The last week has been absolutely devastating, in particular for luna, ust and anchor holders lets take a look at what is happening with those cryptos in todays market and also buyers. Returning to bitcoin first signs, we are seeing a solid bounce. Weve covered this. For the last few days, with our fear and greed plan, looking at buying and indeed buying bitcoin during this particular dip, and not all of the other thousand dips that you constantly hear from influencers so lets take a look at how we are doing that in todays. Video first up, smash likes and subscribe, helps the channel out a lot get to more people, so they stop getting wrecked by nonsense out there in the market, weve also got our special on our special with tia premium link is in the description hundred dollars off its A crypto crash sale use that code down below and, of course, win up to half an eighth through by bit link is in the video description. Four lucky winners exclusive to this channel will get the chance to win half an eighth four winners down there. All right guys lets crack on with todays video updating ust and were currently sitting at 14 and a half cents just before i started filming were sitting at five cents for quite some time as it was being delisted off of binance. In particular, luna has been delisted. Its sitting at point: zero, zero, zero, zero five at this point in time, so thats, basically, where its at so its a fraction of a fraction of a cent.

The reason a lot of people have been getting absolutely wrecked on luna, even after the huge breakdown from seventy five dollars and sixty dollars and again at around twenty five to thirty dollars is that many people are trying to catch. These stellar runs on luna. You can see a thousand percent uh happened just two days ago, im on a one hour, chart here thousand percent over the course of two hours, and then you had a hundred percent just back here. A day ago. Also, last night there was 577 from the low and then again in the early hours of the 13th, there was 1284 percent, so a lot of people are trying to get on board. These quick runs, uh and and basically getting wrecked, just trying to buy any time they cant and then hope that they get on board a 500 or a thousand percent return over the matter of just a few hours. Now, im not endorsing trading like this, especially with no experience in fast moving volatile markets, but if youre going to get into that, definitely keep your stops in place, because the market for luna is essentially dropping 99 percent. Almost every 24 hours gets to a dollar. It drops to one cent it gets to one cent. It drops to point zero one of a cent. It gets to that and then again ninety nine percent down so thats how you can keep losing time and time again as for terror over here on coin market cap, the circulating supply is absolutely wild.

Total now is 7 trillion lunar. This started out at about 350 million lunar, so were now at 7 trillion. The supplies, if i do my quick maths – is about a 20x and so, if were on board with a 20x return, were probably never going to see that high price again. So if youre going for the thousand percent stay extremely safe, i dont even suggest that its a very difficult game. But if you think luna is ever going to make it back to 120 youre almost better to play the lottery, because the supply is 20xed and will probably be far more than that by the time you see this video. This is like venezuela or germany after second world war. The amount they are printing is way beyond that. To think that it would ever get back to 120 bucks – probably never ever going to happen at this current rate, especially with all of the printing of luna. The volume of luna has basically left binance at this point in time. You can see that its down to in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, rather than in the tens of millions of dollars, which is whats currently on ftx, that comes down to binance, announcing that theyve de listed it so ive got this announcement here on my twitter Links to twitter and instagram are, in the video description, got a q a on instagram at the moment. So if you want to ask questions jump over there and then, if you want to just follow these accounts so that you dont get scammed by any other ridiculous scammer accounts just follow those accounts there theyre in the video description, binance states here that luna is gone.

Luna busd luna, usdt, luna, btc, thats cross pairs, isolated margin, pairs, spot pairs, more spot pairs, ust against usdt also gone as well as of the 13th, so early hours, or basically just a few hours ago. According to this announcement right here, so the volume is gone. Its shifting to other exchanges, i mean, i dont, think theres much left for anyone else, youre down 99.999 percent, its probably just a good idea just to wipe it off your minds and get on with the the job at hand. So lunas, obviously crushed uh ust, crushed anchor, also crushed now down at seven cents, still trading, but again its absolutely crushed. So these are probably going to be some of the worst cryptos in this cryptocurrency bear market. Now, if youre in this situation, like i just said a moment ago, id probably just scrap these off my list and start to use my energy somewhere else, theres no point in worrying about it now: theres nothing else. You can do its a massive loss, its a rug. You can call it whatever you want, the end of the day, its gone from whatever you had to practically zero and its basically zero in a lot of cases, because you cant, even trade it and its probably going to be delisted for more exchanges, as well as As the time goes on, should it keep getting printed to oblivion, so it is what it is its gone now in terms of how it happened, why it happened, look its happened.

Moneys gone, but there was the rumor, of course, by our good mate here. Charles hoskinson loves these rumors on twitter, blackrock, citadel, borrowed 100k, etc, etc. The story goes that these big hedge funds, um, you know the biggest in the world. They basically took that exact moment. They conned dokuan sold off the bitcoin of the ust to dump the markets. Luna had to pump up uh to keep printing to pump up ust thats how the rumor goes. Uh the black rocket citadel have come out and denied involvement in the terror collapse. Do you want to believe them? Do you not? At the end of the day, its happened, its happened, theres, no one is going to come after them, even if it was true. But of course it seems like a rumor which is what happens in cryptocurrency all the time. Theres, a ton of rumors 2017 tana rumors, 2018 2021. It doesnt stop. So i would just put that aside theres, nothing. We can control in that and im all about having control for yourself. You know remain in power to make the best of a bad situation. You give that power away in terms of rumors and start hating people. You will fail and you will not make the next bull market. You will not make it so let it be, let it be to the people who are banging on about it on twitter. It honestly doesnt make any difference at all its just headlines to get some more clicks overnight.

This stable coin market also started to d peg, so people were getting fearful about usdt and usdc. Earlier yesterday, we saw usdt dropped to 94 cents 94.1 cents, and this has happened in the past before and its maintained its peg. Its come back, its also gone up to a dollar ten uh. This is trading on coinbase, its had a many many many years of history and its happened multiple times before, generally, it trades around 99 cents to a dollar and one, but even closer than that, its basically 0.2 of a cent off its peg on either side of The market as well, so these are some serious situations. People are scared of ust theyre. Also, now scared of stable coins, no matter all of the rumors that we had about usdt crashing the markets in what i remember in 2017 and 2018, what new people saw in 2021 and now in 2022, usdt has been around for that period. Im not saying itll be here forever, but so far it has done the job better than pretty much any other stablecoin usdc is the other main player at the moment. Its only just slightly lost its peg by half a cent, so nothing too extreme, but these things can lose their pegs and come right back and you can see from usdcs history for some brief moments down to 20 cents and then all the way back up again. But remember these guys are centralized so theyre going to have a little more power in keeping their peg than something like ust.

The other flood in the market, especially in stable coins in peoples. Portfolios is coinbase potentially going bankrupt because they werent able to maintain their same profit margins as they had last quarter, which im sure they were well aware of this. When the markets go a little more quiet, they make less trading fees, theyve been through multiple market cycles. So the fears are, in my opinion, pretty ridiculous and, like i pointed out in yesterdays video, when coinbase was trading at 53, we did see a spike down overnight to 41 and now back at 58.5, the assets on coinbases books are about 20 billion. Their market value was yesterday at about 12 billion, so even though it dumped it up to 44 bucks, maybe it was a 10 billion valuation, they have about 20 billion of assets, the company could double, and then they would be equal with the assets that they have And so i think over time this is probably going to come back, and this might be the the extreme fear that the market has been waiting for and potentially could be. Our extreme fear moment for that significant low that i have been banging on about for many months on the channel not buying all the dips just buying the fear and greed dips, which we specifically discuss in our fear and greed plan and our members at tia light. Nti premium again, links are in the video description join us for our weekly group calls and portfolio updates crypto trading.

A lot of good information is over there link in the top description for members and, of course, premium courses on special uh. We look specifically at buying particular times because we dont want to be like everyone else in the crowd that dont know well, they arent interested in reading a chart and getting that really good price in the market when that fear is extremely high and thats. What weve seen over the last four to five days, bitcoin dropping from 30k to 25k, and i think that is looking much better in terms of a risk reward play now that were in this bottom territory. Between that 20 and 30. Grand the previous resistance was about 24 grand back in late december. There was just a small time a short time when the market had some resistance before it took off again and so were getting into this play that the downside, not so bad. In my opinion of how i assess the risk of the market and then the upside looks pretty decent, if were looking at something around to 200 grand in the next few years, so you could still be looking at a 5x or so, which is pretty massive for Something that has been around for 13 years and we can continue to grow, should we have the patience and the confirmation in ourselves and our analysis to buy these dips, especially in extremely fearful times now. I dont think this is going to recover and come all the way back to 50 grand and off.

We go this year. If we look back to the other times in the fear and greed plan where these yellow arrows are. These are the times that we were looking to buy, based on the fear coming into the market exclusively of just this justice plan right here so 15 and under these times happen to coincide with these times in the market. So about that, six to eight grand three grand four grand, also one little peak out here at around nine again at four grand and then we had all this zone back in may, which was around that mid thirty thousands and thats. Basically, where we currently sit. I think the perma bears are going to be disappointed. Exactly like the perma bulls have been disappointed, you know, could never have gone below 40 should never gone below 50, so on and so forth. It always happens the same way in the market. You get the extremes to both ends the the bears and the bulls both of their scenarios will never play out. The the perma bulls were looking for 100 grand 500 grand this cycle, 300 grand never ever ever got close and the permabears targets of three grand it has to go back down to these lows or eight grand where these lows were before the market took off or 10 grand you know: if we started to look in that zone, they are going to be heavily disappointed and they will never get those prices and, of course, the market will turn around and head back up.

So the market always has a way of finding how to disappoint and just finding where that weak spot is before it finds its base and turns around the other nice signals i like here are the volume. Finally, since may of 2021 12 months later, we are finally seeing some significant, very significant volume coming into the market. You can see we had that again during the peaks of january. That was the last time we had some really really big volume and, of course, that may bottom, and so since that time we never saw the same sort of volume since the covert crash. So the volume is a great sign because thats essentially more trading, going on buyers, sellers volume of actual bitcoin changing hands and if we see a bottom come in at that point, that can tell us that buyers, significant smart money, is finding value in the price of A particular asset because the volume is up and that bottoms come in and the close, although we still have three days to go for the weekly close, which is a macro picture that closes getting higher on the bar, means that they are finding value and theyre happy To continue to buy this price up, doesnt mean it is the exact low, but is a very, very good sign that were coming somewhere towards a low now to keep this in perspective. In terms of time we can get the load just like we saw in november of 2018 and then the market goes sideways, get some accumulation we break out.

We go sideways again. We got a scare crash of the black swan event of covert crash in march 2020 and then we start to move away. So this whole structure took approximately a year and a half minimum for it to play out before it started to break through anything significant from around that 12 to 14 000.. Can that happen again for sure? Can it be quicker for sure? But the main point i want to make here is just because we get this low doesnt mean the market is going to run away quickly. I think we still have some time for patience, but we still have invalidation points and thats what it means to have your own investment plan. Can this be invalidated and we start to climb higher and we never see these lower prices. Sure i think we need to start getting back above our 50 level and then back above our 50k level. This is macro thats why the prices are going to be much higher, were going to break significant support and resistance levels rather than just the hourly stuff. So, although i think this is a really good buy, the market could then trend down again. You know, maybe we just bounce up a little bit and we trend down and we dont get a massive crash, but people will still be quite fearful. We get towards maybe that 200 weekly moving average, which is pretty close at the moment, just four thousand dollars off that could still mean more buying opportunities, so im not going to splurge on way too much at this point, but i really do like these opportunities.

Just in case, i am wrong and the market quickly runs away in our next videos on the channel ill. Look at the fear and greed plan in a little more detail. You guys can get access to that now. If youd, like tia lite nti premium link, is in the description, 100 bucks off premium as well go and check that out special is on until tomorrow, so definitely go and check that link out. Also, you can win your chance at half an e through by bit.