Um this is happening a little faster than i thought it would. I was really looking for um approximately may 15th for everything to kind of turn around and to get in to really pick back up. But what ill say in the overall market conditions. Okay is um. We are number one were back and were looking really good and im im im, um, cautiously optimistic thats. One thing my dad used to say hes no longer with us. He passed away about uh well about 14 years ago um. He used to say this all the time he said he would say: hes cautiously optimistic. I am cautiously optimistic. The reason im saying that is that um i would like to see us to continue to move up, and you know two three four percent per day in the overall market and see bitcoin and ethereum start to really nicely consistently move back up. Okay, um, we so were at 1.31 trillion up 7.45. I would say that, as were recording this video, the dow and the nasdaq are looking really really good as well the food that you know so theyre looking really good, um and uh. Oh, look at this musk tweets 44 billion dollar deal twitter on hold is something interesting: uh detailed, supporting calculation uh, oh temporarily, on hold depending uh supporting calculation that spam fake accounts do indeed represent less than five percent of users. Oh yeah hes making sure that the user base is as big as you think it is thats, interesting.

Okay, anyway, moving on um yeah bitcoin in ethereum, so bitcoin uh did we got down and touched in the last 24 hours, 27 950, which is right at that level that we were looking at that 28 000 range. That level, which was a really really good support level, that a lot of my technical analysis um. You know uh content, uh, um, guys that i watch and that i talk to and things of that nature people that are very smart. They watch this and do a lot of ta. A lot more than me were saying: hey look for that 28 000. now bitcoin actually went down and hit 26 350 is the low that it did and, and all of them were based, saying, look in those ranges. 26. 28. 000. If we, if we can bounce back up from that and continue back up, then were looking for a pretty significant run, ill remind you of 2021, when bitcoin got down to about 28 000 and that it rallied all the way back up to its all time. High of 68 000., okay, so were looking really good. Again looks good, keep the key here, and i am amazed and just shocked at how well. This is looking right here right now, ethereum the exact same story: ethereum we bounced back and hit about 1700. I think 50 1750 is what we did hit kind of our low and look. We bounced and again were in that range and that it was 1800 in that range.

What we were looking for for ethereum and again my ta technical analysis, guys that i that i trust that give me guidance, and you know kind of look at that part of the business. For me all said: hey look at that range. If we bounce back up, we dont drop dramatically below that we bounce back from that, and we continue to move up. Nice incremental moves up like were seeing here, 6.65 percent up. Then you can look for a really nice sustained rally for ethereum and it continues to go up accordingly with the overall market cap. Okay, so we got some really interesting ones like stefan is moving back. It was really really pushed down, so its coming back really nicely. In fact, i bet you its one of the top ones, but look at this gala and decentralized stepping all phantom all looking really good screaming back um and posting. You know gains north of 45 50 and you can see that the money and the confidence is coming back. Eight coin up now: 43 right here uh, i did an a coin video yesterday, its bounced back from the lows in the six dollar range, looking really good. Phantom coming back harmony, you cant pretty much. Every single major top 100 is now erasing these seven day, loss percentages and looking really really really fantastic, i mean so you really. You can look anywhere in the top ones, and you can see the all coins are all screaming.

Back i mean look at xrp is up 18 cardanos up 23 salon is up 16 um, you know its polka dots up. 29 love polka dot, shiba inu itself is moving up from a low of 16 market cap up 23 doge coins up 15 itself, and it just list goes on and on and on. So this is good news from the overall market conditions. I like what im seeing im shocked at how fast its happening. What i want to see is us to continue to move two three four five percent per day um after this kind of major rally today and not kind of get what get kind of a weird. You know false positive from the standpoint of movement of movement. Back up, okay, so thats what i care about there, you go thats what we got um if you havent done so hit that subscribe button become part of the community wed love to have you stick around because i have one goal to help. You make more money and crypto and just help you navigate these waters a little bit better with more information ill see.