For the pain to stop, as nearly every crypto holder is now considering, selling feet picks just to pay the rent. But the big question is this: the final hope left for the baby bulls or is the real pegging just getting started. Im, your host and im struggling to find a reason to make these videos, so you guys knew the channel make sure to hit that like subscribe. Turn on those ghost notifications, never miss these absolute time. Sensitive alerts as well. If you guys are interested in the amazing deals, bonuses staking uh getting a hardware wallet to keep your crypto, because you might want to keep it there. A long time or another bonuses make sure to check out the pinned comment below and as well nice bonuses. Even if you just want to buy new alt coins, as they are extremely down, the entire market is extremely discounted. Does that mean that we cant go lower? Absolutely not just because a certain crypto asset might be down 60 70, 80 percent? Guess what it can still go down: another 60 70 80 percent uh because thats how percentages work uh as well. I have one instagram and one twitter and they are in the comments and description below every other account. Thats. Not in my description is not me without any further ado lets lose some more money, absolutely ginormous. The crypto markets have been exhilarating. The past couple of days this week has been breathtaking may truly, is not disappointing and is extremely reminiscent to the crash we saw back in may of last year.

However, one thing you can say for certain about this crash is that its absolutely much more dumpy and fundamentally uh much more dumpy as well back here in the summer of 2021, the dxy was not really doing that. Well, in fact, if we go all the way back, the dxy was basically i mean it was getting dumped on and actually it was bottoming little did. We know little did the moon. Boys know that uh, you know soon. The moon boys would be paying for their mistakes but um as of today, we got this daily chart. You can see this as of today, we have finally broken out. You can see we traded here with the dxy for the past, like two weeks uh two weeks, weve traded right at that previous resistance and as of today, the dxy is now breaking out setting a new high, the highest. The dxy has been since 2002 uh, but the highest really its been since 1999. It was going to the upside. This was as it was crashing below this level. 104 105 is just a very critical level. Now. This is where things get very interesting. Will the dxy round have seen at any point enabling bitcoin to go on a run? Will bitcoin be able to go on a run even with the dxy pumping uh, a lot of uncertainties right now, and so many things that are interesting. But before we jump into some of those things luna, oh my good golly, gosh uh was down basic.

I mean for, for all intents and purposes, its basically down 100. Okay, you can argue its 99.6 99.7, whatever you want to say its. If you put in money in luna youre not doing too good okay, if you bought luna over the past couple of weeks and uh its just very important to note that this was not a coin that people thought um. This is not a coin that, like a you, one, youtuber ever or one twitter influencer, said hey. You know, put a couple hundred bucks in this, its a really big risky play and you might, you might make a lot of money. This was a top ten coin. This is a coin that you know. Apparently a lot of people are invested in uh. I i wasnt invested in it, but apparently after this luna debacle or usd debacle, its come to light that, like a lot of people, were in this, which is surprising to me, but this was one of the top projects in the space it was um. You know linked with a algorithmic algorithmically backed stable coin, which now theres a lot of questions about stable coins. This is obviously going to introduce a lot of questions for stable coins in general, even fiat baked uh fiat backed stable coins like usdt, which a lot of people were concerned over the past 12 hours. If usdt was going to dpeg nice as well but yeah i mean fundamentally, i think usdt that bubble will not burst just yet.

Will it ever? Nobody knows for sure, but i dont think necessarily at this very second, but it absolutely is worth bringing up a discussion about and a lot of people are talking about it. But basically the point is this was a coin that um a lot of people felt comfortable. Putting even their life savings into so for one im, not on here, saying, like oh youre silly for buying this right. In fact, i feel absolutely. I do not feel good for people that had a lot of money in this. This is devastating right. This is not good if you did lose a lot of money with this. I feel you know im. Sorry, like i really dont know what to say: thats thats horrible, its not funny its its its huge um, i mean to be fair. Everybody invested in crypto also is taking a little bit of a beating, but obviously not 99 down right um, but again that just goes to show that uh, even things that you dont think are risky like this, which a lot of people didnt think this was very Risky turned out to be even riskier than like the biggest rug pull right. I mean this turned out to be even riskier than a couple million dollar garbage altcoin that gets rugged pulled within a week or something so that is a huge wake up call for everyone. In the space you know, in my opinion, at least with trading people – know that its risky right, if youre going to promote trading or something at least people, know that thats risky people promoting things like this were basically saying it, wasnt very risky, and you, you basically Lost more money than you would, with trading literally being 100 down, but again its just something, i think its absolutely worth taking at least a few moments a couple of days, and even just looking at this, do i think ust and luna can recover from this thats A great question uh i mean nothing, would surprise me, but i havent seen i mean i believe i even saw a tweet today.

I think it was from kevin uh. He even said like even bit. Connect is not even down this much, which bit bit connects with bit. Connect was like an actual ponzi scheme um, so i mean this is just mind, blowing just absolutely crazy to watch and absolutely has brought bitcoin in the market to its knees. One thing with bitcoins volume, though, thankfully, on the daily chart, as we talked about yesterday, were seeing an increase in volume. This weekly candle is were about halfway through it and were seeing a nice amount of weekly volume as well the highest since the crash back in may of last year, so the same crash we talked about here around 30k, but realistically, this can be salvaged this. This bitcoin price action can be salvaged with getting some closes above, like 30 31 000. Getting this weekly at the very least. We have over three days for that so thats, good, thats, reassuring um, but other than that, its been a complete dump fest and in fact, earlier today, early in the early hours, we had a bounce off of about 25 000 and that potentially again as we talked About literally, you can go watch the last few videos. I can even just pull up the video. Even from yesterday i said about a 25 000 bounce, maintaining a very close eye on this market, as potentially the 25 000 level comes into play and, as you saw from that clip, we talked about 25 000.

Does that mean 25 000 is guaranteed at the bottom? No, i was just saying i think, at the very least well see it bounce at twenty five thousand. Just like, i said we thought well, i thought we see a balance of thirty thousand weve seen bounce at thirty and twenty five thousand, but as weve also seen uh, it just keeps getting pushed down a little bit um. I do think this bleeding is going to stop, but i dont think the recovery is going to be as quick as a lot of people hope. Unfortunately, i said the same thing last year during this crash and um again it took months for this. This pattern to play out – i remember tracking it, and even you know right when we got the signal it started breaking out massively. I remember charting this uh back in the summer of last year. That was really exciting. Actually that was one of my favorite uh breakouts. Even though it was kind of short lived, and it did end up topping out at 69, 000. nice but um yeah other than that, this is fundamentally different. One, because i think a lot of people have uh have accepted now were in like a bear market right. Uh, barely setting the barely setting an all time high back here at the end of 2021 and just spending the last few months getting completely dumped on um and the fact that now we have some actual fears with stable coins uh, rightfully so right uh, you see A top 10 project and something very linked to stable coins, which people have been fearful of for a while, specifically with usdt.

This was ust, so its not the same thing. However, i think it still highlights a lot of the fears people have been having about this market uh to begin with. So actually i just want to continue real quick, so the tara blockchain was officially halted at block height 7603cm uh. They have decided to halt the terror chain to prevent governance attacks following severe lunar inflation and a signific significantly reduced cost of attack and real, quick as well. One interesting thing is that bitcoin longs are setting all time highs on leverage here. Uh btc longs are skyrocketing. On bitfinex and biffin x is historically known as a uh, a whale exchange, i guess, for lack of a better term, a lot of whales and a lot of uh good pre. A lot of indications of market moves begin on bitfinex and uh yeah. I love this tweet. I saw this earlier as well. Two possibilities with this chart, its just noise or the bitfinex longers, are absorbing all the capitulation and gearing up for massive upside and, while i, i think its silly to say, wow tara is down 99. It cant go down much more, i mean he can still go down. Another 99 uh well its silly to say like its silly to advise people to start buying in some of these assets. If anything, okay, as ive always done, i personally mainly stick to bitcoin. All my videos are like bitcoin videos uh. I i do think that we are at least close to a very, very, very amazing, long term.

Entry for bitcoin, i dont know if its gon na go down below 20k. Nobody does, if you, if you do think you know youre just guessing like everyone else, but at least percentage wise um and at least for now. This is not the worst uh opportunity to get a long term, uh accumulation position for bitcoin, okay, thats, all thats all ill say in regard to that, but with the usdt uh dollar peg wobbling. This is eight hours ago. Tether cto weighs in on this, and basically it was wobbling uh, its never completely right at a dollar. Sometimes it even goes above a dollar but um yeah. These spheres seem to have been quenched for now or quelled for now so thats, good um, but yeah. You know its just possible, we have to wait and see how this week finishes well. Bitcoin market dominance also hitting a six month high, as people are flooding into bitcoin as it is historically and still at this point is much safer than some of these altcoins bitcoin has not crashed 100 uh luna has basically crashed 100, so uh, and this is a Top content coin again, i think its so important to keep reiterating that this is not some coin that, like 2 000 people were invested in this is a coin that millions of people were invested in and um its quite devastating its quite dumpy, but its always important To remember, sometimes you have to get dumped on before you can get pumped up, see you guys in the channel make sure to hit that like subscribe, turn on those ghost notifications, so you never miss these absolutely time sensitive alerts as well.

If you guys are interested in any amazing bonuses or deals, make sure to check out all of the links below uh, we have some nice bonuses for either trading or getting alt coins, which again, i think, is one of the most golden opportunities uh. At least i think that will be coming up. I dont know for sure if these are gon na go down a lot more, but ultimately i am uh getting all coins, even though a lot of you know that im already pretty much im very invested in the market anyway. So i dont have a lot of side capital to keep investing in these markets. As many of you are as well im one of those uh mega moon boys, so ive been very invested in the market for a very long time you could say over invested, but sometimes you have to absolutely lets just say: im getting absolutely dumped on ooh.