Please like and share this video, so lets talk about the rigged inside job. That has been the cryptocrat crash the last few days, which is exactly what it is because notice. What its doing it is targeting stable coins? Why would us the u.s government global governments want to target stable coins because they want to prop up the worthless fiat backed by nothing bank bailout us dollar, which they want to transfer everybody over to a new system called central bank digital currencies, which will be the Digital equivalent, they have even more control over that still printed and backed by nothing now. This is why they targeted, in my opinion, tara, the fiat algorithmic stable coin, which is supposed to be pegged to one dollar, but it wasnt, because theres nothing actually securing it outside of its algorithm. Now keep in mind. This is far different than bitcoin, which is the digital bulletproof gold standard, currently trading well above 30k. I think its a buying opportunity here. In fact, i think we could likely be trading above 100k bitcoin very very soon, once this bloodbath is over because again, its an inside job, goldman sachs, for example, created another very highly competitive, stable coin called usdc, which ive recommended at school is something that would survive Because its goldman sachs now tether its debatable what will happen with tether, which is another major, stable coin, but as long as governments cant control it and influence it and get it to have actual us treasuries and other us dollar denominated debt as a part of its Stable coin technology, then it will probably survive as well, because, again guys, ladies and gentlemen, the whole system is rigged.

What do you think happened in 2008? 09 with the bank bailouts, you see theres a difference between the large too big to fail. Banks like jp morgan, chase goldman sachs, bankrupt of america and the cryptocurrency market. Those companies just mentioned will get taxpayer infused criminal bank bailouts, while the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, which is why im a proponent of it is an actual real capital market. So what youre? Seeing here is a war of global governments attacking freedom, sovereignty of wealth and money, decentralization all the things im very interested in as a sovereign, individual, okay and the old archaic bank bailout criminal system that steals from the american people and enriches people like warren buffett when Their companies fail in 2008 and 09. thats exactly whats happening today. May 13 2022. also theres a lot of fun out there. So lets talk about that fudd. I keep here. Hearing people saying christopher, tell us about the coinbase bankruptcy. What the hell are you talking about? Coinbase has not filed for bankruptcy; they just put out a fund report, fear uncertainty and doubt that, because they changed some legal language, which i personally dont like that says in the event of a bk or a bankruptcy which has not been declared at all. Keep in mind, coinbase is a public company that ipod recently it went through an equivalent type ipo thats worth billions of dollars. It does billions of dollars worth of revenue and just because some fun fake report came out.

That said, in that event, client assets, arent, secure and dont have fdic insurance. Somehow the general public is saying that coinbase went bankrupt. No, it didnt thats another lie of the mainstream media. Again, the mainstream media lies to you all. The time theyve been lying to your entire life, just like mainstream public educational institutions, lie to you just like they locked you in your home the last couple of years, while the billionaires party, their ass off its all lies. So what we have is a war right now: global governments, fighting a war against freedom, theyre fighting a war against sovereign money, theyre fighting a war against you and my humble opinion. All of this is fun. In fact, the greatest opportunity is right. Now its been the biggest opportunity since 2008.09, in my view, its the biggest opportunity since the tech crash of the 2000s, keep in mind. Amazon stock crashed an astonishing 85 percent in the 2000s before becoming one of the largest companies in the world and making jeff baithouth. So freaking wealthy, he sipped champagne bottles, along with his hot chicks on his super yacht, just down the street from me. The same thing is going to happen in cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, which is why you should be getting in not financial advice. In fact, billionaire sam bankman acquires a stake in robin hood earlier this morning. Check this out, ladies and gentlemen, because the billionaires know the billionaires like sam and people like me know now is the time to get in now is the opportunity you can see this article here cnbc.

com robin hood shares jumping 24 percent after crypto, ceo sam bank, memphis Stake, you know also ftx and has a huge interest in it: tom brady, one of the arguable greatest football players in the world because everybody knows and everybodys getting in thats smart except the american public. That constantly gets screwed, constantly get fear, mongered and lied to by the mainstream media and the criminal politicians on both sides of the aisle. If you think twitters going to restore free speech, ladies and gentlemen, then that means free speech is already dead. If you think that a new selection in the next few years is going to change politics in the united states, you are wrong about that. Its not going to change a darn thing. Freedom lives with inside each and every one of you not some dirty politician. That tells you what you want to hear. Also more lies coming from the media, suggesting the president. Xi is suffering from a deadly brain aneurysm as they say he faces an alleged coup over devastating lockdowns. I call bs also another lie. Oligarch reveals putin is very ill with blood cancer and secret recording well isnt that convenient since the western media is trying to take them out. Even though russia is stronger than ever, its ruble stronger than ever theyve successfully partitioned ukraine off taken the eastern and southern ports, including sevastopol, and have successfully been taking over this part of the world since 2014, restoring the russian empire so again, while youre reading in the News about this new mini crash, okay, thats been instigated and completely pre, planned and organized by the criminals at the highest law of the land.

So they can get rich and steal your crypto as more and more reports come out. People begin to realize that bitcoin isnt going anywhere it just bounced back to over 30 000, not to say it cant go lower in the short term. It certainly can but trust the plan. Ladies and gentlemen, who do you think invented bitcoin? Who do you think is responsible for bitcoin the same billionaires like elon musk telling you about it? That also tell you and admit that they own it. Now the people like tim cook, that hid from you from years that they actually are owners of bitcoin and ethereum, and these other smart contract technologies. In fact, if you pick the winners today and you do with me at school, you could be super bitcoin rich in the next couple of years, because everything youre being force force fed in the media is a lie and ive been telling you the truth. These people want you broke, they want you poor, they want your money, they want to take your money like they did in 2008.. They want the bailouts for themselves, so the warren buffets get richer while they put out fud and theyre the ones actually buying the bitcoin dip after after heavy manipulation which is currently taking place today, may 13 2022.. So what have i been doing? Ive been buying that freaking dip, because i aint a ladies and gentlemen. This is how i got bitcoin rich in the first place, because i know im being lied to by everyone by politicians, by bankers by the too big to fail criminal educational system, which is now getting rid of student loan debt because its worthless and these kids dont Have jobs and theyre sitting making ten dollars an hour at a freaking walmart store because ive known the truth, since i was a little boy and so should you so wake the heck up.

Get out of the us dollar now help us fight the war for freedom, help us go against these people that want to control you that want complete dictatorial power over every aspect of your life who want to get rid of cash. So you can no longer have anonymity so that you can no longer travel, no longer have a job and they can dictate whatever they want and force feed it down your throat, you see, i stand on the side of freedom, and so should you, ladies and gentlemen, Im christopher greene, its may 13 2022. getting in at school im, going to be doing a special report, picking like no one else in the world can do for you. The select blockchain technologies that i think potentially will 1000x in the coming months and in the coming year, as a result of this inside job by global central governments to prop up a failing, fake us, dollar and probably institute capital controls in the very near future. In the united states, just like you couldnt travel, where you wanted over the last couple years, because your freedom is an illusion and just like you can barely talk now, because free speech is also an illusion. Theyre also targeting new freedom technologies like blockchain and bitcoin, because again they want control over your life control over your money, control over your food supply and control over your thoughts, while a few gatekeepers as they put out there, pretend to be your friend and theyre, not Again, freedom lives inside of each and every one of you, ladies and gentlemen, not some billionaire american oligarch and certainly not a russian billionaire amer russian oligarch.

It lives inside of you. So if youre waiting for someone to save you and youre, not saving yourself, youre crap out of luck, thats, just the hardcore truth, anyways guys, im christopher green, make sure you get in school today. Take advantage of that promo code lambo its good to be back hard hitting it in your face. I got more great content coming. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and all of this is an inside job. You should be taking advantage of it like the large institutions that are buying the crap out of the multi trillion dollar blockchain and bitcoin market right now, right before your very eyes as they extort and liquidate the middle class in the united states and only enrich those At the very top that are in charge of all this manipulation and what i would argue is absolute thievery at the highest law of the land thats. All i have for today, christopher green, get in think and grow hard hitting it in your face. Ill see you at school watch that important video and get all of our fundamentals out more today.