So if youre here for daruma, i wont be covering that today, this will just be ckb and yolk, so lets get into it. Music! Welcome back to the channel everyone. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day wherever you guys are at in the world. I love ckb nervous network. What theyre doing they are working hard through this little bear market to strengthen their blockchain. I am confident of that. Well, when we look at ckb on a daily chart, we can see that ckb is really trading quite nicely with this price action and this chart so price ran all the way up to the 200 percent level came down to the 786 came back up to around This 161.8 also known as the golden ratio. Now i do think that there might be a chance. We could still see ckb squeak down to this point: zero, zero level. I hope we dont, but i do think that the market might be gearing up for a little bit of a pause or possibly even a reversal. When we look at ckb on the daily, we can see that right now, price action is quite a ways from this ichimoku cloud and whenever we see price action drift that far away, we can always kind of count on people to buy the dip at these levels And naturally, price just gets reeled back in to the cloud kind of like what happened right here. Price was just too far away from the ichimoku cloud.

People stepped in bought the dip and drove the price back up. So we could be looking at something significant or we might be looking at something more tame. You know like a 20 30 percent gain so right now. I do think that ckb is fighting uh, this 236 channel and lets go ahead and look at ckb on, like a one hour chart and just kind of see, whats going on so right now, im seeing a possibility of elliott wave theory to the upside im. Also, seeing the possibility that there could be some sort of head and shoulders pattern that could be forming to strip the market once again, im hoping that is not the case. This is almost one of my favorite uh patterns here to kind of trade. When we get this 50 moving average kind of barreling down like this, along with this 200, because once we see this 50 straighten out a little bit a lot of times, we will see price action react nicely and violently to the upside. So hopefully we can see ckb come back and get back up into this channel here, which is the 382.. So with that said folks, i think that right now its just kind of a pause and wait game for ckb and a lot of the crypto market. In general, we saw how bitcoin dropped down to 26 000, and now it pumped back up to like 30 31 000. There is just some heavy volatility going on right now.

The markets are gon na need a little bit of time to stabilize, but for now we are just kind of waiting at the sidelines ill make this short and sweet thats. All we can do yokai swaps, up 6.34 percent trading at a penny and a half – and this really uh is kind of shocking to me to see yokai swap down this far, but weve only got 3.2 mil in liquidity. I think that theres probably a lot more than that staked away, but with that said, very low volume in the last 24 hours, 32 thousand dollars worth so i mean were just seeing a fairly low volume, uh trends with yokai, swap when we look at the stochastics, Though its showing us a descending triangle – and this is why i love using like rsi and stochastics – is that this is a good indication that yokai swap could possibly be gearing up for a little bit of a run were down at the bottom, were seeing this stochastic Rsi squeeze – and hopefully it squeezes to the point where we just see a nice exodus of price to the upside. I wish i could pull up a chart of drm, but i suspect it could possibly be following a very similar structure. Really yokai swaps been trading sideways since march early march, maybe even late february. You could consider that um, you know trading sideways. The one good thing i like about yokai, swap though uh on the daily here.

Let me get rid of this excuse, me is how close price action is to this ichimoku cloud, and this happens to be a very thin bearish, ichimoku cloud. So if price decides to take off, i think that its going to be very easy for price to establish itself on top of this ichimoku cloud. So that is a very good thing, so were seeing this multi multi month squeeze happen. I do think that that yokai swap might be kind of gearing up for a little bit of a momentum shift here. So with that said folks, thats kind of the short and skinny on ckb and yokai swapping and im sorry, i couldnt do drm, but its just throwing me like all these error codes and stuff in ave decks. Maybe i can look into it a little bit more and do a video on it tomorrow, but whatever you guys are doing, i hope you guys are staying safe and healthy and i just want to let you guys know that, no matter how much the market goes Down just keep a check on your your mental health. Your sanity turn your phone off wait for the market to bounce back. We are all in this together. This is a very bad past few months and i want to say since november we have been just getting hammered and this bear market has brought out the worst in people and ive seen a lot of people leave the community and stuff like that.

So if youre feeling down take a break, dont leave but thats really all i got for you guys.