We all know this. We all are looking at our portfolios and uh. It is not good anywhere at all, really to look um even weird things going on with stable coins. Weve talked about that in previous videos uh. But really. What i want to do is give you kind of a state of the union of what im seeing in crypto and where i think the uh the downside here is and and where. I think this will end up okay, so right here, right now, crypto is at its lowest level that i personally remember in at least two years or give or take um 1.21 trillion down 11 points, almost 7 bitcoin down 8 and 16 respectively in the last 24 Hours and 26 and 32 in the last seven days. These are major major moves down now, its not all bad news, uh theres, a few people that i really really depend on for technical analysis, ta uh and all of them are basically telling me that you know this 28 to 26 and you can see that that Bitcoin actually hit 26 000.. Now i think some of this some of this move is specifically related to the uh, the you know, the the the terra luna thing and all that went all thats gone down in the last couple of days, and and some of that you know, manipulation. If you will, but at the end of the day where im going with this, is that uh people that i really really trust, who i and i i do ta myself but theres people that do it way better than me? Okay, just you know it.

One of those things right acknowledge if somebodys better than you at something and kind of go: okay, yeah, im gon na im, gon na im, gon na listen to you, um theyre. All telling me that this that this is if we can hold this support. This is pretty much the bottom okay now. The key word is, if all right now, if you look at volume and things like that or for bitcoin and all that, but it all of this its its syncing up, that we did touch a little bit lower than i think a lot of people were expecting. But you can see we immediately rebounded back up on it and in 24 hours, weve been as high as 31.7, so were kind of right in the middle range. 28.6. Keep your eye on bitcoin. Okay, keep your eye definitely on bitcoin and where were at now for ethereum, almost the exact same thing playing out at basically the bottom for ethereum was going to be is approximately about 1800. In fact, some of the people that i know that that are really into ta are saying that they wanted it to hit 1800, because that would show uh. You know that would kind of be all right. It did hit and bounce off of that level, which it did. It went to 1748 as you can see, and its again bounced off in the last 24 hours its been as high as 23 and its right, almost in the middle of that kind of that range.

All right now and volume again pretty flat. All right so were looking were looking. Okay there, all right so kind of. Where does this leave us well uh? The key date that i am looking at is is really kind of that may 15 date that may 15 date is the day that were looking at. We should be effectively kind of bottomed out and and potentially lining up for a move up now again um. I read a lot. I i i you know, i consume a lot of content. I have people that do ta for me that i talk to everybody seems to be thats kind of the general consensus. Is this kind of this may 15 date that everybodys really looking at, which is approximately three days from today that were all looking at to kind of see? All right is this: the bottom. Are we good have we kind of really leveled out right, and can we start to move up from here and frankly, a lot of them were looking for? Okay? Yes, we needed to go touch that 28 000 range, which we did. We actually went to 26.3 and then we – and we touched that 1800 range for for ethereum. Yes, we did, we touched at 17, 000 plus, you know 1700 plus, you know you have a point um, but whats really been interesting. Here, guys is that the real big carnage has been in a lot of the major other altcoins its like theyre.

Its almost like you feel like yes, bitcoin and ethereum are down, but theres, but everything, but a lot of other stuff is down way. More look. Bitcoin is down 26 and ethereums down 32., but look xrp is down ‘. look cardano 43 solana down 49. doge coined down 41 pokedon down 45. um avalanche down 53 tara. Well, we know about terror, um shiv, down 48 uh polygon f47. All of the major altcoins and and tokens are down more aggressively or more than bitcoin and ethereum okay um, so that so kind of it basically says that they took a much more as a percentage move down in the last seven days. You know again, remember you know: bitcoin and ethereum were down 26 and 32.. Everything else is down in the 40s and almost in some of them in the 50s. Okay, so uh, i think, were i think, weve entered into this kind of oversold territory on pretty much. You insert coin or token name here right um, i think theres a bunch of fantastic bargains out there uh. I am dca in dollar cost averaging into bitcoin and ethereum as we speak and im kind of watching. This may 15th uh number um a date and – and you know, and and what its going to happen and how its going to look for the other major altcoins and things like that. So if we start to see more positive movement up well then im definitely uh.

You know kind of feeling, for the bottom is really what im saying, but even right now you you dont have to time it perfectly. If youve been thinking about buying solana. I mean look at this as an example solanas on a 50 discount in the uh for what it was seven days ago as an example right and its even more aggressively discounted. If you factor in the last month, etcetera polka dots on a 45 discount avalanche 53 percent, you know, um i mean shiv – is on a 48 discount um. You know continuing on polygon, you know 47 litecoin, i mean chronos 17 cents at a 42 discount. You know um, you know near. Is it 48 unit swap the list goes like chain link? The list goes on and on and on and on cosmos is a 51 discount right here right now? Okay, so my point not a bad time to be looking at. Maybe you know buying some things and maybe and that in that, in that capacity, okay, crypto fear and greed index were at a 12 again uh and the overall stock market is a little bit mixed. Uh dows down nasdaq is actually just turned down um. You know and well continue to see. This is all again coming back to recession. Inflation fears, all those kind of things so again may 15th be on the lookout for that thats. What i got for you, and, as always, if you havent done so hit smash that subscribe button below and subscribe and stick around, i bring you content every day to help you navigate crypto, make more money just be more well informed ill see you later.