This may be more of an encouraging video than you think. Um long trades have absolutely exploded on luna right now and im seeing this take over and i actually bought in im. Not gon na lie guys. I bought hit on the dip down here and um. I think we have some potential of seeing luna move back up so heres. What i want to talk about in todays video, obviously our position of break even totally got crushed. Everybody got crushed, everybody lost everything on luna period, doesnt matter who you are um, the breakeven is at 84.46. Will we ever head back up there? I highly doubt it is it possible it could be maybe sometime in the future, but im, not banking, on it whatsoever. Okay with that said, heres what the team and i are trying to assess two things: calling a loss and selling everything, calling a loss and holding im, not making a final decision in this video. I want to show you guys what were looking at and i want to let you guys kind of decide what you think we are going to wait this out two to three weeks, heres, something i want. Let me show this to you guys. I need to pull this up. Let me look at twitter, real, quick Do you guys i dont know if you guys saw this just come out on luna somethings interesting, look at this, so were gon na go to luna, and this is one of the most its got to be one of the top training posts here.

Let me find it real, quick here right here, so just in tara has announced pl. Let me make this bigger. Justin terra has announced plans to burn 1.4 billion ust and stake 240 million luna. What are you guys, thoughts on that seriously put it in the comments. Do you guys actually feel this is actually really bullish for luna to actually burn off ust and stake it in luna, maybe saying that theyve got hope for it again or you do you guys see this as being manipulation, thats, just gon na drop even further? First of all, i dont think it can go any further. Coinbase literally stopped trading. Oh my gosh were back on. Okay. Well, guess were back on here, a little bit so coinbase actually just turned this on. It literally stopped at 17 cents for about an hour and now were back here at 12 cents heres the deal guys im just gon na cut to the chase. The long trades are exploding over here – and here is what everybodys thinking right now and im not gon na lie. I bought down here and im thinking the exact same thing right now, if luna guys, if luna, can bounce back from this and see some type of move up, you guys are gon na make an absolute killing. You are gon na make a killing guys on luna, and here is what the team – and i are talking about right now and what were trying to assess long trades are exploding over here.

I think i think guys and im gon na be honest guys. I think its a very small chance and im if you put money in luna plan on losing every single penny literally plan on losing every single penny that you put into luna. But there is something happening over here and i dont go. The depth chart a lot for you guys, like literally like okay, there we go heres a depth chart. It ends at four cents. Okay, so look at how much money is down here at one penny, this thing could go down to one penny around in the scent area and then absolutely blow up. The percentage gain down here guys like were on the remember. This were on the one minute time frame if this is the big jump we had over here, if you guys were to throw money in right here and it would just move to structure high here were talking 6 600. Some of you guys are like its never gon na go up there again. I dont blame you. I i actually tend to agree with you, but but there is this potential that if you guys ever, i said this in the bitcoin video hoped and prayed to ever get into a coin at pre pump levels. This is the currency like this is literally it guys. You are literally getting this opportunity again now heres, something interesting and ive been watching this. I watch this for about five hours straight, so i have proof of this.

Okay, i watched a bitcoin and the structures that it carried on the one minute time frame and i compared it to luna and the structures were starting to match up last night. What does that tell you if it tells you anything, it tells you that the market is still flowing a little bit with bitcoin and ethereum. So if for some miracle, luna can come out, du huang can actually figure something out here and do a relief party and get some money back in here to revitalize this. You guys are going to make so much money on luna but at the same time, guys most likely youre going to lose all of it. Okay, look at the market cap over here on luna. This absolutely tank down. Ive, never seen anything drop that far so guys. I i just want to come out here and just give you my full perspective on this looks over here. It says long trades increasing here yeah. I dont doubt this look at how much long trades are increasing over here and i guarantee you guys. There are wells out there buying this up secretly, theyre, not talking about it, because they are getting exposed to possibly the greatest pump of 2022 in a move back up again in the comments go ahead and say if you fully believe that theres a move back up, Potentially or if you think its going to crash go ahead and say personally guys, my final take is this: if you put any money in here, you need to expect all of it to just disappear and go away literally.

Go to zero, like literally, were sitting down. Look, we hit one penny or excuse me: 10 cents, we hit 10 cents now this is kind of ridiculous of how low this is going down and we are officially at 10 cents guys if it goes down to a penny. Coinbase may actually just stop trading altogether. Look at this theres no orders here everybody is stacking up at one and two cents and people who get down here at once seriously guys im, not joking. I literally put a hundred dollars in at one penny, just just for just for fun just to see. If i got picked up and if we do thats going to be pretty amazing, because if this thing goes back up, this could absolutely skyrocket, so guys thats. My full update were im literally watching this on coinbase all day. Today. I want to see if this thing just absolutely skyrockets back up here when it hits one penny. This could be pretty pretty ridiculous, so um lets definitely watch that all right guys. I love you so much have an amazing day. Official call guys is were gon na. Wait this out two to three weeks, we wan na look for more data. We want to see if d1 can actually bring something together. I think its too soon to call it dont get emotional and just call stuff. This is what happens with people that get emotional in life, and they just make quick decisions, no rest on it.

Give it time lets wait for data to come out and assess this and im going to give this two to three weeks to see if there can be any type of rebound. If we dont see anything, were calling a loss and were selling all of it or were gon na hold and well make that final decision, but i want to give you guys an update here. I am exposed to this and i did buy into luna and again i have 100 bucks at one penny. Just so, you guys know just for fun to see what happens, because you take one penny and if we see any type of move back up to lets say 10 20, you guys do the math on that its kind of ridiculous. All right guys. I love you have an amazing day just want to give you an update on this and, as you guys know, i didnt talk about this in the video, but if you guys want our indicators, theyre 84 off theyre in the description just for may here we got To sell 84 off so make sure you guys do snag these its just the best deal weve got. I know a lot of people are seeing the markets down, but literally, if you guys want to scalp. These are the best indicators to be using prices on money flow and train exhaustion, and then our membership over here, just let you guys know just to let you guys know what we have all the metrics.

You guys just saw me: go over youre going to get those for the other coins as well. Watch whats happening spy on the wells, see what theyre doing and im going to go live with you guys, maybe the most important thing out of all this im going to go, live with you guys in may 19th to talk about the markets and let you guys Know my position and just kind of just be honest and vulnerable with you guys and let you ask questions so um thats gon na come up here in about seven days all right guys. I love you ill see. You guys later hope. This really helped. You guys.