com, walk and talk. So my brother cody died just a couple days ago and its been brutal man. It sucks it sucks. So bad and i love my brother more than anything in the world. But you know what he told me a couple days prior to his passing. He said christopher, be strong. He said be strong and thats exactly what im gon na be. I love you cody man, im gon na see you again dude um. I know a lot of you been waiting for me to say something profound. I dont really have anything profound to say, but just the clock is ticking your life. There is no guarantees, and i think this has been my primary message for over 15 16 years now. Its just to go big go big, ladies and gentlemen, you. What are you waiting for? You know people that play it safe in their life and like pretend that somehow things are going to be better in the future or wrong about that theyre. Not unless you make it better today, unless youre going all in in your life today unless youre taking those risks and thats my message, and so you guys should take that message and you should be bold youve seen nothing yet um wait until you see what we Do next with island project with, we are going massively big massively big and in fact i think now is the biggest opportunity since the dot com bust of the 2000s.

I think its the biggest opportunity since bitcoin was trading at 3 500 in march 2020 and by the way i bought that dip and so did my audience and we look like geniuses after buying that dip and were buying this dip now as well. So whats going on in the crypto market, ladies and gentlemen, well, the governments want to prop up the dollar. They want to prop up the fake bull crap, not backed by anything currency, which is pro bailout pro manipulation and pro fraud at the highest level of the land, so the blackrock guys get richer, so goldman sachs gets richer while you go broke, which has always been The trend i mean dude thats, what they do, ladies and gentlemen, so im still in here in uh phoenix for a couple more days. You know regarding my brother, etc and working on a couple things providing some familial support, etc. But this is the number one opportunity in the world and you guys should be taking advantage of it now and the fact that i see so many people complaining right now, like oh its so scary out there guys its so scary, christopher, like bitcoin, you know. Is it 3 500 bucks, and then it went to 69k and now its under 30k yeah? You should be buying that dip and stop being a baby. Okay, theres a reason why im bitcoin, rich and a lot of people arent, because youve got to embrace fear and youve got to embrace opportunity.

And more importantly, now you got to take action because i think about what my brother would do or say now, okay, after his passing – and i know my brother would have just lived even more boldly, he would have taken more risks. He would have taken the world by storm. He would have enjoyed a little bit more surprise in his life, like people, and so many of you are probably playing it safe and you think youre not taking any risk at all. But the truth is youre. Taking the biggest risk in life by playing it safe, okay, the biggest risk is not taking a risk and thats what i think a lot of you out. There really need to realize. So this is all part of the plan. As usual um many of the blockchain technologies, the one that survive – okay, the ones that ive picked at school exclusively for you – will be bigger than amazon, google and microsoft stock. I truly believe that itll be bigger than anything youve ever seen in the technology space. Bigger than social media, bigger than e commerce and what they pick to lose will lose and go to. Zero ive talked about this at school for a long time, which is why you need to build an asset allocation and theyre propping up the dollar, because theyve rigged the system, because america is rigged and its been rigged from day one i mean. What do you guys think the 2008 and 09 bailouts were for it was there to make billionaires, richer, okay and bankrupt the middle class, which is what theyre doing now.

They want to basically destroy all wealth from the middle class while at the same time they enrich the 0.01 percent, which is what theyre currently doing. How has this changed? How has it been any different uh ever in historys past? Never here we got some guys golfing over here right now, pretty beautiful out its been nice uh. We got some good weather out here right now, so thats been great and yeah, so i guess im just kind of breaking the ice with this video. I have nothing really like extremely profound to say otherwise other than the fact that my brother died and that absolutely sucks and i loved him tremendously – and he was my best friend and the best thing in my life, and it only makes me even bolder. I mean guys im going to make jeff bezos my pool boy in the next couple of years, because anything is possible. Im going to make you know miami vice and macgyver. Look like once im done with this, because the whole point again of my platform is to go super super big. The whole point of my platform is to go 1000x when people live in fear and they live with these false promises and they live in the illusion of america as if someday theyre, going to retire and everythings going to get better and its not and my whole Program is to do everything in reverse: retire young. Do whatever you want, go big and go bold.

Well, everyone else is thinking small, because theres no competition at the top and thats the truth. So anyways, i love all. You guys got to go in here into the golf shop, real, quick thats. All i have to say i encourage you, click the link below get in again. This is the biggest opportunity since the dot com bus of the 2000s, its the biggest opportunity since march 2022 or 2020. Excuse me when we hit 3 500 and you should get in and if you dont thats on you, you could have gotten rich, but you wont because you live in fear and people that live in fear dont get rich its not about the money. No one cares about money, you know theres, always somebody thats got more than you its about living the dream, its about going big, its about thinking big its about 1000x in your life. So i encourage you to do that. If you think youve got time and you dont and i know if my brother had to do it differently, he would have been even bolder in what he did, which is exactly what im going to do. Cody im going to be strong man and were going to go 1000x to the freaking moon and beyond and were going to build island project in your honor.