I want to give you a little update, so were going to talk about luna, whether its time to buy whether its time to sell were going to talk about the crypto market. Uh were going to talk about a lot of different stuff. I want to keep it short, though i uh filmed a video, and i just didnt like how it came out so lets talk about the crypto market. If you guys dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button, i appreciate that a lot theres also a link down there to blockfy. In case you want 250 worth of free bitcoin, which is now worth more than it has been in a long time, because bitcoins price is down, you guys can check that out its gon na be worth. You know a lot of money if we actually get where i think were gon na go so pick up that free bitcoin underneath the video now crypto market, its looking pretty rough um. A lot of different exchanges took off. Ust trading took off luna trading and its basically dead. I just im gon na say it: loon is dead on voyager. It showed like a hundred and eighty thousand dollar market cap there, its different on every exchange on every coin tracking website. So i think its pretty much dead, theyve inflated it to try to get ust back to its peg. I dont think were gon na get there. Uh ust is way too big and its way off its peg theres.

No money left in the? U uh in the luna ecosystem seems like to try to bring it back to peg, so anyone thats seeing out there saying hey its worth. You know uh a millionth of a cent or something on uh on voyager where point zero: zero, zero, zero, zero. Five! If it just gets back to a dollar ill make a million dollars thats, probably not gon na happen, so just get out of your mind right now, uh there are some people that know obviously hey they inflated so much the market cap, its just not gon na Work out, math wise theres, still some people, though that say hey its down so much if it just gets back to its old price ill, make a million dollars off one dollar ill put in a hundred dollars just know: thats, not exactly how its working um you Can look more into the market caps and how theyre inflating supply, but im not going to talk about it here? Uh ust still way off its peg. I know a lot of people that have lost a quarter million dollars more than that um. I lost a significant amount of money myself, a significant amount of money that i had seeing on the sidelines for this crypto bear market, which is where it seems like, were at now im surprised that bitcoin hasnt actually fallen further with two top ten cryptos and one That held a lot of cash falling down and basically dissipating im surprised bitcoins, where it is thats honestly, i think a good test to where it has held up 29 000, 28 000, and it fell further than that before it fell down to 26.

But honestly, with it being at 29, 000 last year, at the same time, maybe a couple months further into the summer, it actually is holding up really well, i think so. Im surprised at that um. I think that some people are turning to bitcoin maximalism. I think that a lot of people will only buy bitcoin from here on because they just dont trust anything else. After whats happened with luna and tara, i think thats, where we actually get bitcoin maximalist is bear markets or different scams. I think it makes sense. Um im not bitcoin maximalist myself, but im heavy on bitcoin. I think thats, the most pristine asset that you can hold, especially because its so obvious how the math works um, which is something i think, is fantastic thats. Why i got interested in crypto in the first place? Bitcoin now i think its important to remember that we could fall from here. We probably will um the whole. The whole macro environment is looking pretty bad. We could fall down to 20. 22. 000. Maybe well load that maybe below that as well. The 200 day, though, or the 200 week, i should say, is around 22 000 thats, typically, where we touch down in the bear market. We typically see, though, less of a dip every single bear market. So keep that in mind right. We see less of a dip. More people come in more people hold for long term. The rsi is close to the march 2020 lows so thats, something to consider right.

I think this is a good time to beat dollar cost averaging over the long term. I still think bitcoin is on its way to a million dollars, which means, if you invest now, youre going to get a 30 33x 35x over the next 10 20 years. Um, probably 10 years because i think its going to happen by 2032 2030, maybe somewhere around there. So i still think now is a good time to be dollar cross averaging, but im not putting all my money in im going to dollar across the average over the coming months. I think if i had to, if i had to guess, i think theres going to be a. U turn at the fed and i think in the fall to fall months, i think were going to see a. U turn maybe before that, because the markets like to price things ahead of time in crypto and in stocks. I think when stocks come back, crypto will start coming back. Certain stocks are just really cheap, like when you just look at the price earnings compared to where theyve been in the past theyre cheap. That doesnt mean that they cant fall further. Hence the dollar cost averaging, but they are cheap. So just know if your dollar cost averaging this is where moneys made uh. If youre someone thats lost a lot of money on ust and luna, just dont do anything rash. Um. You know reach out to someone. If you need help reach out to me, if you need help reach out to your family theyll understand a lot of them will understand if they dont then reach out to someone else that you think will understand were going to get through this.

I sold ust for a big loss yesterday morning and im already feeling better a day and a half later so with time we will all heal. We will get back on track. We will make money, we will make life changing money if youre watching this. You care about finance youre, going to be fine in the end, so appreciate everyone out there thats watching this. Thank you. So much just know that we are going to be fine over the long term were going to make tons of money were going to get through this, and now is a good time to be dollar cost averaging, not everything. But in my opinion, i think it makes sense: dollar cost average a bid now again theres a link to block five underneath the video.