s markets showing weakness. What does this mean? Do we find a bottom at 25 000.? Also, a quick update on luna, a new proposal has been released and it seems to be having effect on the price lets, discuss Applause, Music, first of all, starting with bitcoin. You can see. We are right under 30, 000, 29, 500, and this morning, when i streamed i mentioned about at night or early morning, bitcoin fell to about 25 300.. Could that be our bottom since then? Bitcoin has come up quite a lot, and this is despite the fact that u.s markets, dow s, p, 500 and nasdaq are all still in the red. So this is the decoupling that were waiting for were starting to see some money flow back into bitcoin and crypto. And this is why ive told you guys before to stay. Calm have patience and focus on the future, because, despite all the things that are going on right now, bitcoin always seems to find a way, and these days it seems to be leading too its a precursor to whats to come, and it makes sense because bitcoin is 24X7 and it never sleeps – and i like to remind you guys how bad it is right now. This is the second worst start for s: p 500, in its entire history, going back to 1932 thats how rough its been, and it shows you how strong bitcoin still is, despite the fact that this is the second worst start to any year.

Bitcoin is still holding right around 30 000, and this is the reason why michael strategy and michael saylor remains so bullish and still maintains that bitcoin is the best hedge against inflation, since microstrategy announced their purchase of bitcoin back in august 11, 2020 bitcoin has gone up 150 versus silver, minus 17, gold, minus nine, nasdaq, five smp 18 cpi inflation, 11, m2 u.s homes and ppi. So this is the power of bitcoin day to day, maybe theres volatility, but long term, nothing outperforms bitcoin and as for some metrics, the miners are still mining away. You can see the hash rate still increasing towards all time high. This measures, the wallets of the miners, which you could see, is still very, very high, not like in 2020, when there was a big dump, because the miners were kicked out from china, you could see its still holding high and its still heading higher and the number Of addresses holding at least one plus coin, is still heading upwards and at an all time high, including addresses holding point one and point zero one, any wallet, thats holding anything any kind of stats is at an all time high. So this is why bitcoin is the asset you dont want to give up on now. As for luna, a couple big things just happened. First of all, if you look at the price action, we went from 10 cents not too long ago. All the way down to point zero, zero, three and since then, it has come up quite a lot to about two cents now back down to about one point: three cents – and this is due to two things i believe first – is due to their proposal 1188, which Basically, will burn 1 billion ust from the community pool.

This is roughly 8 of the entire supply, so it is decreasing and overall again this is done to try to get that peg up, because the peg is just so out of balance right now, so they want to get that peg back and then it will stop The luna uh diluting and hopefully then they could build up from there. So this came out not too long ago did, i think jumpstart uh lunas price, at least just a sliver, and then i saw a couple other things. This was just posted too that the tara blockchain was officially halted, and it may seem like, oh because the project is dead, no its because the validators decided that this was the best thing to do right now to patch okay, patched a chain to disable staking temporarily, Because it has been become too cheap for people to just buy a load of luna and just try to take over the chain right, thats, something that you usually dont hear about. But if you think about it, thats true, because now you could buy a hundred thousand a million ten million of luna for lex next to nothing and pretty much do some damage to the chain so uh. This does make sense. So this is the reason why the chain is being restarted with a patch of disabled staking temporarily until things fix themselves. With these two changes. Luna is coming up slightly and i know its a bad situation.

I mean coming up from point zero, zero. Three to point. One four really is a nothing burger, considering we were just 10 cents not too long ago and 40 dollars and 90 just days before right. But for me, im going to stay the course and i dont advise anyone to follow me and the reason why im sharing is not because i want you guys to follow me its just because, in my opinion, in my situation, i feel like theres. Nothing to do. Other than to dca, already lost 99.9 of the value selling now will be silly, but i have taken advantage of these low ridiculous prices and brought my average down to about 40 cents. Yes, 40 cents is still a 400 x from here or 4 4 000 x. From here, but you know what i do think the team is still working at improving things, theres still a large community base. I know and im hopeful that this situation can be fixed. That is why im doing what im doing, but i dont advise anyone to follow me, because this could be a failed experiment. Luna could continue to go down and down and down until becomes nothing right, but for me im going to stick with them and see what happens honestly, i really dont have any choice but well see how it goes. We had a horrific sell off in the last few days. Can we regain some of that back with this momentum? Only time will tell smash it.

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