Why is he talking about crypto? This is supposed to be a nursing channel. Well, my name is nurse sam and im here to tell you guys that i dont just talk about nursing related things, but i also talk about things outside of nursing, such as crypto im, a huge crypto investor, um im in vet im gon na. I also invest on things outside of crypto, so um investing is just something that that i hold dear to my life. You know i i want to get ahead in life. I dont want to stay stagnant. You know were all here to make money and try to try to make a difference in in our lives and our families lives, and so why not invest anyways im here to talk to you guys about tara, luna and tara luna, as you guys already know, has Experienced a dramatic drop in its pricing now im here to tell you guys: do not panic, because tara luna will bounce back mark my words im saying it here right now: tara luna will bounce back and theres several things that have been implemented so that the price Of tara luna will recover. Okay, now guys. I know a lot of you guys are panicking, not knowing which direction to go. The price has already dropped, and so, if youve already invested in it, theres no re theres doesnt make any sense to sell now. Okay, now, what im saying is you should dollar cost average? For example, me i own tara, luna.

I looked at my portfolio obviously, and i noticed the dramatic drop im not panicking. I actually bought more tara luna at you know. At a bargain, i brought several tara luna out of bargain, i mean i was able to buy like several thousand for just a few dollars, but anyways this isnt financial advice. Obviously, you guys need to do your own personal research before you guys make that decision, whether you guys want to continue to invest or not, invest, but anyways tara luna needs to bounce back. One of the reasons is because, if tara luna does not eventually get back to stable pricing, this will shake the confidence of several crypto investors, because this means that people will no longer want to invest in crypto because of this whole ordeal that just happened with tara Luna people will no longer have any confidence in crypto as being a major currency. Now i want to tell you guys: crypto currency is the future currency and its going to be the currency on a global standpoint. Why am i saying this think about the times of when your mom and dad or your grandma and your older relatives were growing up? What was our currency? It was physical dollars. It was physical money paper money that we can touch. We can feel how many people do you know nowadays that carries cash in their pocket. Hardly anybody its really hard to to ask somebody to see somebody carrying cash.

Everybody just swipes that piece of plastic called their credit card when they make purchases or they use venmo or paypal. Okay, pretty soon those forms of payment payments wont will no longer be needed because crypto will be king crypto will be the the worldwide used form of currency. All right now lets get back to tara luna. Why am i saying that tara luna will bounce back theres? Several theres sev theres a plan thats been put into place, theres measures that are put into place so that tara luna will get back to its normal pricing. Now this isnt going to happen in the next few weeks this isnt going to happen overnight. This is going to take time based on my research and talking with my other investor, buddies its gon na take about two to three years for for uh tara luna to get back to the fifteen dollar. Twenty dollar mark okay. So what you guys need to do is practice patience. Remember that saying diamond hands all right now now what are the measures that are going to be taken into that are going to be taken into effect, to try to keep terra luna from its price from declining and dropping even more? The this is the terra luna recovery road map phase, one, the terra luna team is planning on making a massive burn of terra luna coins, meaning the circulating supply is going to be cut, which will allow terra luna to make some some recovery.

Okay, it will also slow down the decline of tara lunas pricing. What else are they doing? The terra luna blockchain has been halted, meaning the terra luna blockchain has been frozen. There arent any transactions that are occurring on the terra, luna blockchain. This is good because this will buy time for the tara luna team to you know just get together and figure out what their next major move will be so that they dont, so that tara luna does not come crashing down completely. Yes, we do feel like its crashing down already, but theres still hope guys, and i truly believe with all my heart that its gon na bounce back mark my words guys you guys are going to. Thank me. You guys dont know you guys are going to come back to this video and tell me sham. You were right and im just going to be here, smiling and im and im going to say i told you so all right. The next thing is, the government is investigating whats going on, because this is shaking the confidence of crypto investors. The government also is gon na start regulating um the cryptocurrency world, because theres a lot of fraud theres a lot of big whales that are manipulating the market. A lot of market manipulation and terra luna has experienced that okay, but anyways guys, if you guys have invested in terra, luna im a huge investor in tara, luna, dont panic, you guys are not at a loss, and why am i saying that is because you guys, If you guys have not sold your tara luna coins, you guys have not lost anything, because when tara luna recovers and bounces back that those coins that are of are less than a penny, theyre gon na go back to 15 20.

Each coin, like i said its not going to happen overnight, it will take time im from from my research and investigation its going to take about two to three years, if im being optimistic, itll take a little over a year, okay, but you youve only experienced a Loss unless youve sold okay, if you havent sold, those coins are still in your portfolio and those coins will eventually go back to double digits. Okay, so guys, if youve liked this video video dont forget to like and subscribe to this channel.