to to watch for here. So ust is backed by you know. The algorithm uh tether, for example, claims to be backed by fiat, so theyre, fundamentally a little bit different um, but again people have been warning for years. You know if tether collapses, then itll bring the entire market to its knees. Well, basically, what we saw today was ust collapse, not usdt, which is tether, but we saw ust collapse and that absolutely affected the market. So just a word of warning: um stable coins are they they good for crypto uh, i think thats. You know you can draw the conclusion for yourself, but one thing that i think is is very worth noting is that there are a lot of people in government that are not fans of crypto, but specifically, very not fans of stable coins. Or how should i say that they absolutely hate stable coins right? There are some people in politics and government that absolutely they do not like bitcoin theyre, not fans of crypto at all, but they absolutely hate stable coins.

Even more and so bringing down stable coins accomplishes two things: it brings down uh the thing they hate the most, which is stable coins, but it also also ends up bringing down the crypto market. So uh with that im not saying anyones done anything im, not saying its been manipulated by some sort of bank or entity like that. There are a lot of theories going around right now, uh like with blackrock or citadel right about about you, know doing some kind of coordinated effort, but also realistically uh algorithmic, stable coins are probably not the best thing anyway, either way. I absolutely believe that, even regardless of ust, there has been a coordinated attempt to slow down cryptocurrency slow down, bitcoin and stop it if possible, i dont think it is possible. I believe this is going to do a lot of damage and i believe that we are in the midst of what well look back on in, like five or ten years and be like wow. You know, looking back, do you remember when again? This is just my theory or just again, i have no idea. Nobody has any real idea, but i guess what im saying is. I would not be surprised to look back in a few years and look at this time right now. As saying wow, you know, i cannot believe that all of this was going on behind the scenes and nobody knew about it and wow. That was the real reason like it was really weird.

Bitcoin was just kind of going sideways for a year and a half and the entire space seemed to slow down. For some reason, i would just not be surprised if something like that would come to light so um during this time. Right now, i think its very important uh to remember some things, specifically one im taking this opportunity to uh use whatever money i can get to continue to invest in this market in dca in long term. Am i saying this very second, not necessarily. However, you know maintaining a very close eye on this market, as potentially the 25 000 level comes into play, um if 20 000 would ever be hit again, my goodness, i think that would be an opportunity of a lifetime, but also ill admit. Most of my money is already in cryptocurrency, like most of you as well. Most of the people watching this video are not people that just discovered bitcoin yesterday and are getting ready to dip their toes in. For the first time, most of the people watching this video are people that have been you know, invested in crypto for either months or years. So most of you, just like me, are already invested in this market uh. So with that being said, one, i think its very important to to to understand where we are to un understand the opportunity that we see here, because these type of opportunities do not come around often. I have no idea what bitcoin price will be in one day.

Absolutely nobody does. Nobody knows what itll be in one week, but one thing i can say for sure is that this type of volatility, this type of move historically, has always been an opportunity much better than when we trade sideways much better than when bitcoin is at a top here. Okay, uh. I think it goes without saying that five years down the road buying in these ranges is much better than buying here uh. You can basically get three times or two times as much of certain cryptos, maybe even a lot more of a lot of these cryptos, especially something like i mean. Basically, you could buy all the luna in existence, basically complete wreckage, complete dumpage uh, all the ta im, not gon na really do any price analysis, because i already did in yesterdays or the last video that i did and then like the five videos before that. But realistically kind of uh, mid 20s, i think, is a very good level of capitulation to where we might see a bounce were seeing a lot of volume come in even on the daily chart, um and a little spike in volume actually on the weekly as well. So again, indicative of a potential bottom, but i would not be surprised to see it get a lot more bloody. I personally have limit order, uh positions for trades, uh below where were currently at so i i do personally think that the price could go significant.

Well, maybe not significantly, but uh. You know thousands of dollars below where it currently is at which point what ill be doing is buying opening up trades for a lot of these coins, uh bitcoin and then a lot of all coins as well. A new channel make sure to hit that like subscribe, turn on those ghost notifications to never miss these absolutely time sensitive alerts as well. If you guys are interested bonuses, deals, uh securing crypto make sure to check out all the links below if youre interested in trading alt coins or you know, accumulating even just buying alt coins. There are a lot of links below you know: femix um. A lot of great options and for trading and long as well – and there are bonuses for all of that so uh yeah. I have one twitter and one instagram and theyre in the description below anyone without any further ado, thats it.