So we need to talk about something important and you probably know what its about, because the title says it all. The thumbnail says it all its about tara, luna and from what we see theres. Some really interesting news coming from duquan that and hopefully im saying his name right, but coming from him um really talking about what the future is for: tara, luna and recently ive made money from tara luna, so im set with what i have. I have about 28 million coins. We will go through a video talking about that and how much ive made all the different things that ive ive done there um but thats in a future video i dont know when i dont know if i have time but were here to talk about what duquan Said and um it came from watcher guru, there was a a tweet that was sent out from a watcher guru that talked about um. You know duquan saying this and what the future of tara and what ust the future of ust is. So we will go through that article in a little bit make sure you guys hit that like button, also hit the subscribe button and hit the notification bell for more videos like this. One also make sure you check out some of those links down below it does help out the channel. We have a discord group thats for shiba inu, but if you want to come and talk about something else, there is an off topic area where we can always talk about other things.

If youre, a big fan of shiba inu and a fan of tara feel free to be a part of that um also, i have a personal discord if you want to be a part of that one where everythings open to any discussion so um and a patreon, So anyways lets get into this because taras current price and what were seeing, i mean its kind of fluctuating right. You can see it says here on coinmarketcap.00012, but then, if you scroll down here and you go to trading view, it shows you uh point: zero, zero, zero, zero, six three, so things are adjusting a lot quicker um! You know for here for trading view than it is for coin market cap, but one thing we do look at is were starting to look at the circulating supply and understand that theres 6.5 trillion coins 6.5 trillion coins that are out there, which is crazy in total, Circulating supply, basically seven trillion coins in total. So we understand that the connection between this and ust theres a big connection. Obviously every time ust ends up d pegging. You have terror that comes in, and you know has to be. The same. Savior right saver say has to be the person the hero. Basically, i dont know what word im looking for. It has to be the the hero and um. You know basically mint new coins in order to uh increase the value of ust and usts value. Right now, um, i believe, is around 19 cents, so it hasnt had a way to re peg to the us dollar, so its 17 cents, its down 53 and its its really showing no hope.

So what was said by duquan and why um? Why does it seem like this is decreasing more, even though weve you know minted so much coins, or so many coins with tara um tara luna well understand that there was this tweet that went out um from watcher guru and talked about tara, and i wanted to Break this down a little bit so lets go into the actual uh detail here. So uh tara, founder breaks, silence, uh silence reveals how the network could be revived. So um understand that the key word here is the network right how the network could be revived right as you go through this. It talks about how you know he obviously is ending his silence. You know preparing us for this statement um and basically, if we go down here, they say that theres, a proposal – and this is the proposal – lets just cut right to the chase. This is the proposal, so quan proposes 1 billion tara. Terra tokens, basically saying that he wants to reset to 1 billion according to quan, taras community must reconstitute the chain, and validators should reset the network to 1 billion tokens which would be distributed by this way. 400 million units would uh should be given to the previous holders of luna, who saw the values of their coin. Depreciate badly 400 million uh units should be given to ust holders, and the last 200 million should be given or should be divided between the community pool, which would be used to fund future projects and those who bought luna at the last minute in their attempt to Help save their coin equally juan advised that the community should attempt uh to incentivize its security.

I cant see any of this im. Sorry with a reasonable inflation rate. It says seven percent, as fees will no longer be enough to pay for security without the swap uh fees, so um looking at this right, basically saying that theyre going to reset it to 1 billion. This is where i feel like. I need to get this right. Um, if i dont get this right, i get into another situation that i did with shibinu to where i created a video talking about their you know will be a v2 or there could be a v2 and questioning if there would be a v2. This is looking like the way that they reset it is by doing a migration, the the two ways that they can reset. It is really by burning the coins um or doing a migration. You cant just do a swap like if you do a swap, you have to create something brand new in order to do that or change the coding somehow, and i dont know how they would do that. The only ways that i know is that you would burn the supply down to 1 billion, which would be expensive to do, or you would reset everything and build a new coin, which is a v2 um, a terra v2 here that would be one billion coins resetting The network – and this is why i thought that the network was a very key point or a key term that you needed to take in um in the beginning, because theyre not saying reset the coin to 1 billion theyre saying reset the network.

So its making me think that theres going to be another thing, thats created as a migration – and i dont want to be stuck into this situation again saying that there will be this, but i dont like v2s, i dont like migrations. They split the community um a lot because if you migrate, youre, basically saying that what you have right now, if it gets to a dollar its going to be less valuable if it gets to a certain level that you want it to get to, it gets less Valuable right, we obviously want it to get to a way higher figure, and if you do invest into it, you also can invest in the beginning, where you can see this thing absolutely skyrocket and get to previous levels if possible. So it could be big, but i also dont like migrations, would i not venture over to it? I would definitely be interested in making a move, because i know the tarot community is definitely bigger and you do believe in where these coins can go so im. Definitely like hype, but also not at the same time, because im interested in the 28 million that i have turning into something a lot bigger when they do decide to burn off some coins and continue to do that right. But it would be very expensive to do something like that and we all know it would be. So when i look into this its definitely the the two two uh, you know situations, are they gon na burn off coins, or are they gon na create a brand new coin for the network and uh thats, where a lot of people are worried? You know with this um, but we do see that um tara, luna is actually slightly increasing in price.

From what i have um i bought uh. 63 million ended up getting some profit out of it. Have 28 million thats now worth about four thousand dollars on a total investment of 300 in the beginning, so um its definitely a good situation that i have there, but i dont know how this would would help everything i feel like what they should do is keep The strength of their coin that they have now find a way to implement a tax to um. You know maybe burn this coin as time goes on and just get it back to normal with the community that you have now because youre building in new people, if you decide to v2, i guarantee youre going to lose some of those people. So i dont know again its not 100 that were going to see a v2, so dont think that this is a video saying were definitely seeing a v2 its just. I dont see any other option unless they come out and say something different, which im totally open to them, saying something um. You know completely different, because obviously i dont want them to do any type of v2, so anyways hit that, like button hit, that subscribe button thats, definitely something that you can take in um. You know, however, you want to take it in as a positive or a negative, but hit the like button hit. The subscribe button hit the notification bell for more videos like this one.