If you enjoy our content, please do not forget to leave a like. You can subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to be informed about our later videos. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below before we start. Our video lets hear our legal disclaimer. None of the information given in this video should be taken as financial advice. Please make your investments according to your own research. There are many games to make money in the crypto business from game five to nfds from trading to stacking. However, not a single one of them is as reliable and sustainable as mining, but mining is not easy if you do not have so much money or a garage filled with computers, and i assume you do not have one. So i must say there is no chance for you to mine, and maybe you should try staking or getting into nfd business. Who knows? Maybe you have a good chance? Actually, no, you can mine with the cloud mining and it is reliable as well cloud mining is a service for people who do not have the time or the money or the equipment to do mining themselves. However, before getting into cloud mining, you should make sure that you are in good hands in that ecos is nearly unrivaled. Ecos is a full, fledged crypto investment platform that has been on the market since 2017.. They specialize in bitcoin the market leader and they already have more than 200 000 clients.

Ecos is located in the republic of armenia and they have a huge facility. You can check their youtube channel to see it for yourself, but in this video we are going to talk about their system. Ecos has a flexible contract system that way users can set the variables which are convenient for themselves and adjust the price power and the time span. Preferences, ecos also has a calculator that allows clients in a very simple way, to create a contract by just moving the variables that switch the most the minimum price for cloud mining contract starts from 150, which makes mining available to literally anyone. Well, if you do not want to spend 150 on a system that you didnt see, i understand that, but that is also why ecos provided free monthly trials for you for our followers. It provides 0.3 tara hashes for mining. You can check the description to start your free trial and you will choose whether or not you will continue using the system after 30 days. If you like the system, you can choose a plan among six different plans. It is good that they provide different plans for everyone to find something suitable. You can either go ahead and visit their website or download their app, which is both on google play and ios on their mobile app. You can always watch what is currently being generated by the system in order to sign up, as you can see on my screen, you need to fill some details, such as your email and phone number, no matter where you are what languages you speak, ekkos wants to Embrace you for that they have seven different language options, which is rare these days.

Really ecos is a well established cloud mining platform and in order to extend their reach and differentiate from others, they are constantly adding new features. First, they have implemented a native wallet to their system for the convenience, as well as an exchange platform within crypto portfolios, which you can see on my screen right now is a tool for investing in portfolios of digital assets. Echos offers portfolios with different risk return ratios. They also have a shop which is called asic shop here. It is possible to quickly purchase the right hardware for mining plus hosting in ecos data center, so you can just buy a hardware for more profit and they will handle the rest. The machines that you buy will be working on their site, so you will not have the endure all that hassle of mining facilities following their social media accounts is the best way to be notified on the project. You can follow their twitter account for more events and upcoming releases. You can also be a member of their telegram group where you can chat with people involved in the project. Ecos is an experienced and reliable cloud mining service which comes with unique features for more accessibility and for the freedom of their users, as well as good financial opportunities. If you want to give it a try for free, you can check the link in the description. That is all for todays video. We will continue to bring you the latest news and upcoming projects stay tuned.

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