I have added in a mic here, im at home in the uk right now, so i dont have my normal setup, but i still want to keep bringing you as much up to date, information as to whats, going on with tara luna and the rest of the Market right now, so if it sounds a little bit better smash that, like button hit the subscribe button, if you fancy it remember, if you dont know me already, my name is connor and i am not, i repeat, not a financial advisor because im very clearly just A random dude sitting in his room, so if you like that sort of thing watch the whole video because youre going to learn a lot about whats happening today, lets jump straight into it. Look at that across the board. Mass capitulation is happening right now. This is max fear right, im, not saying we cant go lower, but this is a scary time for almost anyone thats in crypto, especially if you havent, been through this before now. In my opinion today, is not a day to be selling thats. My personal opinion, if you feel like you, need to sell you do it, but in my personal opinion, im looking at this – and this is not a data cell – we nearly always have a bounce. We have had so many consecutive down days in crypto right now. Actually, as we speak, bitcoin is actually showing some signs of life, which is good.

Like i was saying in the earlier video today and the last few days, i was expecting a wick below this level because there will be an incredible amount of stop losses set below there, which means people can get bitcoin for cheaper. So if you were a market manipulator, which i do believe is whats happening in this market, you would push the market as low as possible to get people to get scared to capitulate to sell their assets that they believed in thats. Whats happening right now and its not the time to sell, in my opinion now, just before we jump further into this video. I want to tell you guys about this awesome opportunity that i have, i have recently partnered with kucoin, and they are ready to give away 3 000 in usdt to my subscribers, so for the first 100 people that sign up using my link down there. In my description and they deposit and make at least one trade on the exchange, every one of those people will get a 25 reward directly from kucoin and then, besides that, the two people that trade, the most using my link, are going to get a deposit of 250 bonus directly into their account. So literally, all you have to do is move your daily trades over to kucoin and you can stand the chance to win up to 250, so its free money and im sure everyone would love a little bit of free cash in this crazy market that were in Right now so remember, the link is down there.

In my description, all you have to do make a deposit and make at least one trade now. The reason why i have partnered with kucoin is not only are they giving away this awesome offer? They are one of the exchanges with the most access to the most different cryptos. They also offer staking options up trading options and some of the lowest fees out there in the cryptocurrency market. So if you do want to sign up the links down there in my description and lets jump straight back into this video overall today, we are in extreme fear right now and if we do head over to twitter and talk about whats happening quickly with luna. So far, weve had nothing from dokuan in the last day, which is a little bit worrying and i do feel like this is either because he has something up his sleeve and he doesnt want to let on whatever it is in case the people who are potentially Attacking the system do that or he has no idea what hes going to do. Those are the two options and i really dont know at this point i really dont know. Personally, i am still invested in uh ust right here now, sitting at just under 50 cents. Sad times right yesterday we were getting close to 80 cents and i didnt take any profits. I have orders set up incrementally on kucoin, but kucoin seems to have a worse price than anywhere else, and now i cant take my ust off coin, so things arent.

Looking great things are not looking great and i do like to be completely transparent with you guys, because, as you know, can you stop messaging me because, as you know, i am just a random guy sitting in his room. So i like this to be an opportunity for us all to grow and learn together right now: 50 cents right luna. I wanted to refresh this while i was live. Look at this look at that its actually its just over one cent 99.69. Nice percent down from the top, i have never ever seen anything like this. It was sitting it had a high of a hundred and twenty dollars now sitting at one cent. This is the most insane thing, ive ever seen just about four or five hours ago. When i made this mornings video, we were sitting at a 400 million dollar market cap right now, at a 43 million market cap, i have opened some very small positions on luna which got closed automatically very annoying but absolutely insane stuff, absolutely insane stuff, never seen anything Like it – and i honestly have no idea whats going to come of this – is luna gon na completely die from here, or will they resurrect from the ashes with some massive idea that doghorn has wrapped up his sleeve? Who knows, let me know down in the description what you guys really think so, a little bit of news that we have in today, aussie crypto etf, says what sees 1.

3 million dollars of volume so far on difficult launch day, so they actually had their first etf. For crypto ever in australia and things are looking pretty good, even though the market is horrible. If and when this happens in america, i think its going to be awesome stuff again. If it happens during this horrible market, we may not even see the market react too much, but definitely an exciting thing for the prospect of crypto, also ether, wales get busy as transactions hit. The highest point since january, 8th wales are loading the bag theyre excited right. I am in a position right now, where i have almost no dry powder to buy anything because im waiting to get out of my ust position will i take a 50 loss. Maybe will i be able to recoup it all, maybe right now im waiting? I am hoping for the best, but i do see this as an opportunity now the way im looking at it right now. I am accepting the fact that we are in a current bear market. I am accepting the fact that we may be in a longer term. Bear market if we are entering something very similar to what we saw back in 2017 here and we are around these points lets say, were right here: yeah we have possibly around 926 days three years we could be in this bear market. I dont think thats gon na happen, because i think that fundamentally were in a much stronger position, but maybe were in this for a year a year and a half something like that and dont forget.

I want you guys to remember if this is the case. Look at this from the bottom here we did have a 274 rise in bitcoin, even during this bear market period. So maybe that was a year of bear market, then a little bull market and then another year depends on how you want to look at it. But if we are going into that, i still think right now, for me personally, is an amazing opportunity to dollar cost average right dollar cost averaging into projects. I believe in bitcoin is the number one project i want to be dollar cost averaging to on this side of things, i was saying on the channel that 50 cents for cardano for me would be a great position to start all across averaging. I actually got out of cardano near the all time high and invested into smaller projects in the network, and now we are in a 25 reduction in the price today. So, even if we had a bounce, this could be a great short term play for myself or it could be a great dollar cost averaging opportunity. Now, solana also sits there at 46 dollars. I took profits from solana. I think it was 180 right. I cant remember exactly if you do want to stay up to date when i make any form of trade or you just want some people to talk to sorry. My cameras got really weird because the suns come out or if you just want some people to talk to come over and join the patreon theres, the cheapest one.

There, its five dollars just to join the community, and you know you can chat to a bunch of people while were going through all this crazy stuff right now, so solana dogecoin could be a great opportunity to dollar cost average into and polka dot down significantly. Now i was wrong with polkadot, i dollar cost average significantly around the 24 mark and we are down obscene amounts. Since then, still holding my position, i will continue to dollar cost average into the projects i believe in, and i will try and hold them for as long as possible. I am more convicted in bitcoin than i am in anything else. We have to plan for the worst and hope for the best right, so i just want to end this video looking at this. This is a market cycle right. I think that we are around here. I think we are here capitulation and anger right. This could be close to the very bottom. We could see a little bit more downturn. This area right here could take a few years, a few months, a few weeks im, not sure, but right now we are definitely in anger, even on this chart. That has been around for years. Look at exactly what it says who shorted the market. Why did the government allow this to happen? This is 20 perfect of exactly what the sentiment is on twitter, so thats. Why? I think that were around there, panic capitulation anger thats, where i think we are – and i think we will be entering in this boring little market here for a while, which is the perfect dollar cost averaging opportunity.

Now, if you want to stay up to date, with everything that im doing in the market, right up to date, come and join the patreon and follow me over on twitter.