Sup guys hope you guys are doing fantastic in this. Video were going to go over the markets. What i potentially see we have a sponsor as well. Finally, that i, like and weve, actually agreed on a sponsorship, so ill talk about them more later, hydro, wheels! Nft! Thank you so much for sponsoring this video well talk about that later on and how you guys can get involved, etc, etc, etc. If you want to, of course, you dont have to right theres, no pitching on this channel there never ever is, and there never never will be so want to jump in the screen. Talk about the market and yeah man. This is getting me really excited, but i see a lot a lot, a lot of fearfulness in the market, man – and if this is your first rodeo dudes, i understand, but i dont want to be that big brother, because i know some of you guys are older Than me, but i want to just show you what ive learned in like two years: ive been in the market or 1.5 years and im still learning theres a bunch of people that im learning from as well. But if youre brand new and your portfolios cant have. I promise you dont want to sell. I want to show you exactly what im doing and you guys can take that with a grain of salt, so lets jump in the screen. Show you what im looking at um right off the bat dudes terrell is down 87.

I want to talk about this right now because i might do a live trade for you right now. I think im going to do it and lets just talk about it. Real, quick, like look at luna man, lunas three dollars and falling like a mofo. Are you insane man like this? Is that im like shaking i dont have any luna? We did a trading and we did very very well in it. We got like 25 on it on this scoring gauge and you get around here. You cant really see it because im not all um, because im zoomed so far out but dude. This is absolutely insane like if youre holding, ust and youre staking this um or is it the anchor protocol? Does that feel bad for you, man like this is this. Is a stable coin right im, not telling you to buy the stable coin, but should this not be an easy devil if youre buying a stable coin, like look what this fell to a couple of hours ago, 26 cents, its a stable coin? Imagine the bank just chopping off 75 of your money and you come in and check the bank and its been cut in half and obviously we do get that up with inflation. But this is actually like. Your dollar value is kind of half um. Do we buy a line of dudes? I think we, i think we battling luna and just put a little trade on and for a short term, flip pure.

It is falling though i dont know if i want to buy it well. Dont worry well talk about the market later im, just trying to like genuinely think that we should buy this like this is falling dudes. This is insane remember. This is going to come out tomorrow. So keep in mind. Did we buy this now or do we buy half now ah got a thousand bucks in this account? Should we just buy it um yeah lets. Do this lets, do it lets? Do it lets do it? I wasnt expecting to do this, but i had it loomed up and it was at six dollars before i started. Recording so yeah were gon na were gon na. Do this live again, i did the h bar trade for you, like im, not effing around dudes. Like i put my money where my mouth is: im gon na buy um thousands, we dont need a market order. Did we do a market order? Do we set a little cheeky limit at two dollars? One dollars i mean the point behind this trade is dude. This is falling right now as we speak. This could be an easy. You know whats the price been out before a hundred bucks, so if he buys at three dollars im not going to say its going to bounce there, but you know thats like uh, i dont know its like a 33x, so we put a grand and we bounce And bang 33k, or do we wait til a dollar? Oh did this? What do you do? What do we do? What do we do? We click them on boom there.

You go ill, probably stick that in celsius just to keep you guys, um informed. I just want to make sure it went through there. You go so now about a thousand bucks of luna and let me just trade that back give me one. Second, dudes im just going to confirm that just to confirm that theres, like im, not effing around im, not telling you to do this. This is very off the cuff. For me, usually these videos are more planned or a little bit planned there we go. So i just bought 321 luna tokens for a thousand bucks like i said this could be a 30x a 40x or it could go down to zero im. Not telling you to do this, but anyways lets get rid of that. Well, touch on that later, but dont do this. This is not recommended. This is a thousand bucks. I can lose and ill be quite happy with it, or this is a thousand bucks ill, probably turn into 30 grand so keep in mind. I bought this at three dollars: ill keep everybody in the patreon informed, but you know for you guys that arent in the picture, thats, absolutely fine, you dont, need buy anything. This channel is nothing like that, but yeah were not effing around when we do this trade. So lets get all this feeding grade. Dudes lets talk about this real quick extreme fear was yesterday 10. We are kind of a little bit above, but dudes like this is liquidations are getting hot right now, as we speak, 271 really.

Last four hours is where most people getting wrecked and where is it going to be its probably going to be fdx finance, blah blah blah bye bit because a little bit by bit fantastic um and what is the coins is mostly bitcoin. Theres luna a lot of luna getting liquidated, so this is just teach you guys to not use margin, its really really risky, and you, if you have the cash you do not need to do margin. If youre experienced trader fair enough, it makes sense, but 99.99 of people will lose money and cointelgraph. I dont want to touch that yet so i want to talk about the sponsor before we go over more of a market kind of update, so hydra whales. These guys are sponsoring the channel, so you can go and check them out. These are project focused on launching btc mining farm to provide our community with sustainable cash flow, so its always always about btc mining and in return, the promise is to grow this. To get you guys cash back now, these guys are philly docs, which is what i like well talk about in a second and youre legally audited. So a lot of companies come to me on twitter and reach out to the gmail address and theyre, mostly tron, trx bs, and if theyre not theyre, never you know its always like who am i talking to the other side? So these guys are actually, you know, spoke to a real real person and hes confirmed who is and theyre philly docs.

So these project could absolutely fail so im not telling you guys to invest in this project right. What im saying is, if you want to have a pun, just like ive done with luna, maybe go and do it. Weve got nft mittens, and but if these guys do feel you know theyre fully going to own up to instead of like doing a project like most people do what happens? Is you dont know who youre dealing with and they just disappear? So if these guys fail theyre going to be held accountable, so weve got a legal form, blah blah these guys are paying out to holders six months for compounding our mining revenue investments. The key grown is our treasury, with payouts theyre in phase two right now and theyre sold just under 50 of 2000 nfts. So its not just a bs kind of you know, project like most of them are theyre actually selling. You can check their discord ill link. It ill check their twitter go and follow them, but the whole point is just having a look at their website a lot, a lot of good stuff. You can go and mine nfds im, not a believer if any of these personally wont be doing this. But if you want to have a quick punt, just like that, luna trade, like i said you can go and mint this see what can happen check their about section, a lot of a lot of kill, nfts, most nfts, look like garbage, im, sure, youre, aware and Heres the year progress one year or two years, so obviously its a nice steady growth.

You know this is you know all very well and good in saying that, but hopefully these guys can commit to that, and these are the holders payouts so like i said it is a bit of a punt but, like i said this is cryptocurrency and weve just Seen dudes if youre, holding a stable coin, youre not safe, right, youre, not safe. This is spawn as we speak. The lunar trade ive put on, i think, were actually a little bit in profit just a time of recording. But the whole point is that you can go check them out like i said, these are all their phrases but, like i said, i think i spoke with this guy on twitter, um phillydoc so were holding you accountable. Sam were holding you accountable, adam blah blah blah weve got a youtube channel. You can check out below as well, but yeah. Thank you so much hydro wheels for sponsoring this channel. I do not get a lot of sponsors, but when i do or sorry i get a lot of sponsors, but you know its very hard to find a good one that i resonate with so cheers anyways. So what were looking at guys, as you can think, so? The s p 500 or the spx, as you guys like to call it – is falling. We did lose with uh 4 000 support, but now were back above it, but what we dont want to see dude.

Does this dxy keep going up? Yes, its having a retracement, but this is a dollar guys. This is what people need to understand its not correlated philly to bitcoin, but it pretty much sums up if the dxy is going up, chances are, bitcoin is going to go down and you can see even on the garden gauge in there dude its been on a Rep, like should we just be holding the dollar, wed, be making more money right now than what we are in cryptocurrency. But the whole point is dude. If you zoom this out and like a mofo, you can really see were really at all time highs for a while, you know really back to like 20 years ago is when we were at those levels, but we need this to start coming crashing down. Unfortunately, obviously stocks we dont really care about, but bitcoin itself dudes is. Are we going to lose the 30 grand level? Like? I said, i see a lot of support here at these wicks. You know 29. 29. 29. 20. 20. 29. I might potentially have some limit orders in these soon in the patreon, but, like i said you know, im trying to stack cash. That thousand bucks i spent on luna. You know. Hopefully i can bank some quick cash for that and start to roll over. Like i said, you do not need to follow it, but what we can see is ethereum drop in most just most cryptocurrency guys are getting wrecked, as we speak like i said this is coming out tomorrow, so it might very well change.

This is what you want to keep aware of guys. If you are in usd theres a lot of twitter accounts, you can follow ill. Just show you the actual main guy right now, if youre not following him and his names du quan yeah this guy. So this guy is obviously the head of master of stablecoin luna and he really controls it 26 minutes ago. Well, this is actually live as we speak were going to have a reduce and getting close stay. Strong was his last one, but here we can see here. Dear one um understand it: last 72 hours have been extremely tough on. You know that im resolved to work in every money where theres crisis, and we will build a way out of this. So this is very bullish for usd, but the coin is bloody crashing. Obviously, teraluna is tied to this so thats. Why? I just put that thousand bucks on first, if you dont have terrapix they blind, mixer and heres how it works for our view of our bla blast station is currently trained at 50 cents and everything division from one dollar. The price stabilize the mechanisms comes in ust blah blah blah before anything else. The path i want to see if i can find anything here, just what ive got you on. We endorse community proposal, blah blah blah. So it looks like this guys trying to resolve it as best he can, but you can see just as the comments and likes are going crazy here.

You know hes going to just not have a good time over the next couple of days, with the current on chain spread the peg measure and ust burn rate the supply overhang, the ust ie back. That should continue to decrease blah blah blah. So he is coming on guys, like i said, if you are holding ust, i feel really bad for you guys, but i wouldnt sell its kind of pointless to sell. It probably will come back around, but man like, i said, theres a lot. A lot of discounts right now: you could pretty much buy anything and expect a bump. Obviously, bitcoin loses the 30 grand level man you could go. You could literally go to the floor. Maybe 20k 25k but, like i said lunaman, where its not even where is it man its so far gone? I cant even find it anymore and there we go its now 41. This was top 10. I think it was a top five. You know top eight and yeah theres off the absolute charts. Man, like you guys, can make your own mind up. I mean seven days ago. This is 87 okay. This can very well go to zero, but, like i said this is not a a mean coin. This should bounce back up. This should be a a 10 20 30 x, like you know three months ago, is over 100 bucks right. 115. Bucks, your mind buying this for three dollars, its not a dodge coin, its, not a shiba, its, not fork.

You know um yeah im really excited about that one grand maybe ill eat my words and you know itll go to actually zero or ill go to a dollar. Then itll start coming around im going to hold this. If i can, until at least a 10x 30 and and yeah ill cash that out and just put it in somewhere else, ill start, you know checking out if it goes to zero, keep in mind im very well happy to lose that i dont mind about losing That, if you are copying me, do it at your own risk, because this is not you know a safe investment right now, although we all thought it was, i mean look at that dude its down 96 for seven days. Are you out your mind? So markets are crazy, like i said, dudes keep calm, theres. Nothing really context to this video, like i said its all about keeping cam. What i would recommend you guys are, if you have cash, maybe start to dcn, but dont put everything in yet because, like i said, if bitcoin loses that 30k 29k support that we have a lot of yeah, it could be, could go straight to 25, 24, 23 And, like i said, youre all coins were all coins right now. My all coins h bar 11 cents. Okay, is technically break even for the day but, like i said down 20 percent for the week, egld is down five percent down 16 dudes its not not.

Looking great 1.42 trillion, so you guys have to make your own mind up. Like i said i think i said this on my youtube channel and build markets. Make you rich but bear markets, create wealth, and what that really means and im not sure is. This is a time where you make money, like i said tereluna just looking on that one i could go to zero, but knowing terluna ive known the strong ecosystem that it has had, you know: thats nobodys, making money 100 bucks right, nobodys, making any any money. Maybe in the future might go a thousand bucks. You might make a 10x in like 5 10 years, but this is the opportunities man like if youre not taking advantage of these and can stomach it going down further, maybe its cryptocurrency its not for you. I dont want to be demotivated. You know. My whole point of this channel is to motivate as many people as possible and try not get you guys wrecked, because you should never follow anybody in crypto. But what you should do is you should take peoples, ideas and then find out how that can work for yourself, like i said, ill watch a lot of people, im learning from people that have been in cryptocurrency for 10 years now, but you know even them. Theyre struggling right now so the whole point in this video dudes hope you enjoy this one keep cam hoddle on. If you can stake, your coins make sure to stake it.

If you are holding ust, if you havent sold already, i wouldnt sell man because, like i said, weve just got this breaking news from this dude and to keep cam. But you never know i could go to zero.