My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video and im going to talk about bitcoin, luna and all of that other stuff that is going on. Currently, i know that many people are very, very confused as to where the crypto market is going. Are we going into a big bear market uh whats happening with luna? I now lost 1.9 million worth of luna because i was stupid enough to put in another um, 250, 000 or even 300 thousand dollars into luna, hoping that maybe we would see some kind of um rescue plan. But it seems as of right now that thats not gon na thats, not gon na happen, so thats 1.9 million out the window, however bitcoin is still alive. Ethereum is still live. Actually all the other cryptocurrencies are still uh, mostly alive, currently um. However, of course, if we do go into a bear market, a two three year bear market. There will be many projects that will go to zero um. With that in mind, i would say the following: if you think we are going into a multi year, bear market which is definitely possible, then i would um urge you to reconsider your risk management. What im doing personally is ive been taking profits in the past few months, actually back into bitcoin and ethereum from my altcoins, but right now, im looking at coins that i have some profits in and i will shift over to bitcoin and uh yeah, mostly bitcoin.

Actually, maybe some ethereum as well and then i will do some uh some yielding on these strategies or on these coins, but uh essentially lower risk because in a bear market you dont want to take risks because, for the obvious reason that the whole crypto everything crashes, So um lets talk about luna. Luna is now close to zero, its like literally at zero. If you go to corn market cap, it says uh. The return for the past few days is 100 down. I never saw that before technically its 99.99999, but coin market cap rounded that up to 100 now, which is just insane just kind of signaling, that this project is dead and actually it is official as well. If you go to twitter, you can see that it is now official. The the terra luna blockchain is halted, its stopped its no more functioning. So i took a gamble and i lost um. Next time i will win thats the thing i was hoping for: a risk reward ratio of like one to 100 or something which is definitely you know i mean next time it will pay off thats the thing i think i im happy that i took the risk. Actually because it could have paid off and thats the thing, its all about calculated risks. Obviously this time you could have said that maybe i should have done a little bit more research and then maybe i would have come to the conclusion that this is never going to be rescued, but then again no one really knows no one really knows i was Asking many people that are supposed luna experts and um.

No one really knew, and some people even said that yeah this could be a rescued or whatever, but no, i dont think thats gon na happen now. So i i consider this money lost 1.9 million gone um, but that thats, how it is you know you win some you lose some, as at least all my bitcoin are still there, and one bitcoin is still worth one bitcoin right same with ethereum um and okay. Yeah ust is also completely collapsing and its its gone. You know i have many friends that lost a lot of money on ust uh, because many people used ust as a stable coin, because thats what it was, but now its not a stable coin anymore. Uh super sad, very sad, um and i know people that had almost all their wealth in ust and my heart goes out to these people because of course that must be horrible. It must be really sad but again guys very important. You can lose money, but as long as you keep your spirit, you keep your mindset. You can make way more money if you lost 50 000 in the past few days, you can make 50 million dollars in the next 10 years. If you just keep your mind to it, um thats, the that think about future gains instead of yesterdays losses. I think that that will keep the anxiety away, because i think many people are thinking a lot about these losses.

Theyve had, but the future is bright guys. You have many many years left to to think about your um. Your future gains okay, unless youre 95 years old, then maybe your time is up and um and and its all over, but i dont think i have any 95 year olds watching this video. But if i do shout outs to you and even for you, you have a few years left to make crazy canes um im going to the office. Now i have a meeting with a cool guy and um what else yeah, if you guys want a short or long bitcoin link down below speaking of bitcoin lets talk about the chart all right, so bitcoin is now back above 30 000., which is of course, a Good sign, but what i want is a daily close above 30k, because right now we dont have that. Actually, in fact, we have a daily close here below 30k, but this candlestick here is a bullish reversal: candle uh, a doji signaling, a lot of buying pressure down here at 25.5 k. So this is a good sign, but i want to confirm that bullish reversal with a daily close above 30k. In that case, im gon na go very, very heavy on by bit with a huge long position um and play a huge bounce, hopefully back up to like close to 40k or something that would be incredible. But maybe we only see a small short term balance up to, like maybe 34 33, take some profits, maybe around 35 36, but yeah im gon na go very heavy on the long position on bybit and my link is down below.

If you click my buybit link, you get 4 000 bonus, guys thats a massive massive bonus for you. If you use my link and sign up with your email, all right guys, so that is basically todays. Video dont forget to subscribe right now. If this is the first time youre watching my videos subscribe right now i make these daily videos for you, guys uh, showing you uh whats happening in the market. Uh dont forget that i love you. You are amazing youre the best that ever happened to me. Youre the reason why uh why my career took off all those three four years ago and right now, im on my way, like i said to my office sitting in my car here chilling and today, im gon na do some damage control. Make sure that i dont lose more money and make sure that in the next few months i recoup some of those losses by making a lot of money.