The overall market has stabilized at this 1.20 trillion and were only only down 2 weve been down 10, 11, 12 or more in the last 36. To you know, 40 hours give or take right in this really really pretty significant red uh days that weve had and what ive seen here. Thats interesting is that bitcoin and ethereum have really what im calling stabilized okay. So if you look at bitcoin look at the volume, the volume has dropped off to almost well to basically non existent okay. If it, you know effectively its not like spiking up or down or whatever, and you look at the volume right here. If you look at the last seven days, you look at kind of how the volume we had spikes right and we had spike here we moved down, and now the volume is dropping off volume. Dropping down on bitcoin is okay to get kind of a stabilization consolidation period going on and lets take a look at what were going to get with ethereum kind of similar. Here again, volume has basically kind of stabilized and we did hit um our low of 1748, which was below that 1800 level. Um and you know weve effectively, stabilized were still down. You know about seven or eight percent, which is fine. It is what it is, but if you look at the last seven days again, volume is kind of stabilized as well as uh price is consolidating a little bit for the last.

You know: eight nine uh, eight nine hours give or take all right. So if you kind of take a step back and you look at everything thats going on, what we need to see is see how the next two or three days play out, we need to get to may 15th thats kind of the thats kind of the day. That that some people that i know and that i trust that really really are good with technical analysis. Theyve really got their eye on may 15 to see if weve stabilized at these levels right here right now, we can consolidate for a day or two at these levels, which may set us up for a significant bull run because effectively everythings really been oversold. Now one thing i want to do: i havent refreshed this since this morning. I wanted to see how the dow and the nasdaq fared okay so were really kind of really kind of an almost negligible day. Yes, the dows down 100, but nasdaqs only up six, okay. So we we know that it was. It was a very volatile session, but again key word. Being inflation and recession were still dealing with those were still dealing with the fud, the the fear, uncertainty and doubt factor associated with that. So thats still all in play. All right now back over to crypto so crypto. I want to show you this. Interestingly enough, if you look at the 24 hour positive gainers, eight coins been one of the biggest losers from a percentage gain.

Excuse me excuse me percentage down. I apologize in the seven day and it was down earlier today and its come back and now its up 25 again an oversold scenario. I think okay, so its reacting and going back up in the other direction. But you can also see that you know weve got some that are starting to kind of show some signs of life in the top 100. Now we still have tara the tara luna situation, but if you kind of take that out of the situation um our biggest down one, if you take tara and tara usd out of the equation and if youre, just looking at really. If that situation hadnt have gone down the way it did, then you know your biggest one: percentage down is only 17.19 in the last 24 hours and its yarn dot, finance and xcm is at 13 nine. My point to you is its 17 18. weve really scaled back on the losses. Okay on the percentage down movement, because excuse me earlier today, we had like, for example, cardano cardano was significantly down earlier today, so its come back and eaten up some of those losses. Just in the last 24 hour period, so weve got money flowing back into crypto, very specific ones, but we we have. We are basically kind of gaining back some of the ground we gave up. I mean earlier today. Solana was down 20 35 20 to 35. You know, and if or more okay and its only down about 3.

48, now, okay, so this is good news, its setting the stage for continue to watch the next day or two up until may 15th thats. What im going to be watching ill, be here every day for you and kind of see how this all plays out, if you havent already done so, please consider hitting that subscribe button, love to have you stick around and, as always truly thank you.