com ceo crispy welcome back everybody. My name is oscar ramos. So what is happening, and why am i seeing chris to it over and over since yesterday? Now the problem are not the cards and any reduction in earning rewards, or so now the problem was this beauty yep. You remember in one of my previous videos, ive said that there was only the transfer button no buying and selling. Well now its active. Now you can buy, but the problem was that as people were buying before they was halted, the price was quoted 30 to 40 times above, and you just cant. Imagine now im also going to talk about why i like the approach from chris and, because i bought some of my luna on on gemini and the price was really high and they havent said anything. So i appreciate this from chris were not in it. Lets go so guys im going to talk about the price of krokon. Of course, whats happening with tara luna, the latest on this one, because if you bought and if youre in this scenario, guess what is gon na, give you a little bit of you know a couple of crow for free because of these technical difficulties, not bad. If you enjoy the content, make sure you like the video subscribe to the channel, welcome to this and im happy to have you back so a lot of noise out there. So he wants to comment for 59 minutes.

We were quoting prices way above market prices for luna right. This has to come with luna because it is really whats crack in the entire cryptocurrency space. People are getting wild and crazy and of course, if youre a chronos holder, youre youre like can we get something like that? For crocodile i mean we will love that, for sure i mean i mean the percentage gains right, so there was a glitch that affected, not the you know the website, but it seems that the application here on the mobile app classic now, if you go to the App, i can easily see you know exactly what the price is for terra luna and this all came because of uh may 13 yesterday at 2 a.m. So because the price of terre luna was getting insane, they decided, you know, lets go ahead and halt this transaction same. What binance did same was gemini did same, was weeble did and same what other cryptocurrency exchanges did and thats why they were exchange list. That was offering luna was reducing, reducing reducing and amen, of course, created a bottleneck, but right now this time those exchanges are back already so pretty cool right, but they realized that the demand was huge and, of course they want to make they cut in the fee. So thats pretty cool, so chris is pretty much saying right now. You know what we have. I have completed this review of the luna glitch case and all of the users have been re enabled so now they can buy again, apologies for the incident and they will improve to serve the community better.

Now that sounds great, but what im seeing here over and over because ill take a look at your at your comments. It does seem that people are missing their terra luna as of three hours as of two hours. They dont see it now, probably at the time of this recording they already see it im not buying my teraluna on im, doing it on cuckoo and im doing it on gemini. Why? Because why not i mean i kind of leave krokon just you know for chronos protocols and stuff, but thats just me, you can buy whatever you want at the end of the day, um yeah. This is what the community is saying. Sometimes you know it. Doesnt show like work for luna that you get frozen, or so you know classic the crypto that come back. They do have to improve it. I know thats what people have been saying for a long time. So right now, hes saying you know kind of like some of the latest posts on twitter, that they will honor all the luna transactions from yesterday, including those with the price glitch, and there will be no reversals. So the team is working on credits for all users and im gon na tell you how much its gon na be. So thank you for your patience, so hes pretty much. You know like commenting back on that and as of four hours or so reversing some, but not all so it does seem that theyre giving some, but not all i mean this is the reality, because one thing is the comment that chris does for everybody, but the Other thing is what you see and then, sadly you have to go to customer support and from what ive heard crypto.

com customer support needs much more improvement. So i understand that you see. So this is all the comments right now and i understand people are mad. People are mad and if youre mad, let me know in the comments down below, and so we can. You know at least create some buzz around this. If you suffer some losses or the glitch really hit you, based on what theyre saying in the latest uh development theyre like on may 12, this was you know this incorrect price on the system quickly detected, the error and traded was halted. So all impact all impacted, trace, buy and sell will be reversed and affected users will be credited ten dollars in cruel honestly, ten dollars in kroys peanuts is nothing that probably pays for the fees i think thats what theyre trying to do, but ten dollars in crude. I mean come on thats nothing, but i mean at least its better than nothing. Let me know in the comments. What do you guys think about it for sure i dont um? I dont i dont like it um. As i was saying when it comes to gemini. The only thing they have said is due to the market conditions. They have switched traded trading, luna and ust to limit only mode so before it was completely halted right now, its its ongoing on gemini ive checked it and you can buy on gemini, but its really slow people are not really using gemini that much and they havent Said anything because they quoted us much higher, because i bought it because there was no other place where i was getting the luna.

You know i was like okay, let me buy gemini, so i bought luna for three dollars and it was a one dollar that was like may 11th or so so i was early in the process right now, its a different story, but just to let you know That, even though i mean i know, a lot of people are mad at because of this at least they have the courage to come and say it in front of us, and they have to, of course, deal with all those mad comments that people, you know Are um replying and telling hey? Please help us out, so that is the reality, so, as of whats happening thats, what the ceo commented right now, knowing that the market is 1.25 trillion at the moment and knowing you know, whats happened here, but i i like to of course focus my attention as Well, on the price of cro coin 18 cents, everybody its pretty cool, you know 16 cents, the lowest ever since, like two days ago, we reached 20 cents and its back at 18 cents. Outcomes remain risky if bitcoin is still hovering around the 30 000 going around going above and below, we may have seen. We may havent seen that bottom in this bear market. I think 25 000 right that was pretty delicious to see an experience and some people bought it. Some people didnt buy it because were expecting probably a much lower drop, and if that happens, then crocodile is going to drop even further to the lowest price that weve seen.

69 16 cents got it. So this is the reality. A lot of people right now getting crazy for this one. I understand that very well and well. Let them have fun. That is amazing. I also have some luna, but extremely super high price, not really what the best on this one is, but when it comes to crocodile its just consolidated right now, we understand i understand the nightmare scenario of seven to eight cents for crow, and i want to be Exiting some of my trading positions on crow at around 30 cents, 35 cents and repeat the process. I do have some money on the size, one plan and, of course, today, trade crew, as i see it fit it needs to drop even further. For me to start entering much harder and just make some quick money uh, but if you want, of course, give it a shot and even make more money with the cr, the cryptocurrency. Well, you always have other options as well and in this case, seems that terra luna is getting everyone during the weekend. Well hits it that this is what happened. Everybody im pretty sure that uh some people are going to be getting the credits from glad to see chris stepping up to the to this challenge and youre addressing the issue, its not really fun. When you quote much higher price as you halt it and then right now, people are not seeing it on their d5 wallet or crypto.

com wallets.