Is this bloodbath? Is this crashing going to end? What is happening to luna luna was just ninety dollars the other day now its point: zero. Zero, whatever, however many pennies it is in this video were going to be talking about cryptocurrencies, where theyre headed. What should you be doing in times like this? Should you be selling, should you sell so that you can buy lower? What should you do in this? Video? Were going to be talking about everything and why things are happening as they are so make sure you watch this video until the very end we are going to dive straight into this video, but before we do, please consider giving this video a thumbs up, as i Make these videos for you for free and subscribe with notifications on so you do not miss these time. Sensitive videos when i put them out and do my live streams and also, let me know in the comments below if you have diamond hands. Let me know if you have diamond hands or not so getting straight into the video cryptocurrencies are crashing. Like crazy. Last night we had seen an incredible dump, an incredible crash, and this was applicable to ethereum bitcoin, pretty much every single cryptocurrency out there and if we even take a look lets see if we can find luna on here. Luna is point zero, zero one wow less than a penny point is ninety nine percent down and, as we have seen um they even stopped the luna blockchain has even stopped working.

They have paused it today at 1, 45 p.m. To get a few things fixed so that they can work as it says, validators are applying a patch to disable further delegations and they will coordinate to restart their network in a few minutes. So the network had paused for quite some time and they are doing everything that they can. As it says, terra validators have decided to halt the terror chain to prevent governance attacks following severe lunar inflation and a significantly reduced cost of attack. So what has actually been a main source of the dumping of cryptocurrencies has been luna, and the reason for this is because luna has a stable coin ust, which is pegged at the us dollar, so its an algorithmic, stable coin that stays at one dollar now, because, As a result of this crash happening that we have been experiencing uh, you know the last week or so: ust has actually gone under a dollar, seeing 60 cents even lower um. I dont know the current level. Now we could take a look at it, but its not at a dollar and thats. Very bad people have put their life savings in ust because they trusted the blockchain. They plus they trusted the cryptocurrency and something thats supposed to stay at a dollar is 50 less than what it was theyre trying to get it back and running im trying to get it to be pegged to one dollar to be exactly one dollar, so people are Actually trying to buy ust as a result to potentially profit from them, trying to gain back their peg of one dollar now because of this has happened.

Theres lawsuits coming out from the government theyre going to be going after tech theyre going to be going after luna, and in addition to that, that has scared and panicked many investors. So people probably are not gon na, be trusting or investing with them any longer. Maybe they will theres probably going to be always people that invest and things like that, no matter what um, especially they believe that it will be fixed, maybe it will be fixed. Maybe it wont at this point. I would not advise to be buying it, especially as it can continue to crash and potentially be listed on every exchange, so that is a risk that you do take by investing into something like ust or even terra or trying to trade it at this point. So because of this, tara has to sell off and burn tokens to keep up with the peg and, in addition to that, terry holds a whole lot of bitcoin that they have been having to sell to be able to make up for their losses. Tara and this whole stable coin issue. This is the reason why billions and billions of dollars of bitcoin have been dropped, which is crashing the entire crypto market now moving even further um. Besides this whole terror dump right here, make sure you definitely check out the patreon where you can get access to all of my market updates and newsletters that i put out often based on the current market conditions, and i also do trade alerts and even in tier Three, you can copy all of my exact trades as a crypto day trader and speak to me on the phone.

I have a whole bunch of services over. There definitely recommend checking it out. It will be in my top pick comment or my video description now with all of that aside lets get into the market so, as we see cryptos have dumped. They are attempting to recover this evening, as i am now speaking to you as im. Making this video kryptos are seeing significant green were seeing a little bit of a pump on the one hour time frame, but kryptos last night crashed like crazy. I woke up and seen my account down so much three in the morning four in the morning, ive been watching the charts pretty much incessantly for the last several days without stop and about two in the morning i was just about to pass out. I couldnt keep my eyes open any longer and cryptos had crashed and bottomed out i was like, might as well just go to sleep whatever um. I end up waking up and seeing my countdown even further and then as soon as i woke up about three or four in the morning, cryptos were pumping um, seeing my count go up a lot faster from my dip. It was pretty scary. I thought i was in a nightmare. I couldnt wait, but i was already awoke and my account balance um by just trying to wake up would not get back to normal, but it is attempting to get back up there as everyone in this market has lost money.

Everyone is down and its just a part of investing in cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies are very risky and, as we see, all coins can go down a lot even a top. Ten coin, like tara, can go down 99 go to zero. These are certain possibilities that can happen and even crypto currencies like bitcoin and ethereum can crash really hard. They do all the time and theyve been doing it since they have been created. Cryptos crash, like this all the time cryptos go up really fast. They come down really fast and theyre very volatile assets, but the people that make money in this market are the ones that are here for the long term. If youre here for the quick buck, you probably can make a quick buck, but the people that are in cryptocurrency for the last cycles. Those are the ones that are very wealthy, as you see so. Investing in cryptocurrencies definitely takes time and patience and making money when it comes to investing. Even the best traders in the entire world lose money all the time they make mistakes. Theyre human were human. We have made mistakes, but these mistakes are actually really good lessons. Theyre really good lessons um things that we will do not do as far as it comes to our future investments and what cryptocurrencies we do choose now do notice that bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency in crashes. A lot of people end up moving to bitcoin because it is the most trusted cryptocurrency out there um, but all coins do have the highest potential to make the biggest gains thats.

Why you see all coins like those queen and shiba? You know certain altcoins. Whenever things crash, they move up really fast, like 20 or 30 or 40 percent on single crashes, when they bounce as evidence of last night. In the previous days, where cryptos are crashing, all coins do really well bitcoin doesnt pump and recover as much because theres so much money into it, but thats the thing so its always good to hold the majority of your cryptocurrency. This is just my opinion on financial advice in bitcoin and ethereum. Ethereum is a little bit more volatile than bitcoin, but it is trusted and invested into almost just as much as bitcoin. But my opinion is my favorite cryptocurrency and it always outperforms bitcoin, but its very consistent, and it is conservative. So you want to put a majority of your money in a bigger coin like bitcoin, generally ethereum, and then small percentages of your portfolio in some of these altcoins, so that when they go up, you make a lot of money. But you must take profits. If you want to make money in cryptocurrencies, especially with all coins which may or may not be around some, all points will be around in the next five years. Some wont, like tara, who would have thought tara, would not be here in the next couple of weeks or months, uh that you would not be able to invest into it. That happens with many cryptocurrencies, so putting a smaller percentage of your portfolio and all coins will protect.

You will protect yourself for events like this and also putting a stop loss, putting stop losses, even though things may be very bullish, so you can put it at a particular level that if it goes past it, your exchange will automatically sell your position. So these are a couple of things that you definitely want to do in this market, but in addition to this, the reason why cryptos are crashing is because the stock market is crashing and the way we monitor the stock market is looking at the s p. The spy or the s p, 500. This thing is in a particular correction, and these corrections happen all the time. These diffs and corrections happen all the time and then they recover very fast. They recover very fast. The reason for this is because the fed is raising interest rates, theyre spending a lot of money, theres high inflation, and it takes time for the stock market to digest negative news like that it can take a month. It could take a couple of months for them to accept it, to understand it and then once they digest it, things and buyers and investors in the stock market become more bullish and become more trustworthy of the economical status or situation at that time, and that allows The change of momentum and the buyer, psychology and the market to bring the market back up. So when theres a lot of fear and fun out there, it drops markets, it crashes markets because people panic, they fear they sell theyre, very reactive emotionally to the market and thats.

What causes these crashes, but this is good crashes, are very good because it wipes out a lot of people and a lot of things that should not be in the market, and then the market starts over again most of the retail investors and small people like me, And you have left the crypto market, the last couple of months thats, why its not very exciting thats? Why, if you go on google, you can see certain keywords for cryptocurrencies are not as high are not as highly searched as they were previously last year. So a lot of people that were here for the quick buck are gone and that these types of crashes wipe all of these people out which panic, sell and cause these drops and then eventually, once those people are out of the market, all the panic sellers theyre Gone then, the market stabilizes bottoms out, and then investors who believe in it where a year long term and the waitlist they start to buy back again getting all the emotional sellers out of the market and thats. What causes the bull runs to start thats. What causes quick balances and so forth, so the impurities are basically being washed out of the market and corrections generally last a couple of months a month to a couple of months. It takes time to recover. Cryptos, probably will not recover immediately its probably going to take some weeks, its probably going to take some time, but in the meantime, as cryptocurrencies are bearish, and they have been continuing to break lows every single night just about uh.

My opinion is that we are very oversold and that we are overdue for a bounce, that we are certainly overdue for a balance. Yes, cryptos can go down, they probably will go down further, but we are due for a somewhat of a bounce were due for somewhat of a balance that we probably will see, and that might be a good time to readjust your portfolio put some things into more Stable coins like bitcoin and ethereum, and it also may be a good time to put some cash on the side. So if we do end up crashing further, you can buy some of these altcoin dips. That will be at significant discounts that will probably double or triple in just a couple of months time because they are so cheap and have been beaten down. So much now, currently just my opinion right now, i do think cryptocurrencies are going to see somewhat of a recovery balance of relief bounce here, especially since we are seeing the nasdaq um, we are seeing the the spy. The s p 500 were starting to see them. Bounce up were starting to see them bounce up right before the market closed. They still closed red, but i believe they are going to be bouncing up so tomorrow, which is friday, we could probably see a relief rally or bounce this weekend, as we have seen. Weekends have been kind of dumpy, cryptos have been going down during the weekends something to keep an eye on, and i do think that we probably will, from now until monday, have somewhat of a relief bounce and after that balance, that will determine if we do continue.

A bullish if we go sideways or if we continue to go down and continue this downtrend, which are all very high possibilities, but i think the possibility is more so because of all the flood and the things that are happening in the market um, we will have Somewhat of a nice bounce here soon, i dont know where its going to take us how much of a balance it will be, but i do believe we probably will continue the downtrend after that and find somewhat more of a bottom than what we have already experienced. Some people believe, let me know if you think we have already reached the bottom. I think we have not yet reached the bottom. We still have some more room to go, but we are going to see some green here soon, at least for a day or two a couple of days, uh as a relief, and then the market will probably continue its downtrend. Now, if you want to learn technical analysis when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies yourself, i have a full course to teach you all my investment secrets and strategies, including technical analysis, which you can get at The links for this will be in my video description, which you should also follow. My socials. I have a whole bunch of things in my video description to help you make money included if you want to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies tax free open up an. I trust capital account with the link in my video description and thats just gon na be about it for todays video thing.

Thank you so much for staying to the end, i will see you all later be encouraged cryptos crash all the time. It happens all the time in all types of markets. This has happened many times its, not the last time its gon na happen, its gon na happen over and again its gon na happen again, but cryptocurrencies, the good ones they always recover. They always bounce up. No matter how bearish things are no matter how many people say: cryptos are going to zero, they always recover. Bitcoin, always recovers.