It was. It was insane right. The price when i went to when i got into bed was around 40 cents. When i was trying to sleep, it was 30 cents, then it dropped all the way down. So i think it was around seven cents, six cents, maybe even lower. Some exchanges were showing different amounts right now, its sitting at around seven cents on kucoin and its fluctuating everywhere, but its insane right. The market cap of ust is down right now to around a billion dollars, no just under two billion dollars, and i have gotten out of my position. It was something that i needed to do. It was weighing way too much down on my head. Hopefully, anyone whos watching this channel that has been negatively affected by this. My thoughts are with you, uh dont worry were going to come back from this. We are going to make it its just going to take some time some new game plans and we have learned a significantly good lesson going forward. Of course, i thought i learned my lesson in 2018, but i didnt take into consideration that stable coins can crash to zero. That was my mistake, and that is something that ive definitely learned now in todays, video were gon na, go through exactly what you need to know to be fully up to date, with the market and with tara luna and that whole ecosystem. If you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy sitting in his room, so please never make any financial decisions based on these videos, because that would be insane.

And if you are feeling a little bit stressed in this market, one of the best things that ive been doing right now is hanging out. In my discord, the discord is filled with people going through exactly the same thing. We all help each other. We find projects. We talk about different options here in the market and, of course there you will also get access to my portfolios. My trades and ill also be right there. So if you fancy coming out and hanging out with one of the best groups out here in the cryptocurrency space, the links going to be down there in the description to my patreon and if you dont, like it within the first three days, just send me a Message, you can open up a ticket on the patreon and i will give you a full refund. No questions asked so if you do want to come and sign up the links down there in my description and lets jump straight into this video and as we can see today, we are actually having quite a nice little relief rally here. Ftm up 43 gala, 54. 8 coin 40: it came down to that buy zone quite close to that buy zone that ive been talking about and absolutely rocketed from there. The whole market is looking very good solana up 12. A lot of our long term holds looking very good, but the outlier today ust down 72 percent. The peg has not been restored and its super disappointing to see that dokuan has not said anything at all right.

In the last day, dokwan the ceo of tara, luna hasnt, said anything. I find that incredible. He could have said anything to help calm people nerves, but nothing at all, but we have had one thing from terror ust. This is terra moneys. Twitter account saying that the terror blockchain has officially been halted at block 76 blah blah blah terror. Validators have halted the network to come up with a plan to reconstitute it more updates to come so basically its a waiting game right now, as the market is pretty green. I guess some people are looking quite bullish, but one thing thats been clearly apparent. Is that putting money into terra luna, while this minting mechanism was going forward? As you know, of course, the whole mechanism is to mint more luna thats, how they are planning to re, peg ust and just look at that price 0.00005. This is looking like a meme coin right now. I guess. Basically, it is with a market cap of 350 million dollars and a circulating supply of im sure its much much higher than this 6 billion. I think its much higher than that, but absolutely crazy stuff. Here i cant believe this is history that weve seen completely unfold in our eyes, huge lesson to be learned right here or learnt right here now, as we all know, the reason why people kept so much money in ust was because it was considered a stable coin. It generated that passive income and thats what led a lot of people to use the platform now one platform that ive been using for a long time, which is a centralized base platform, is block fine.

Now this is a platform where i stake. My bitcoin, my ethereum and my usdt. Now, of course, this doesnt come without its risks, but over the last few years that ive been using it ive never had any issues. It has always generated me, a passive income and that passive income is used to dollar cost average me into the market completely automatically, so its one of my favorite platforms, its super easy to use – i put my long term – holds here and just forget about them, and Let them generate me that passive income, so if you want to sign up theres a link down there in my description and youre, going to get up to a 250 bonus. If you do follow that link. But please do remember that if you are in the us, this is not available to you, but you guys do have some other options down there in my description. But if we head over to the crypto green and fear index, we give this a little refresh now in extreme fear, 10. I would say that the market is a little bit more chilled than that, but if you do check out bitcoin right now, we did get back over 30 000. We have been fighting that low of the 29 to 28 000 and we will try and get back up. As you know, this is the long term bullish like sort of momentum that we had. We definitely broke this short term, bullish momentum that we had.

I mean the last sort of hope we had right. Here was around the 29 000 mark. We did, however, wick below it like. I was expecting because, like i was saying there was a bunch of stop losses sitting right here and of course, if you were trying to manipulate the market, youd want to hit those in order to push the price down and then come back up. So, right now seeing at 30 000 looking nice, i would say today, is most likely most likely just a relief rally and a very good relief rally. If you have been holding some altcoins. This could be the perfect opportunity to make a decision right now when the market is green. What you want to do going forward, can you sustain a drop again like ive, been saying its possible for us to go down to 19 000? That sort of thing would be likely if we do not hold these regions. If we do go lower its likely well go into a longer term bear market and with the way the macroeconomic situation is looking, i would say, thats likely so right now, right now is super important to make a decision as to what you want to do now. On top of that, like i said, we have apecoin up 40, very nice just under 10. This is closing in on where it was launched. Essentially, the first opportunity we had to get involved in apecoin is back to where it is right.

Now, at 2.5 billion market cap interesting stuff here honestly, if the market stays green, i think well see green candles from apecoin. But if we go back into that, bearish trend, people start to get more and more scared. Again, of course, its only been a few hours of euphoria, but we have seen a lot of coins up significantly. If we head over to coin market cap, we can see the global market cap has increased by almost 10 percent in just 24 hours at a 1.3 trillion dollar market cap bitcoin up 7.8 ethereum 8 tether up 1 because it was, it seems to have lost its Peg recently worrying stuff there bnb 21, a bunch of coins between 10 and 20, so very, very green day. Here again the perfect time to decide what you want to do next, if we head over here, weve had 400 million dollars worth of wrecked liquidations. I would assume this is people going short and the market turned around, so this is why you have to be very careful with leverage. I would completely avoid it in uh situations like were in right now, and one last thing i wanted to talk about is in four hours. Apparently there is a lunar fork happening on yobit. I have no idea what this is. Can someone please tell me what this is? Is this just a random meme coin? Thats launching i got an email about it, but anyway thats the update for today the terra luna ecosystem is currently halted.

The blockchain is halted and well have to wait to see whats going to happen. Let me know down in the comment section what you guys are doing if youre still holding ust or luna.