You know, because what are they doing? Theyre saying youll own nothing and be happy all the farmland is going to be owned by the rich people and the big companies, multinational companies, international funds, all of the supply chains run by a small group of hyper consolidated entities that are transnational dont. Give a about the little person the retail side on tuesday bitcoin fell briefly below 28 000 for the first time in many months, while cryptocurrencies overall have lost more than a trillion dollars in market value in the past month, according to data site coin market cap, as Investors, fret about tightening monetary policy cryptocurrencies fell with stocks. After the bureau of labor statistics reported consumer prices for the month of april, jumped 8.3 percent, which was slightly higher than expected by economists pulled by dow jones that spooked investors leading them to exit risk assets, including crypto cryptocurrencies, remain highly correlated with the s and p 500 and more recently, the nasdaq composite the crypto market has been under pressure for some time now. The fed keeps hiking so equities, keep going down and cryptos been going down along with it generally thats created a lot of fear in the market. This is the second time in a week. Bitcoin has fallen into the twenty nine thousand range. Analysts are called thirty thousand dollars a key level for the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and said it could fall even further if it cant hold there.

Charles hoskinson has reacted to the crash and wants you to wake up in a twitter broadcast on tuesday night, the cardano founder and ethereum co founder warn of a dystopian future brought on by hyperinflation and governments, just printing money. The ceo and co founder of cardano published a youtube video on his twitter page recently titled a few musings hoskinson starts off by delivering somewhat of a reality check on the current state of the global money system and says that the world economy is not healthy. The world economy, hoskinson warned, is not healthy and the ongoing crypto crash, where total market cap has plummeted more than 10 percent in the past 24 hours. According to coin, market, cap has shined a light on the divide between institutional investors and retail investors, the latter of whom and hoskinsons view are using crypto to try to opt out of a global system. Thats unfair charles hoskinson shares a lot of brilliant insight in his video, has inspired a lot of crypto faithful, hold the line and keep the faith. As indicated by many comments in his video, we enjoy all our viewers to watch this video and get some motivation from what he said in the video. This is a difficult time for all crypto investors, but a smash on the like button will definitely be a very nice gift for the savvy finance team and that can possibly make our day here just wanted to make a video about some musings of the recent events Of the markets and the industry uh, you know ive been in this space for almost a decade now – and i remember bitcoin before it was a dollar and then going up to 30, then down to four then to 250, then to 80, then to 1200.

Then, down to 250 again uh, then uh up to 20 000, then down to 4 000 and the 64 000 and now were in the 30s, and i remember all the events: the collapse of silk road, the collapse of mount cox, um all the various interesting ventures. Throughout the years, like master coin and color coins and a litany of other things and concerns uh and no matter where i go, what i do its it always amazes me that theres, this constant rhyming of the attitude, so the old guards, nothing phases us anymore. You know weve seen everything twice just to make sure we didnt miss anything, the new people, the minute that something occurs: uh like, for example, the collapse of a stable coin or the collapse of bit connect or these types of things uh. Then they say: oh, my god, this is the end of crypto. Everything is over oh and were all going to die. The markets are over, the dream is gone. You know, whats happening right now is theres over 300 trillion dollars of institutional money floating around the world. Looking for a home, the last 20 years, in particular theres been a hyper acceleration in the printing of money. This is what ron paul was talking about. All the austrians were talking about and nobody really listened to them. America went from four and a half trillion dollars in a national debt, a surplus to over 30 trillion dollars and the prospect of a three percent interest rate, meaning it costs you a trillion dollars a year just to service your debt.

This is not healthy. The world economy is not healthy and theres. Now the biggest division ever between the retail investor and the institutional investor, the institutional investor. They have basically a mandate to go and push somehow some way with their trillions of dollars under management, 10 15 returns now. 10. 15 returns on top of inflation of 20 percent theyre doing all kinds of monkey, business and shenanigans. Why is it your homes are getting so expensive? Well, because the black rocks of the world and the massive private funds of the world are going and buying regular everyday. Three bedroom two bath homes through big aggregators and you wake up, and you see a two hundred. Fifty thousand dollar home become half a million dollars. Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Can you afford it? No because wages dont track with that, its a good investment for them? Its good hedge at the moment for inflation, but its not permanent. Last two years we saw the greatest wealth transfer in human history, from the poor to the rich, and now the rich are admitting that maybe all the things that they did over the last two years were not necessary, but they dont give the money back the property Back you see the great reset davos this year i was going to go out of disgust im just not going to do it anymore. You know, because what are they doing? Theyre saying youll own nothing and be happy all the farmland is going to be owned by the rich people and the big companies, multinational companies, international funds, all of the supply chains run by a small group of hyper consolidated entities that are transnational dont.

Give a about the little person, the retail side people are opting out. Problem is theres less money on the retail side now than on the institutional side. If you look at the selling rates of crypto, whats happened over the last six months, is institutions have been dumping, their crypto, some like sailor and others are holding on and doing everything in their power to go. Team orange, but most are looking at it as a high risk, high return asset and, in times of recession, reallocate your portfolio. This was always the danger of inviting the wall street types in is that they would just simply treat crypto like any other asset and label. It as an exotic high risk one, and when the markets go and not the direction they want, they dump it. The retail people are holding because they are opting out of a global system. Uh thats, unfair, a global system thats frankly rigged ive seen it myself. Ive been in the meetings, ive talked to the people everywhere i go, they dont give a about sustainability. They dont care at all in any way, shape or form about whether you live well. Your standard of living is the same as the standard of living of your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents, in fact, quite the opposite, theyre trying to prepare the masses to accept a standard of living significantly less than the one that they inherited, the one that they Grew up with the one that their parents grew up with.

This is no way to run the world. This is no way to to live well its because they broke the world money system and the entire point of cryptocurrencies are to restore some trust, credibility and stability into the world money system, thats the entire point of the labors of this industry, the research that we Do the reason why we keep picking up shovels and fighting the good fight now theres tons of experiments, maybe fractional reserved things, are not a good idea. Go figure weve learned this again and again and again from private monies in the 19th century and again and again and again from our banking system, and now the market is again learning the same lessons of before. Only this time is pushed by the arrogance of youth, as opposed by a malicious cabal, maybe its a good idea to follow deflationary monetary policy full or over reserve. If ones desire is to create stability. Now, on our part, as an ecosystem and as a community of developers, a community of people building things, we focused on first principles, never filed a patent, never pursued intellectual property, never in any way shape or form restricted the youth of things or asserted that one or A few should have a control over the many. These are basic principles that weve kept with us since 2015, when the initial parts of the cardinal project were created and every single day whats so frustrating to me, is we get stronger yet the markets because of institutional manipulation, amongst other factors, grow weaker and its a Time for choosing the institutional people have already chosen their fate, theyre playing musical chairs with a global economy which will collapse.

It cannot sustain itself if something like a conflict. A war can break the globe. If people use the convenient boogeyman of the week to excuse inflation or recession when they cannot possibly be intellectually honest, that printing trillions of dollars every year out of thin air is not going to have ramifications and consequences. If the warfare state needs to increase and continue empire needs to increase and continue for all of our standards to be the same, meanwhile, our environment is being devastated. Meanwhile, standards of living are going down, despite the fact that technology, social progress and education are improving. Never has there been a time in human history where we have gained so much from the laborers of those who came before us, yet our systems are so inadequate to harness what weve gained and never has there been a time in human history where we have been So blind to the long term consequences of what were doing were due for systems change and the institutions arent going to do that for us theyre going to go down with the sinking ship because they simply have no other choice. The point of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has always been a different option than the dystopian future thats being offered to us where we own nothing and well be happy. What do you make of charles hoskinson musing now that bitcoin has broken the 30k support level and currently trading at 26 215 dollars? As at the time of writing the script for this video? We are concerned that bitcoin might go down as low as twenty thousand dollars, as predicted by gareth solway.

However, we believe that the crypto market, especially strong assets like bitcoin, ethereum and others, will bounce back stronger. There is so much institutional money looking for a home that will eventually fall into the crypto markets. Here at savvy finance. We have sold nothing but has rather been stacking up more coins into our portfolio hold the line. Hurdle hard and dont sell that crypto, especially when you are already at a loss. The market will bounce back, bitcoin, always bounce back.