I kind of changed my mindset a little bit about tara luna were going to be talking about. That is now the time to buy tara luna, or should we run away screaming, not touch it right? Its uh radioactive were gon na talk about all that, as you can see im not in my normal location im outside. So if you see a lot of bugs flying into my face or me going like this – is because i have lights theres a lot of bugs here. So this is uh what you do when youre on a family, vacation and uh youre at an undisclosed location, because the cia is looking after you, no, no, no just joking guys! Okay, you guys see the bugs you got. You got to give me a smash of the like button, because im uh, you know im really trying here with the bugs uh, maybe ill. If i, if i do this right, it gets too dark. So lets get straight into it and well do like that. One. Second, i got a little bit of technical difficulty here. Okay, so currently the crypto market is down minus eight point, four percent in the last 24 hours now, tara luna is currently at 0.01 down 99. Since yesterday guys, i have never seen anything like this. In my life i saw this tweet well well, talk about that in a second one. Million dollars in luna three days ago would be worth now 1746.

. This is the one of the craziest things i have ever witnessed. There has been so much wealth that has just disappeared right. This is a once in a generation, maybe lifetime thing that is happening here with tara luna and i feel for people um one of my friends here on youtube. He had a significant amount of his portfolios. Crypto portfolio in tara luna – and he said he lost so much money now good thing for him: right, hes, a young guy and theres still a long time for him to recover right. Think about this. If you are watching this video now and youre 25 to 30, even if you went in very heavy in terre luna and you lost everything right that you had youre still young right and you can recover, you still have at least 30 35 years until you retire. Yes, it stings really really bad and you might be feeling a little bit down, but at the end of the day this is this is part of it right think about it. Now you learned not to go too heavy into one acid, or maybe one asset that it seemed like. It was very, very hot right at the time when it was 100 and something and not go too all in not to get too over excited on one specific asset. The most important thing is to always diversify. Dont have all your eggs in in the same basket. Its it sounds a little bit like repetitive, that everybody says this, but it is true: dont have everything in the stock market, everything in the crypto market, everything in real estate, everything in uh peer to peer loans; right you, diversify right.

I got a bug in my ear. This is uh in hebrew. We call it, which means um uh, like uh land, im, trying to think how to translate it. I dont know, but this this is uh what we have so i have been thinking about it and ive changed a little bit. My thinking about tara luna in yesterdays video. I said i wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole right, im, staying away from it its radioactive and, if i would have put in yesterday right amount today will probably be gone right and i was thinking like maybe the same way. I look at sometimes options when i say okay, if im yoloing into – and i dont do that anymore by the way, if im yoloing into it and uh, and it goes to zero im. Okay, with this amount of money, um uh and in just a second ill update what what i im going to be doing here, but if you want to start investing for your future right, the future is very important. I have a partnership with itrust capital. You can open up an ira account if you dont know what an ira account is. Google, it fast you you have to have one. You have to have a roth ira as well and then with i trust capital, you can start investing in cryptocurrency in your roth ira or your ira, and you can buy shiba inu bitcoin tara. If you wish uh, you are going to get 100 once you use.

My link ill get a little bit commission. So thank you for that. So i was thinking to myself right. Currently, the price of tara luna is at 0.01 and actually someone in the comment section uh of the one of the videos he commented this and it said you know what that makes total sense. You see, i listen to you guys right. Sometimes i theres a lot of comments. A lot of spam comments right, uh and, and i try to go over them uh, but but this one i saw – and he was right right so he said: listen avi at the price that luna is now lets say they are able to bring it back now. They had a situation before where the blockchain had stopped. They stopped it right and they now it is resumed, so so its back up and running, but before it was, it was stopped right, and so what we saw here currently the terra usd, is at 0.31. So its down another 50 percent, but lets say that terra is somehow miraculously theyre able to save it and it decides to recover right so lets say a lot of ticket costs. 10 bucks right, i dont know something like that depends where you are around the world. Lets say you buy 10 use 10. Okay, so you have to divide that by zero point, zero one, which is the current price. So you get one thousand right lets say it gets back to ten im, not talking about one hundred where it was before lets say it gets back to ten right, thats, ten thousand dollars ten to ten thousand dollars.

Thats a 1000 x return, not bad. I mean yeah ten dollars uh, i i would ten dollars. I would be able to to gamble right, uh and so thats what he wrote to me in the comment section. Even a hundred bucks could get you a hundred thousand. Is it okay? Some people hundred bucks is a lot for them, but for the sake of you know, some people put a hundred bucks on the uh celtics versus box game and and and they lose it right uh. So here i dont know 10 bucks one buck. I mean its its, i dont know if maybe the transaction fees will be a little bit higher depending where youre buying it, but but still i mean if thats, if thats, what im doing uh it looks like a no brainer to me right, but again always do Your own due diligence uh, this video is for entertainment purposes only, but for tara luna i mean yeah. If some miraculous way theyre able to save and it gets back to 10. It was it a hundred right. It gets back to ten fear for tara luna. I mean yeah right uh, just you know. Maybe it goes to to nothing right and maybe it doesnt right its down 99 uh today right so you say to yourself: well, maybe theyre able to recover it. Maybe not! I dont know right its its im kind of up in the air about it its its like buying.

You know, uh the coins that have zero zero, zero zero, like shiba, inu uh, you say, maybe the fantasy that one day it gets the one dollar. But here it was, it was already at 100 just a few days ago. Yes, i know theres a theres, a big issue with it uh, but still i mean its its a fun thing, like you know, gambling on a game, its its a gamble here right now, so if thats, something that you want to do and thats something that interests You go ahead, do it right? If not, i would. I would stay away if, if youre thinking you know putting in over a hundred bucks id, be like no right, why, like a thousand bucks, no, they could, it could have tomorrow. It couldnt go down another 99. Tomorrow, right in hebrew, we say right its a pity uh. So, yes, it could be a nice. You know some people gamble millions of dollars right. So if youre, one of those people uh have fun, but if not uh, you know 10 bucks right, yeah, all right and it doesnt its not its. Not the end of the world. Um so well see: whats happened here with tara luna, well see what happened with the crypto market. Will this be able to recover? Is it all because of terra luna or is it you know the stock market has been kind of iffy um? Is it because of you know, interest rates inflations well, see well see how this plays out if youre a long term investor in crypto.

This is a nice time to start eating up. You know your assets, the ones that you want to buy while its low, so take a look at your portfolio right. This is a tip. Take a look at your portfolio now your crypto portfolio and look at all the coins that you have um or the tokens and say to yourself. Would i buy this token at this value now? If the answer is no, you probably need to sell it right. If the answer is yes, then keep it or even grow your position right there right. This is just something that ive learned over the years from people that are a lot more experienced than me. Try it see it, maybe it works out, maybe it doesnt but its its. I think its the right way to think about it guys. Thank you for watching. I hope to see you next time.