We look for gold in every aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today we have another daily market, uh update in the midst of all of this chaos and absurdity. I think i have never seen a thing like this. In my five years of crypto, i have never seen a top 20 or which was top 20 layer. One coin that, like many people believed, would be a contender in the layer. One battle right with an amazing ecosystem go from a hundred dollars just a month ago to one cent to one cent like completely death death for this coin, insane were gon na talk. All about this, but were also going to talk about the other coins that we still know and love like hbar, etc. Right not were not just going to talk about tara, because i am tired of talking about tara, but it does need to be talked about so make sure youre following me on twitter right there and heres what the alt coins are. Looking like for some reason, apecoin is up 44 on the day i dont know if this is a glitch or something, but apecoin is pumping out of nowhere. We also have helium pumping a little bit um, as for bitcoin were sitting at twenty nine thousand one hundred dollars right below the thirty thousand dollar level um. What i find insane here is that we are getting pretty dang close to the all time high of 2017.

So this is, this is 2017 right here on my screen, 2017 19 700 was the all time high around there. Now we have only done this one time where we go below a previous all time high and i believe it was in 2013.. This is getting crazy. Like this, something is happening here, i i believe, theres an actual like war behind the scenes, theres warring factions behind the scenes of this whole thing, um and its. It is completely a battle and what i find crazy about that is, i put two weeks ago. My thumbnail was this: will be war bitcoin versus xrp? You know this is all on the underlying vibe of this whole thing, so btc 29, 000 right here um. I really dont have much to say about bitcoin, like all i want to see. Is us get break back into this above 30, 000 right. Hopefully one thing i can say for sure, though. Actually, if we go up like this to 40, 000 again or something take profit, if youre in profit at 40, 000 bitcoin take profit dude, because im telling you after we. If we have like some kind of like relief, bounce or something were going straight back down and were going to the depths of hell in my opinion like that – that we will go to like 23 000 or something like that um. So if we do get some kind of bounce up like you got ta escape with at least something if you have not escaped with something for me, ive been good dude like if you go back on my videos, ive been taking profit since november on a lot Of stuff right on a lot of stuff november um – and that was when i made my portfolio video and that video had the very stark warning of taking profit.

Like my starkest sternest warning ever um, and that was when bitcoin was approaching 69 000.. And i wish i took more profit, then i did take some, but i wish i took more so uh. We also damn my voice. We also have um tether faltering, a little bit here, apparently apparently around 803. Now this is coming from crypto whales. So take it with a grain of salt, apparently around 803 a.m: tether tanked, 99 to 0.0 on coin market cap, bitfinex and binance by 8 57. Am they had scrubbed the usdt crash and pretended it never happened too bad? I recorded it on the blockchain, where it will live forever now. A screenshot of this is not the blockchain okay, so hes wrong. There show me, like actual like data from the blockchain. This is not. This can be an api issue and thats what i actually believe. It is um, this is an api issue, so basically, what i think happened with the tether slippage and its at 0.996 right now – and you can – you can see like it did – d peg like that is a d peg. 95 cents, like it did d peg. So, basically, like the tara, the ust has caused, like so much craziness, right, 41 cents, still wow um. That people start messing with the api. I think people are trying to like flood further right, so they they start messing with the api of coin market cap.

Trying to hack it, like you guys, remember like look at all these like theres. I saw one reply here like look at this like this has happened before where it shows ethereum at nine billion dollars tether at 13 billion million right, like these glitches happen, all the time um and i believe some of those are hacks, like somebody actually hacked into The api and is like changing prices, so they might have done this uh. This crash at 803 am but it did flash crash to zero on coin market cap and bitfinex and finance thats kind of scary, so um, and then we also have janet yellen talking about usdt tether broke the buck so shes on this new hearing, shes talking about Usdt tether broke, the buck come on, janet yellen is somebody i i dont like at all um and then this guy venture founder says. If youre worried about usdt, pegging or de pegging uh, you should probably consider selling all your crypto, and i agree with this, because if usdt um really depends and rugs right now, we will probably see ten thousand dollar uh bitcoin facts. Tether is propping up that and if tether goes right now, its gon na be absolute mayhem. Now we do have a sponsor for this video. We do have uh primex bt. This is an exchange now think about this. A lot of the people who are making money right now on this tether situation or sorry on this uh, this tara luna situation are people who are shorting the market.

Okay, they are shorting the market. So you must do this on exchanges like prime xbt. These are the actual exchanges where you can short and you can make money when the markets going down. Obviously, whenever we mention leveraged trading, we have to give a big cautionary thing, because a lot of people also got liquidated when tether went down right. A lot of longs on luna got slaughtered um, but this is uh primex bt sign up with the link in my description, make sure you deposit some money. You can get bonus free money from depositing so go and deposit um up to seven thousand dollars in bonus money uh you can actually get for depositing, so go and sign up make a deposit into the exchange um and you can start learning how to leverage trade. If you want, i mean thats how people are making money thats, how you make money in a bear or one of the ways you make money in a bear market. Is, you know, shorting the market when its going down and longing the market when its going up? Um and obviously you can also buy crypto directly on here with your credit card, if you would, if you want, they also have copy trading where you can literally just copy. Like already good traders. You know, fx scalpers has a four star rating um. It looks like theres six thousand. A lot of people probably pulled their capital out now, uh, because the market is so bad, but you can follow the copy trading right there.

They have a portfolio tracker as well. They have a strategy thing right here, um and then also some some staking going on here. Um and you can see all the yields. Then they have contests as well, so very good exchange. I have used this a little bit for um for for some leveraged trading. Um, you can open a new margin, account earn up to 14 interest um, so very cool exchange. Thank you. Uh for partnering, with the um with partnering with the channel here, make sure you go sign up and uh click that link in the description so moving on. We have ksi crypto. This is just a very interesting story. This dude put 2.8 million dollars into tara luna, and that is now worth 1 000. This is definitely the biggest like public l ive seen absurd dude like crazy. He put he put 2.9. It was at one point worth 2.9 million, and now it is worth 1 dollars and of course, people are just railing on him just like going crazy right insane. I i cant even believe it. We also have finance futures d listing the luna, slash usdt margin contract. So you cant even short, luna theyre gon na de list, the uh margin contract wow, moving on to some more non terror news right here we have the by the way. By the way, let me mention this actually for the for the decoders out here we have a blood moon, which means a solar eclipse on a full moon coming up, i think thats what that means.

We have a blood moon coming up on may 16 in scorpio. Okay and luna, lunar luna is, is about to go to zero, approaching a blood moon like what is the earth dude like seriously its just too easy, with its just too easy, crazy um. So this is some good news here, though blockchain our global blockchain funding hits a record of nine billion dollars growing for the seventh consecutive quarter. Now, what it means by funding is like venture capital, uh funding and funding. These blockchain startups has increased, so we can see in q3 of 2020. Look at look at 2018, see thats the bear market, dude thats the bear market when they funded everybody and tried to just try to start projects um, and then you see 0.7 billion 1.1 up to 3.6, 5.4, 7.1, 8.8, 9.2, its growing every single year um. There was also 461 blockchain deals globally in q1 of 2022.. This just shows you all the venture capital dude, the venture capital people barely lose well, actually, no, they lose a lot, but they know what theyre doing right. They know where theyre going they they basically control. Where everythings going – and you can see theyre all putting their money into crypto right here now, some good news for hbar as well. We are thrilled to announce today that avery dimension, which is a massive company, is integrating the hedera consensus service and the token service into their cloud platform called atma dot io.

This is part of a strategic collaboration with the hbar foundation. Atma is the worlds leading connected product cloud, providing digital, ids and verifiable end to end transparency for global or for billions of everyday items with apparel retail food. So look at this. This platform is utilized by six of the top 20 apparel uh brands globally. Absurd. With this integration, atma dot io many customers can now more effectively drive their decarbonization goals, with access to the most cost effective and energy efficient public ledger available. Amazing news for hedera now lets give a little update on some of these. These prices here h, bar usdt hbar, is sitting at wow. Look at my look at my drawing six cents, um hbars sitting at eight cents. Okay, maybe this avery dimension news today, pumped it back up a little bit but eight cents. I was on a live stream by the way, if you guys didnt see my live stream with bearable bull. I was on a live stream uh on my instagram with bearable bull. If you guys want to watch it come over to my instagram right here, heres my name go to my videos and right here you can watch me unbearable. You got to skip to like 30 or something minutes 20 minutes right here me and bearable bull talking about whats, going on in the market right now um and he actually said the same thing as i did dude. I am mind, blown that hedera got to eight cents, mind blown seven cents, it got two right, i am mind blown by that um, and that is just a an amazing opportunity for people who wanted to get in at that type of price.

They can now get in. Basically, you have a time machine with that. I my confidence, never wavers on hedera dude. This is one of the best projects to keep stacking. In my opinion. Now we do have this clip, which was apparently posted on bbc news or something one of the news sites, and this is chris larson meeting the mayor of london to discuss moving of investments away from the bay area to london. Okay, now i dont know if thats true, like this guy seems to say some stuff, but this is definitely chris larson thats the mayor of london and uh. You can also see chris larson right there. Um some idiots in the comments are arguing. If thats, not chris larson dude thats, chris larson bro, look at his face. That has to be um, and this is just a bunch of billionaires like having like a dinner or something and uh thats thats, pretty crazy, chris larson, obviously hanging out, i think, um. I think hes part of the the whole attack thats going on here, because he has the the proof of uh whats. It called no sorry the the change the code, not the climate, its interesting how that launched and then some attacks launched like we know, whats up. We know its up so thats cool thats, a cool clip right there, and then we have one of the best opportunities in my opinion, might be the coinbase global stock. It is down, first of all, 83 in six months 61 in the past month, uh 50.

In the past five days, if youre into the stock game, this might actually be a good stock to pick up at 54 dollars pretty crazy, so that is all the stuff weve got for the daily market update. I want to send you guys a a bunch of positive energy um. This is some of the craziest times ive ever seen in crypto, to be honest and if stuff keeps going badly like dude, i cant its nothing funny about it. I dont know why im laughing im im laughing out of just madness, because this not anger, i mean like just pure madness. You know this is pretty insane like look at ust, like that looks like an altcoin dude that looks like an altcoin thats down 34 like this is crazy, stuff um, i did say i wanted chaos in the market, but i i wanted chaos to the upside. You know like i want im, okay with bitcoin going down and then ethereum going rocking up thats. What i want to see um by the way everything thats happening right now looks to be following, like the illuminati coin wave and pushing those to the forefront. So i think, honestly, the best play right now get some xrp dude exo. I dont know these xrp boys might come out on top here um. The thing is also like: this is unnatural, an unnatural cause to a massive crash. Do you disagree with me? Its an unnatural cause, terra and ust is the reason.

This whole thing just crashed right now, its its sort of an unnatural cause, its an attack right um. So we have, we still have bullish catalysts. We still have the ethereum merge. We still have the ripple lawsuit right. We still have plenty of blockchain companies ipoing. We still have venture capital funding. Increasing every quarter come on all right. That is all weve got.