Im going to give you my thoughts, dont. Take any this is financial advice, but there will be some life advice in this uh. First off life advice, you are being warned right now you are being warned by coinbase that they have the ability to take your money. All right, im gon na explain that coinbase is a bank and were gon na talk about banks. Weve talked about bail ins before on this channel. They are a very real thing, whereas opposed to uh 2008. You saw a bunch of bailouts where financial institutions got bailed out by taxpayer money uh during the dodd frank revolution. There was some verbiage in there that talks about bail ins. They say that uh, essentially, if a financial institution goes under, you have now become an unsecured creditor of that institution, and that could be just your normal bank as well, and they have the ability to seize a certain percentage of your funds and all other depositors funds. To uh, to make the bank whole all right, coinbase is a bank, coinbase has just went out and said: look if we go bankrupt, there is the ability for you to lose your funds and they have warned you and ive talked about it time and time again. Why it is so important to go and have a treasure or a ledger im gon na link it down below and its so vitally important, its not that difficult to learn theres, so many great videos on youtube on how to set up your treasure right.

Have your security all set up properly to be able to custody your own crypto now this is obviously coming during a crypto smash down. Do i believe its going to get worse? Yes, did i buy some more? Yes, i did. I bought bitcoin the other day at what 32 4.. It was literally like five minutes later its down like another five or six percent im like you got ta be kidding me, but it sounds funny. You might go, wait a minute ninja. You just said its gon na go down more, and i knew that when i bought it heres why i did um. The psychology of an investor is interesting. I buy based off of fundamentals right. I cant pick the bottoms and the tops, the guys that say they can are just theyre nuts um. There are people to get lucky ive gotten lucky before, but i cant pick that im a longer term investor, okay, im, just not good at trading. I have swung trade ive made a lot of money doing it, ive also lost money. Doing it too, have i made more than ive lost absolutely point being, though its not for me im so busy investing in other aspects of the world. I have other ventures going. So i cant focus all my attention. Whereas there are some really successful traders out there thats all they do thats their whole life is investing a trading trading trading. So i want people to understand that its very its a very special type of person.

It takes a lot of control of emotions and yesterday you saw an absolute smash down, so i bought more crypto uh two days ago and yesterday and quite frankly, i was talking to some buddies of mine online, some great chartists and theres hey. You know the next. Next resistance could bring you know or not resistance, but support on bitcoin could bring be down all the way to you know near 20 grand well now. Let me explain that what youre seeing right now is a coordinated attack. It is very interesting, as this crash is happening, youre seeing uh uh, multiple stable coins being de pegged right, ive told you that the fed coin is coming out uh this time next year. It should be out theyve made that announcement and isnt it an interesting narrative that all of these guys are going to crap right now. All these uh stable coins right its weird its like its lining up for the perfect um whats. It called uh the perfect setup right, hey those things, arent stable, but this is stable and and the fedcoin is not a cryptocurrency, its not sitting on a blockchain, okay, its a digital currency, its going to have to sit on top of a blockchain if the rest Of the world gets her way, uh the us governments fighting that because they want to hide that as well right now. Another thing i want to you to understand is that there are a lot of people, especially short sellers.

I think theyre from the devil, because they literally they try and lie and deceive you and and get you to sell your shares. Yesterday, bitcoin was down like 10. I think at the most and very light volume volume was only up like 20. I was looking at all these other coins and and volume wasnt blowing through the roof on any of these, even though they were falling. What did that tell me? There was uh, there was less sellers than buyers all right and but the ones that were so selling they were scared and people were buying it up uh, and it can go down here for more but ive seen these drops before ive seen bitcoin take a header Of 18 19 in one day, and you havent lived until youve, seen one of those and so im buying the good projects that i believed in three days ago or three months ago or three years ago, im buying them at cheaper prices. Um really small minded people come out and they go well hows that thing working out for you now and im like you know its funny theyre all super big loud mouse when its going down and then they shut up and you never see them when its skyrocketing. Just because theyre idiots, theyre, morons thats, just complete tools and 99 percent of the world are literally well no, its three percent all right. So three percent good 97 bad. I got my numbers mixed up: um thats, how they are you know and so im buying stronger pro.

You know its like precious metals. The problem with precious metals is premiums are jumped up, because so many people are vying for them right now, but i am buying into weakness right uh. This is what your cash position than what we talked about is for. So i think thats very, very important. The thing about getting your money out of banks – uh you need to understand – is just like what coinbase is telling you theyre telling you your future ahead of time with the ability to take it thats the way and its like theyre gon na, be a lot of People that are uh literally caught with nothing just look at the xrp holders that had their xrp on coin base and then, when the sec moved into sue. Coinbase said: oh, you know what, for your protection were not gon na? Let you buy, sell or even take it off the exchange they stole from you and xrp holders watched their xrp go from. Like i dont know what it was back, then it was like 80, 90 cents lets say all the way up to a buck 60 and they couldnt liquidate at those high prices. Now did i sell it back then? No would i have loved to yes. I would have loved to but gosh dang every time ive tried to sell something. You guys know: ive tried, ive sold stuff at high prices, you know 20x 30x and then it goes.

You know a thousand x after that point being. Is that um uh they? They stole from you, coinbase, theyre, thieves and right now, thered be nothing that they would make hap themselves happier than to drive their own stock price down and all their buddies and them buy it back cheaper prices. They know where this is going and the fear they. You know think about it. You know they put this stuff out on purpose to create maximum fear, and i want people to understand that this is like the greatest, because this is about to end. We, i think weve got about two weeks left this isnt financial advice, but i think we got about two weeks left three weeks left of pain in the markets. Until the federal reserve moves in and says all right were gon na start buying up assets were gon na stop lowering rates, uh weve done our job. You know good job, jerome and uh, then were gon na see an epic rise, but then the big one hits – and i want you to take these lessons right now – the pain, the stress, the fear of these falling markets and then put that to work for you And your motivation for when the big one happens, because when the big one happens, that ones gon na be straight up frightful scary. You know, i know a lot of people that have lost seven figures just last night alone and um im telling you uh the next ones, gon na be really bad and crypto is tied right now to the stock market.

It is, and so especially the nasdaq so think about it. People are selling off the nasdaq cryptos, already selling its a perfect time when theres blood in the streets, the whales start attacking its like a feeding frenzy. The sharks just go crazy and crazier um. I i think people need to understand this, see it for what it is all right. This is fear mongering its highest level and but its a great motivational spot for you right now to go. Get yourself a legitimate hardware wallet, something you know: cold storage where it is safe, get it done get it done right! Use this as motivation before coinbase, you know possibly goes bankrupt. Do i think theyre going to, i think, theres a lot of companies that go bankrupt intentionally to be able to hide a lot of things and to be able to get out of a lot of bad debt and then theyre still around. And the sad thing is who gets held to the bag, the shareholders and right now, the shareholders in coinbase are not just the people holding shares stock in the company. Its people actually have their assets on that exchange, so guys like – and people are probably asking me this – i use gemiini i like gemini, but again i do not keep anything that im not willing to lose on. You know that exchange. I have a trading uh deal with gemiini ive got that other than that. Everything else is in cold storage and its safe, and so i want people to get that through their minds and the same thing with banks.

Banks have the ability to take your money, so youve got to become creative and become your own bank, and i think that is very, very important this day and age, alright guys.