It helps push out the content to like minded individuals, and we really do appreciate it so lets see if we can get a thousand likes for this video and uh. If you havent already, why not subscribe tapping that bell selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a crypto update. We do five, possibly six videos a day, trying to keep you guys up to date, whilst a lot of influences disappear, so lets get down to the desktop. Okay, so were gon na sort of talk through uh tara luna a little bit, you know, will it recover, and this is a question that a lot of people are asking. I mean its sort of uh taken uh. I guess a free fall from about 40 billion, with a b down to about half a million um. You know market cap, so this is. This is craziness right and um. You know theres lots of talk about the the algorithmic stable coins. None of them have succeeded, but you know, with that said, luna has has been the most successful with the marketing that the team has done um the fact that they purchased, you know bitcoin as an example um, that is a big power play right. Theyve been able to to purchase bitcoin and, ultimately you know really. Everybody in this market should want luna to survive because they sell all that bitcoin its a lot of bitcoin right, um, just saying so, you know for me.

I really want it to survive. For many reasons i want it to survive, because you know lots of people will lose lots of money if it doesnt uh theyve already lost lots of money, but you know on the flip side, you know how how how do i feel and – and you know what Is the the most riskiest move that im im making so um lets have a look at the the price of tara luna, its currently down 96.8 percent at four cent? Three eight nine currently ranked 143rd by market cap and as you can see here, the market cap is 151 and a half million right. Its tiny now tiny um youve got 3.45 billion luna in circulation, so um yeah interesting times, um. Now the biggest risk that im taking in crypto or have ever taken in crypto is im buying up this. This terra luna um, you know if youre in our discord or our patron, i should say you will see all of the orders that im making as i make them nick has also been doing the same. You know tell me in the comments below. Do you think this is a stupid move to be making and im not trying to encourage anybody to to follow my example here um? But personally, i just see this as a potential trading opportunity in the short term, but i also want to keep some. You know tara luna on the sidelines as well.

You know for that. You know opportunity of of recovery right and uh. I want to sort of talk a little bit about the risks here, so terra, usd or ust is currently up 38.87 and its still, you know not at peg but its at 60 cents. So lets sort of talk through whats whats actually happening here right. So weve seen it lose its peg and its its come right down right, but you know we are looking at. You know potential recovery and the reason why this is going back down is the holders of um ust are selling off right and when they sell off that generates more luna, and this is causing like a spiral effect right and, ultimately, you know luna or terra luna. Uh foundation, whatever its called they may have to sell some of their assets or theyre gon na you know, have to sell off uh luna a discount, for example, or you know various different – i i guess um ways they can sort of get a recovery here, but Its really important that they get it back to peg um, and you know with that. You know this could spiral out of control and weve seen this with many other algorithmic stable coins, so its highly risky – and i am not a financial advisor um and this is pure gambling – i mean i guess you could say that about any investment right when you Consider you know a few months ago: nobody would have seen this coming.

If you you were saying to me, you know, would you like to buy luna at free 3 cent or two cent? You know some of these prices we have seen for luna um people would have been biting your hand off. So you know i do want to be really clear about that, but yeah this is not um. You know investing. This is just pure gambling, but you know i do want to talk about it, because it is a big risk and i am taking a big risk. You know good sizable amount of money, im sort of throwing at something in you know the hope that it recovers right and ultimately, i think you know theres theres, some trading uh channels that you know can be uh taken advantage of do jump into our discord to You know find out more about that sort of stuff, but ultimately you know i look at luna and i kind of feel like um theyve got huge financial backing. I think theyve done a fantastic job with the the marketing up to to this point. Where all this you know, scenarios played out and theyve done, something that we havent seen sort of done before, and that is pretty much building terra luna, uh and uh ust to such a sizeable company um. You know with a huge market gap in the billions right and uh. I i kind of feel like its too big to fail um, but, ultimately, you know time will tell.

I have no idea how this is gon na. You know end and im, not pretending that i do know, and anybody that says that they know are talking out of their behind its just, not something that somebody can just tell you how its gon na play out right. I dont think the team has even worked out how theyre gon na recover this fully, and you know this is why nick and myself always talk about the investments that we make, we look for a strong team. The team is so important to a project because when you know hits the fan and stuff goes wrong, you find out how good a team is and uh. If tara luna managed to you know magic their way out of this and survive. Then that says an awful lot about the team and dont get me wrong. Theres mistakes that have been made – and ultimately you know the recovery is – is the concern now for many people in this space. Do let me know whether youre looking to to purchase any terra luna? Do you think that its going to recover? What are your thoughts? Do? Let me know in the comments below im so interested to get a good understanding of you know what your thoughts and opinions are. The other thing that i want to sort of talk about again is um. I guess the influencer space and the hate thats out there right and i i do see a lot of people and i think dan here um from crypto, i think its crypto capital ventures – um, you know – has highlighted here.

I have no idea whats going to happen. It could all go to zero uh dont uh do not listen to youtubers um, all these sorts of stuff right and uh. You know dans here said repeat: i repeatedly say things like this, but uh crypto crash is still apparently my fault and you know there is a lot of blames or thrown at youtubers and influencers um. You know when this sort of stuff you know comes to fruition. You know my thoughts processes, you know are that you need to go away and you need to do your own research. You know its great to watch youtubers and influencers um. You know weve highlighted some wonderful projects and seen some tremendous gains over the last couple of years, and people have, you know, changed their lives off the back of some of the projects that weve highlighted, but they need to couple watching the youtubers and listening to the Influencers with their own research, because theres no substitute for your own research really important and ultimately you know this is a cycle and you shouldnt invest more than youre willing to lose um. I just think that you know its really important and the other thing to to you know talk about. I guess and consider is mental health. You know theres lots of people that have probably over invested, and you know we always say never invest more than youre willing to lose. But you know it its really apparent that people dont listen, they they listen to what they want to hear and they dont listen to everything else and um.

You know, because of that um theres going to be a lot of people that you know have invested more than theyre willing to lose and theyre down significant amounts of money right now. Greed is a very powerful thing. We always say make sure that youve got a good portfolio management, make sure that you diversify um your portfolio, so youre, not all in one project, and i hope that there isnt anybody watching this. That is all in you, know luna and have lost. You know lots and lots of money. Um you know having a diversified portfolio is great because when these events do happen, youre not relying just on that one project youve got a number of different projects and you only need one or two to take off and do really well. So you know its really important to to consider that make sure youve got the right, uh portfolio management for yourself and your circumstances, because everybodys circumstances are different, um you know, and and these times are times where we should be. You know happy and looking to purchase and be less concerned about the unrealized losses, because, ultimately, if youve picked a project, thats got a solid team. Its got solid tech, its got a required use case in the real world and all the fundamental side of things are strong. Then you know i think youre set up to do really really well and so thats. My views really interested to get peoples, views and opinions.

Um but yeah, probably the most degen thing that ive ever done in this space. I am buying up luna. I want it to succeed. I want it to succeed for retail investors that have invested in lunar dollars, plus um. You know if i was um in ust. I wouldnt be selling because it you know, damages the chances of you know, uh the success of luna, just my my opinions. Obviously none of this financial advice, as i said any sort of uh you know, investment in lunar at the moment is a gamble and um. Hopefully its a gamble that pays off for myself and the other people that are invested in luna. If you found this useful and informative mash up that like button, it really does support the channel. We really do appreciate it and subscribe if you havent, subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video and ill catch.