My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video im going to talk about luna. But before i talk about luna, i want to talk about bitcoin, because bitcoin is right on getting a small little rebound here. Bitcoin went all the way down way down here to 25 000 and now were getting a rebound back here to retest the previous resistance. So look at this. We had support right there from 29.9 or 30k lets say to make it easy 30k right now. Previous resistance will become new support or sorry, the exact opposite previous support will become the resistance. So when we have such a major support level turning into resistance, of course, it will be a big level to watch if bitcoin gets rejected by this level. 30K. Now then, thats going to confirm the resistance as heavy resistance and then were going to probably go down lower, potentially retesting previous massive resistance, which would be 20k, which hopefully would act as support this time now. Can we break through 30k? Yes, of course, we can, but we are in a very, very heavy downtrend, with heavy volume right now the bears are in control. The bulls are the ones that have all the proving to do, because the bears control bitcoin the bears, control the whole crypto market. Right now that is just a simple, simple fact now lets take a quick look at the apecoin, because yesterday i told you guys that im aping into apecoin and look after i aped in apecoin, actually went back up big shout out to everyone whos watching my videos, Because if you watched, you actually made a little bit of a game there, not much, but something.

However, what we didnt make again on was, of course, luna, because luna is literally dying right now, as im recording. This luna is literally down at one cent. Look at this its absolutely insane. I bought some luna at two dollars and then at one dollar, and then i also bought some at like four or five cents, its all gone guys. I lost everything that i put into luna, so you know thats that thats almost two million dollars gone out of the window. Well, thats thats, how it is you know next time ill make 100x or at least maybe five times so sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose this one was a pure gamble to be honest because theres, no technical analysis here, look when something like this happens: theres no ta in the world that can help you. This is just pure fundamentals, but it really seems like right now. It seems like luna is actually uh dead. I have three million tokens, but what are three million lunar tokens worth if uh its going to zero? I guess its completely worthless so yeah. I guess i learned my mistake now: dont ape into something that is literally going to zero um, but yeah. Actually, lunas d listing uh luna is getting delisted on several exchanges. Apparently by bit is delisting. It uh im not sure why i actually asked by a bit why but im guessing its because its failing, it seems like its like literally um, failing binance messaged me and said that they are not going to d list luna um.

So if you, for whatever reason, want to buy or sell luna, you can do that on binance and i have the link down below to binance. You get actually 700 of binance. If you use my link and 20 discount on the link, but at this stage it really seems like luna is just going to go to zero. So if you want to go and sell your luna, i would use binance but um buying. At this stage i dont know i have three million tokens if luna, for whatever reason in the future goes back up, i will be one of the biggest lunar whales, but it. It really seems at this stage that i i lost my money, which is fine. It is what it is, it happens sometimes uh. This is ust. This is kind of the big thing you know. If ust the terra usd um can go back up to the to the peak of one dollar, maybe maybe then we can see luna recover. But honestly i dont know guys i dont know i am not a luna expert. I have no clue and ive asked many people now, but it seems like no one can really tell me any any facts here and uh. The founder of luna doesnt seem to be very responsive either. So, who knows guys who knows? Um ethereum is right now recovering slightly from earlier today, uh, but, of course, heavy heavy resistance is going to be found here at two point: four thousand dollars um so yeah.

I sold a few million dollars worth of ethereum up at 2.4 approximately when we started to break um this resistance or support, sorry, that was a pretty nice short uh, but im just waiting now, because the market is really really uh, looking very bad right now. So i dont see any any clear reason to enter back in as of right now, uh im waiting for bitcoin to show me some bullish price action, because right now, bitcoin is looking incredibly bearish. Theres, no bullish sign on bitcoin right now, uh. We need a big reversal above 30k and hold above 30k for quite some time for me to to reverse bullish and thats, not gon na happen today, not tomorrow. Its gon na take at least a few weeks to see such a confirmation, so um yeah thats that guys crypto is in a uh in a wild ride. Right now, up and down roller coaster – ive been through this before, though, but if you do wan na trade bitcoin by bit is still the best place to do so. If you do use my link down below at the top of the description you get. Four thousand dollar in bonus, which is, of course, incredibly useful if you wan na, buy or sell bitcoin look at this. This is my buy bit. Link you scroll down below the video right. There click this link, because if you click this link and sign up right now, four thousand dollars for you um, and if you click this link, you actually get zero percent maker fees for 30 days, which is incredible so for the first 30 days.

If you actually use my link, zero, zero percent fees, thats incredible thats, very incredible if youve never seen my buy bits tutorial click, it right now very, very important, um, of course, and theres another very important video that i think you should watch right now, and that Is my cnbc segment look at this? Go to my channel, just click my channel name, the moon and then i can go here and watch this video on my channel. I was live on cnbc um, its an incredibly incredibly cool segment ill. Show you a small signature. I was a big researcher of the financial system. I was very interested in how money worked. I was interested in how the central banking system was working immediately. Intrigued me, because i realized that i was talking about. Actually what are these lessons and its crazy? I was literally saying in cnbc in front of millions and millions of people. I said that bitcoin is going to six million dollars per coin and i said that bitcoin is the best form of money in the world, its the scarcest asset. In the universe. I was shilling bitcoin like no one else um. I was doing that just uh, just uh after the big drop, so uh, some people felt comfort, comfort in my uh, my positive vibes. I hope you can watch this video and and get back some of your positivity for crypto and bitcoin, because bitcoin is still here bitcoins here to stay dont.

You worry guys and im gon na be here whether bitcoin goes to uh one dollar or three million dollars. Im gon na be here making videos for you guys. I dont make money from these videos im doing this for fun. Im doing this literally for fun, because you guys are here supporting me since day. One um i have business to take care of this. Is my office guys um? I have 140 employees to take care of, but i still have time to make these videos a couple of minutes per day, because i love you guys you, you are the main reason why im here today, because um i started my career with youtube and um. You know thats how i started my career, so yeah guys. I love you.