What is up everybody? I hope you guys are all having a decent day today, obviously seeing some green across the market, which is certainly something that is uh welcoming uh. The question that i consistently have is this green going to last, because you know we have previous levels of support that have now become resistance across the entire market, just running the gambit here, uh bitcoin up four and a half percent a little over that ethereum up. Obviously, you know once you start getting uh into some of the lower market cap assets that are still high caps uh but like xrp, is up twelve percent, cardano, 14, etc, etc. Uh, its very very nice to see very welcoming one of the things that ive been looking at. Uh is kind of the historical action within uh. Bitcoin ive told you guys about this multiple times and im not going to be right. Um, just like everybody else is probably not going to be right in this space, but im looking at things that work for me uh, you know, and hopefully you know hopefully theres a little bit of value within the different uh stances as far as whats going on In this space like, but what works for me and what im looking at is based on historical data within this space. Looking at every time that weve had a 21 ema cross below the 50. uh weve potentially bottomed out on the 210 – and you know you can look all the way back to 2014, where these things were occurring.

You can look at 2018 where it occurred 2020, where it occurred. The question is: um is the buy pressure that were seeing right now, going to be enough to shoot us back up and reverse the trend, because thats really the only thing that matters is reversing the trend and, if not, then were going to go down further. Its just a matter of time, but i dont think, were going to go down too much further. I wouldnt even be opposed to saying like if you have your own plan and youve made calculated decisions and your indicators have hit. You know theres nothing wrong with making decisions that youve, researched and youve vetted out for yourself that, where it gets scary, is if youre just going by other peoples ideas about where this market is going, you need to be comfortable with your own decisions and even be Looking at these things from a very basic level to to figure out when is comfortable for you from a risk standpoint to buy when its comfortable for for you from a risk standpoint to sell, this is certainly more of a buyers market right now. In my opinion, its just what level are you comfortable to buy at uh? The the 210 right now is still sitting like 21.5? I wouldnt be surprised if this doesnt physically touch on it. I wouldnt be surprised if it goes lower, im personally just waiting and trying to be patient. What is interesting is if you look at the monthly chart, we obviously did wick off of the 50 ema on the monthly uh.

Historically, you know if you can look back at 2020. We had that really quick capitulation moment. We rose right back above it um with the next month of candle, but you go back to 2018. We did not have that occur. Um so well see what happens here and even within um 2014. You know the 50 doesnt go all the way back there, but you can tell what happened here. We waked below we consolidated and then we broke above ive talked multiple uh times about 2020. Being the outlier itll be interesting to see if we have uh a situation like weve had previously um multitudes of a couple of times where it took a little bit more time versus 2020., so im kind of uh trying to watch it as much as possible. Looking at the crypto total market cap right now were sitting at 1.27 trillion dollars again looking at whats. What has historically happened, um and theres, not as many data points in here, so i wouldnt take this. I would take this with a grain of salt because you dont have the data points within this um, but you know itll be interesting. To see, do you know? Are we gon na go back right above previous all time, high with the crypto total market cap? I dont think it touches all time high directly uh its probably a little bit above there, but is there a little bit of downside to run left and is it going to take some time to get there? Maybe we will see, and then this is the crypto total market cap, excluding bitcoin, which certainly looks like it potentially has some room to run and we still havent had a cross yet so all of these will be interesting to watch.

The bitcoin investor tool is something that ive shared with you guys uh multiple times and the the point within this is anytime. We get below certain levels and especially with like even the golden ratio multiplier here. These are all great buying opportunities. Historically, im not going to say great buying opportunities to go into super low caps or anything like that. But if youre looking at blue chips and some of the higher cap assets within this space anytime were below this level, its a its a decent buying opportunity. If youre willing to just sit and hold and youre confident – and you have conviction and the choices that youve made ride it out um, you know we might go lower, but how much lower we go? Nobody really knows you know, or is it going to turn around quickly? Like i said, uh previous levels of support are now resistant, certainly across the board here, um its all about your personal risk, tolerance, your personal indicators that you may have um and not going by what people are telling you on youtube or twitter. You can use indiv like even me. You can use individuals to potentially look at things that make sense to you and work for you and then come up with your own plan. That is the best plan sustainability for yourself, because you are different than any other person in this space. Just like, i am different from any other person in this space, so i hope some of those things help you again look into.

Bitcoin.Com is a great resource. Shout out to crypto crew university for that resource a while ago, um all right moving forward here. Uh do see some interesting adoption initiatives coming out, so european securities and markets authority essentially putting out this overview of planned consultation papers in 2022 and they get very much so in distributed ledger technology, so guidelines on standards formats and templates under distributed ledger technology pilot regime. This paper is going to come out q3. Q4 2022. Looking forward to that, but interesting comment down below. Please note that, depending on the outcome of negotiations on legislative files put forward by the european commission, consultations might be envisaged, for example, on the regulation of markets that are dealing in crypto assets. Also, seeing an occasional paper coming out of the european central bank about bank intermediation, different scenarios and different approaches for assessing the effects of a digital euro on euro area banks wanted to give a shout out to avery dennison. I wanted to give a shout out to hedera hashgraph and a shout out to atma, which is a platform through avery dennison, avery dennisons big. By the way they do sit on the governing board, i believe of hedera hashgraph. They just announced this yesterday, avery dennisons, atma dot io connected product cloud is to utilize a hedera network to account for carbon emissions of billions, billions of unique items. If you look at atma dot, io and their about section here, theyve got quite a number of partners within their ecosystem of connected product possibilities, one of which is microsoft, another of which is mastercard.

You can look into suku, which i also believe is going to be big in the future. Uh suku, certainly dealing with hedera hashgraph as well uh. You can kind of run the gamut here, but yeah kudos were just seeing more. Adoption saw this as well quant over ledger 2.2.6 dealing in scalability foundational improvements to enable faster and more efficient deployment of qrc smart contracts and tiers huge fan of quant. I do believe that interoperability, given regulatory clarity, is going to be gigantic, and i think that over ledger, as a network is going to um or an operating system, is really what it is is going to be um very fundamental in how these networks connect. Once we do have regulatory guidance from a global standpoint and clarity, um quan, in my opinion, is tied into a lot of things that we havent even seen yet, some of which i know that i cant really talk about. Others. Im sure that we havent even seen were just scratching the surface, the water right now. Basically, i i really do believe in quant, i believe in over ledger. Um was lucky enough to get into quan at three dollars and at 30 dollars again and if we i know that we dipped, i think, to 50 bucks yesterday on quant im looking for that, like 30 to 40 dollar range again or maybe low 40s. I will start making moves into quant once more, not financial advice, um, not financial advice.

At all i mean my real thoughts on quan is, i think quan is a five digit asset moving forward. I think kwans going to get into the tens of thousands of dollars. You know at some point down the road here and thats, just my belief. It doesnt have to be your belief, its my belief, i believe in quant, so uh liquid marketplace coming out with uh the announcement of uh, releasing a mutant ape on the uh platform and for full transparency im an advocate of liquid marketplace uh. I actually i do believe that you know some of these higher level. Nfts are going to do well for the for the for the future uh thats, not to say that. I dont also believe that we werent oversaturated for a long amount of time and theres theres been quite the shakeout over the past uh week or so. But you know for me: uh they had a crypto punk on the platform and i certainly participated in that im. Just willing to ride that out from a shared ownership perspective moving forward for for years, um dont really care what it does its just more of a diversification aspect for me, because i certainly cant afford uh still cant afford a mutinep, let alone a board ape, let Alone, um a crypto punk, let alone whatever you know. Some of these nfts are just insane um levels of valuation and i really do believe in the tokenization aspects.

Dealing in shared ownership and co ownership is is going to be the standard moving forward and i love liquid marketplace. I love what ryan and those guys are doing over there, its an easy platform to support, because i believe in what theyre doing so, uh kudos to them uh and kudos to uh launching a mute name on the platform. This was ridiculous. I know with the uh all of the ridiculousness uh going surrounding itself, with uh tara, luna, uh, crypto.com, reversing profitable luna trades from may 12, claiming that users were quoted at an incorrect price: okay, its uh, i dont know about that move, but okay, avery dennis and More on them, and last but not least, i wanted to talk about on xrp um. I think on xrp, like ive, said multitudes of times im not affiliated directly im, not being paid to say this stuff, i think theyre a gigantic platform. I think, with xls20 coming out theyre going to be instrumental in nft marketplaces on the xrp ledger. Their nft marketplace is ready for launch. They have not waited for xls20 to be launched completely yet theyre going to start releasing teasers between now and the launch of xls20. I think ive talked about this before i made i bought at launch with uh on xrp, and then i bought again at .07 oxp per xrp um. I dont know what its at right. Now i looked earlier. It was like 0.12 or 0.

14 um xrp per oxp, and the market cap, i think, was that like when i bought was like 2 million, so its like 4 million now, which is a joke in my opinion, again, not financial advice, but attached. You will see the collection page of x punks with the actual finished artwork for the first time as well uh, so super cool im excited for x, punks, im excited for onyx, rp, uh, kai and bash, and i every time i get a chance to shout them Out, based on announcements that theyre making im certainly going to take the opportunity to do so, um, you know in summary, here you know, people that are you know like ta and and and news and fundamental analysis like all of this stuff is great. All of the content, theres really good content creators out there on youtube on twitter, um, theyre, looking at things from their from their perspective, theyre looking at things from their perspective, 100 percent and theyre theyre educators. I would look at them as educators, more so than you know, individuals that should be dictating financial moves that you make personally, because you are different than them. They are different than you. Some of the tools that theyre using may be different than tools that you use down the road finding a niche that works for you, sticking to your plan, uh being set up regardless of whats gon na happen. Uh, like i said before, like if we go to the upside right now that im completely fine with that.

I want us to do that. I havent sold assets like xrp h, bar quant, zenfin, algorand um, i dont know we run the gamut there. I want them to do really really well, but you know if im looking at buying opportunities, i have to assess my risk tolerance, um, and i have to look at things that im comfortable with looking at and for me personally, you know, i know that theres a Lot of work to be done for us to just resume this bull run. I hope that it happens um, but if it doesnt happen, then my personal risk tolerance has led me to you know. These are the these. Are the areas that im willing to buy at uh the monthly candle was really interesting? But you know looking at the weekly based on what weve done historically is equally as interesting. Um, and you know you need to you – need to confirm these levels. Uh support just because the monthly candle is where its at right now doesnt mean its going to be where its at the end of the month. These levels need to confirm to support, in my opinion, and you know, maybe we will see the outlier event like march of 2020. I think all of us are hoping for that. But time will tell ladies and gentlemen, time will tell. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.