I need to talk about the update for luna terra holders, ust holders update on the whole crypto market, and i need to set something straight because i dont know if i was clear enough about this so this morning i did a video talking about how i said: Crypto dead or dead crypto, or something like that in the title uh, and i want to explain that a little bit further, because im not going anywhere lets be clear. So if you guys dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button, i appreciate that helps out the channel a lot uh. If this is your first time here hit subscribe, i make videos like this. All the time like, i said, im not going anywhere im gon na make more videos on crypto and on stocks in the future, theres a link down there to ftx. In case you want some free crypto because now its more important than ever to get some free, crypto uh. When you make trades of 10 or more, you actually get free crypto there so check that out they have low fees, they have six million people that use them just in the us, and you can track a bunch of different cryptos on there. Its super used easier. Its super easy to use the user interface is great, so check that out underneath the video. Thank you guys. I appreciate that so bitcoin has fallen down were below 29 000.. We pop back up, we were almost to 30 and then back down, weve fallen as low as about 26 000 overnight.

A lot of cryptos are hurting severely like if we look on the 70, many cryptos down. 30. 40. 50. 99 right. So since we talked last, luna has fallen even more its now out of the top 100. It fell well under ascent earlier and ust is well off of its peg, well see if its even in the top 100, it is its at 34 cents. I saw it at 20 cents earlier its been rough for everyone, thats been a ust holder, luna holder, many people losing their life savings. One key to remember from this is one were gon na make it through this just to be clear, were gon na make it through theres gon na be another bull run. People are gon na make tons of money and stuff like this will happen again like people will forget were early on still, but also a key thing to remember is never to put too much of your wealth in one asset, even something like a stable coin, which Is something we probably should have known, but a significant amount of us still put a significant amount of money in there im going to talk to you about what im doing too, with my staples here in a second because im doing something ive never done, but they Say here the tarot blockchain was officially halted. At a block height of 760 3700 tara validators have decided to halt the terror chain to prevent governance attacks following severe luna inflation and a significant reduced cost of attack, so theyre halting the chain.

A lot of people wondering: are we actually going to make it through? This is usd going to make it through this, its at 34 cents. Now my thought process behind selling was that ust still had such a large market cap and they had so much to make up, but luna had fallen down so much. I didnt think that they would be able to inflate it enough, and that was their plan, as far as i could understand was to keep on inflating luna to then go buy back ust. I didnt believe in that so thats why i sold some people sold better at better times some people sold at worst times, but thats the situation theyre in now, theyre just trying to prevent further attacks at this time now. Something thats never happened before happened this week and really quickly over just a few days, a top well, two top 10 cryptos fell out completely like completely crashed theyre worthless. Essentially i mean one is basically worthless. It fell. 99, then fell another 99 within a day. So luna has just been demolished, usd also fallen down a significant amount and i dont think people are going to put any kind of real wealth. Even if they come out with something and say hey, we fixed it. Now it cant be done anymore right, lunas back. I dont think people are going to trust it because theyre going to be too jaded now. I think i think its still important to remember bitcoin is here to stay like uh, its just not going anywhere sure it might fall down.

Lets say to the 200 week moving average, which is around 22 000. ive, said that several times it could fall there, but its not going away its not gon na go to zero people will tell you its going to zero. People will say that youre stupid for buying people will say that you shouldnt have bought in the first place. Theyll say that youre stupid when you buy it 25. 000.. Then, if it goes down to 24 theyre gon na say youre youre an idiot people are going to say that, but theres still going to be a bull run in the future. Nothing has changed with bitcoin now theres some freaky stuff happening with some of the other staple coins which well talk about here in a second but remember, theres, still tons of money flowing in theres still tons of money that wants to get into crypto and a lot Of people been waiting right were still were still almost 10x above last bear market to be clear, like the lows of last bear market, so you can still make a lot of money. I still think bitcoins going to a million. We still have companies like chain analysis, raising 170 million dollars in funding theyre valued at nearly 10 billion dollars. You would think that this would actually lower their value and maybe well see that in the future. Maybe some of this fear will lower companies valuations, but you know i think, vcs understand that this was a coordinated attack.

Cryptos not going anywhere and people need exposure. Companies need exposure. So, just keep that in mind right, theres, going to be more fear than ever, because we havent seen these levels in two years. These prices in two years since covet but well get through this, like i said, theres, better adoption than ever theres more money flowing in than ever now. I think it is important to look at what we can do to mitigate risk from here on out, so something ive done that ive never done before is ive actually taken a decent amount of my stables out and just turned it into cash withdrawn into my bank Accounts i realize that might seem a little extreme, but we do see some stable coins like usdt losing peg, because people are attacking it or selling it off or doing something right. They fell down to 95 cents. I have always thought that usdc was the safest staple coin and ive said that before uh theres, not as much upside to it, but i i just decided to take a little bit of risk off the table, so i have money in cash now, its just actually. In cash right and unstable times like this, i want to be able to deploy on the market and if usdc or usdt follows even just a 0.96 right, i lose. I lose 4, my purchasing power on something like bitcoin or ethereum, or whatever cryptos im going to buy so thats, just something to consider now.

Im looking for pain in the market, im im happy if we fall further because i do have cash on the sidelines i was diversified, even though i had a lot in the ust like more than i care to admit. At this point, i had a lot in ust. The fact is, i still was diversified that was about a third of my cash, maybe a fourth of my cash outside the tax cash, so thats, just my opinion, thats. What im going to do im going to continue to buy bitcoin all the way down im going to buy all queens when they are a little bit further down from here, theres still a lot of fear in the stock market. It looks like its a better day. Overall but theres going to be fallout from this im sure for weeks, people are going to be thinking about this for years right, if you got out of this, and even if you didnt take your life, that is much better than some people like some people. I i really feel for them because they feel like thats what they need to do from here on out. You know trying to reach out and get help if you feel like that because were going to make it through. I know it sucks. It doesnt really help right now, but were gon na make it through. A lot of us will become very wealthy over time, so thats just something to consider im gon na keep on dollar cross averaging.

This has been a crazy week, crazy insane ill, never forget this. So youve witnessed history, so thank you guys so much. I appreciate it ill keep on giving you updates im not going anywhere. Some people were talking about how depressed or something i found in my last couple. Videos ive had my fiance in the other room sleeping while ive made videos, so i was just trying to keep it low key and i just woke up in a lot of them too. So yeah it sucks like lost so much money more than ive made uh before this last, like two years on youtube like this was several years of salary. I lost at my old job, but but were going to make it through were going to be okay. I realize that this is part of learning right, im, much im, much more happy that this happened now than in five or ten years right. I would have had much more money in five or 10 years than i have now. I would have lost a lot more. So its a learning curve, but uh were going to make it through im not going to get off youtube im not going to stock up stop talking about crypto. I might talk about stocks as well. Ive talked about stocks over the last couple months, a little bit more in other videos, because it all ties together right now, crypto and stocks tied together and so much of the market is run by institutional investors.

I think its important for all of us to think about everything, not just think about crypto, because a lot of institutional money does own stocks, looks at the entire market. Looks at inflation, looks at macroeconomics, so that is important now. Let me know your thoughts on all this, underneath the video definitely check out that link to ftx its important to have multiple brokers, because some of them are halting trading like on stuff on cryptos like ust, right or terra uh luna. You have to have multiple open. So that way, you have liquidity and high stress times on the market, so check that out underneath the video.