And nothing really changes with ust or nothing really changing with ust uh. Its kind of sad right now, um and im not saying that everythings going to completely collapse because uh, obviously anything could happen but with how its looking its not looking great. Because we all know the process and ill break down exactly what needs to happen or what needed to happen and then well talk about where all of the numbers are for tara, luna and for ust. So before we get started in this, make sure you guys hit that like button and hit the subscribe button and hit the notification bell for more videos like this one. This is definitely very interesting. The way things have like transpired in the last you know maybe five hours or lets say 12 hours or something like that right, so yeah hit that like button hit that subscribe button, but lets go ahead and dive into this so lets first just break down exactly What tara luna needed to do and ust needed to do so ust, obviously is pegged to the dollar. We need to find a way to raise that from the ‘ cent mark to the 60 cent mark to the 80 cent mark and hopefully to the dollar mark. Now it would have been much easier to get there if you didnt have people that were piling on to tear it down right. People obviously know that tara luna is going to try and push ust back up to a dollar, so people take advantage of it buy and low.

Knowing that tara luna is going to push it up and then they end up selling as it gets to the high. So they collapse the whole thing back down, so its a really a never ending cycle of um tara, luna pumping up the price, and then people selling the position to obviously decrease the price and gain themselves some value, understanding that tara luna really needed ust. In order to get to in order to remain stable right, so the way that it does this is tara. Luna will create new coins to basically sell in order to buy ust, to increase the price of ust. So every so often youll see it mint new coins and there the circulating supply will increase well weve, seen the circulating supply increase from 500 million up to 600 million up to uh 3 billion 3.5 billion, basically and now its getting to a whole nother level. Because, as we go into tara lunas price that it says on here, it says 0.007 well, this is wrong because if you go into trading view its going to tell you something different, but what we want to focus on is this piece right here? Look at this volume the volume is up 21 or almost 22 000. The reason why is because they have to mint new coins in order to push it to ust, to hopefully increase the value of ust, but as they do, that people keep on selling and also the price of tara luna is so low that the only way that They can get usc to some of those levels is or having a chance to get to.

Some of those levels is by minting so many coins, and not just in the millions or even in the billions, but its looking like they need to mint them. In the trillions – because we could see here that the volume over the last 24 hours is uh 2.6 trillion right because you have million billion trillion, you have 2.6 trillion dollars worth of volume that went through terra luna on this day in the last 24 hours, and You could see here that the circulating supply, sorry about the coughing. The circulating supply is at 2.4 trillion supply its almost 2.5 trillion supply. Total supply is 3.2 trillion, so were obviously struggling with getting back to those levels. Understand that this was at 3.4 billion and then jumped up to 50 billion, and now is that 2.4 or almost 2.5 trillion coins, so its obviously taking so much in order to get to some of these levels and now its just really looking sad its really looking Sad um, what theyre doing sorry for all the coughing. I really have to call. But if we go down here and look at the price, the current price is at point: zero: zero, zero, zero! Five! So if youre looking to buy tara luna – and you hope that its gon na have some sort of increase or some sort of way of getting back to normal – i mean this would be the way of doing that. Ten dollars would get you so much.

In the end, but realistically all the people that were looking to make money its starting to look like this thing is over now im not going to give up on what i have i mean its for the long run. I did make money from it, but its for the long run im looking to see this thing run, obviously if ust can increase, but if we bring ust back into it, ust is currently at a level to where its at 24 cents it has dropped all the Way down from that one dollar mark all the way down to 24 cents is where its at 24.5 cents and it doesnt look like its actually recovering weve, seen it get to 50 cents, and then people keep on tearing it down and its sad. Its very sad to see it, you know, go because it has so much potential to run, and people want to uh push to make pennies with ust, when if ust would have stabilized and they would have went heavy on tara luna, they could have made millions. So people kind of messed this thing up for themselves and also also um. They just continue to tear it down. I understand that some people just wanted tara luna to fail, but you understand that you could have made so much money from the success that tara luna could have had now. Im, not sure if this is all over. It looks like its totally the end um, but im still gon na hold on to some positions.

Obviously, it makes sense to have the high risk or low risk to high reward, but again when i first initially got into it three hundred dollars, you know turned to three thousand dollars right, um and now whatevers left is basically turning to zero dollars, so obviously its Its not a a great deal, its, not its, not a a perfect picture, and people would love that perfect picture, especially buying in maybe today or buying in yesterday, but with everything thats going on and how much theyre actually printing within you know: tara luna, its its Sort of sad at this point – and i hope they can find a way to get back. I dont know how i really cant picture a way because the automatic um you know algorithm thats in place and the automated system thats in place its literally just printing tara, because the price is so low and i have to it, has to print more and more And more to make up for the difference of whats going on with um ust, and i dont even know if they applied it, because we look at ust and youre, seeing 2.7 trillion dollars worth of volume that went through it up 34 and its still, not at The level that we wanted to get to 2.7 trillion dollars worth of volume went through ust and we still see it at 24 cents. I dont know maybe its not doesnt have time to adjust, but it does not look like were seeing any type of positivity at the moment.

Maybe most of the volume that went through most of this volume that we saw uh had to have gone through at 16. 34, 16, 30 between uh, 16 and 17 really and then seen some volume go through just in the last you know: um, maybe 30 minutes or so, but again to tell you the truth. I still hold my uh. I hold some of my luna and i plan on buying more at this point. I plan on you know, putting maybe even another hundred and the reason why not because i just want to solidify some sort of point or or something or be right in the end is just if any, if any single piece of what im doing could be right. This could be massive for what you are holding. However, it does look like 99.9 chance that this is going to fail right. I already made money from it, so i can take some of that money and throw it into here, which means that i will be able to obviously um you know get more out of it. So if i turn into 3 000 and pocket 500 out of it, i made my 300 back. I can throw another 100 in there, knowing that i profited 100 out of it so thats exactly what im going to do, but i can tell you that this looks like 99 that its probably going to fail and collapse within itself or underneath itself its just not Looking sustainable at all tara luna is up in the trillions of supply and ust.

It just cant find a way to get back to where it was so you let me know what youre thinking its definitely something im struggling with right now, but um. I came on here just to give you guys that news.