My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video right now. The bitcoin price is still below 30 000 im gon na go into the chart and take a look at that. But more importantly, luna is still close to zero. That is uh horrible, because i have millions and millions of luna but im selling my luna guys thats the big topic of this video. What do you think about that? Alex yeah good idea, good idea, i think so too. Actually i didnt necessarily decide just yet, but i put in like 1.9 million dollars now its worth. I dont, i dont, think its worth more than even three thousand dollars anymore, so but three thousand dollars it can get me um. Maybe a drum kit like this or yeah what else uh a nice nice evening, uh in a club here, yeah yeah, yeah, new yeah. Maybe like three per very nice shoes in yeah, sometimes because three luna is going to zero yeah. Potentially it really seems like that. All right guys, i made a stupid mistake. I had way too much luna in my portfolio i had 1.6 million dollars that went close to zero and then i put in another three hundred thousand dollars thinking im buying the dip, but the dip kept dipping um and now its not even a dip anymore. Its just uh its just a the flatline zero. So i made a mistake: im selling all my luna and i think i mean guys you tell me, should i sell all my luna or not? Let me know in the comment section right now: um.

What i want to do now is go into the bitcoin chart. Well, actually, before i go into the big contract alex, what do you think about the bitcoin price and the 30 000 level? So i think if bitcoin cannot hold the 30 000 level, then we go in a multi month or year bear market yeah, so it will be really bad yeah, so im practicing here already to work for carl. Exactly so alex is right now working for me. Hes fixing my drum set um that he actually bought for me, yeah, very beautiful gift for my birthday and your birthday is coming up. I have an even crazier present for this year, but i cannot tell it will be insane you will be over the moon. Oh really, yes, just dont give me luna, please, no, okay, no its really! No! It will be insane all right. Well, thats, crazy, thats, crazy! When is your birthday by the way, uh minus in four days, crazy, crazy, guys, crazy, crazy, okay lets go to the bitcoin chart. We went extremely off topic here, but thats, fine, okay, guys, look at this. The bitcoin price is right now still below 30 000 and yesterdays daily candle actually closed below 30k. That is not the best sign. Like i said yesterday, we really do want to see a daily close about 30k lets see if this daily candle today can do that. Um but remember that it is the weekend right now.

I would like to see a weekday daily, close, basically lets see on monday. If we can get one of these daily closes above 30k. That would be my ideal scenario, but with a lot of volume as well. You can also see that the the red candle here we had massive selling pressure selling volume and then, of course, some buying pressure, because we came back up again but right now the volume is going down uh. We need a big big volume. Push to the upside above 30k, we havent seen that yet going out on the weekly, we can see that we have lost completely the trajectory of higher highs and higher lows this. What were seeing here is definitely a lower low on the weekly time frame, confirming, in my opinion, that we are right now in a bearish trend on the weekly. So actually we are in a bear market on the weekly time frame, thats my opinion um hate. It love it um, it doesnt, really matter what opinion we have its more about the facts that that is how it is and yeah a multi year. Bear market is definitely a potential scenario right now and um yeah alex. What do you think about the multi year? Bear market: what are you going to do if we end up in the multi year power market uh? I might go back to germany and live on benefits. Yeah, yes, yeah! I go back to the grocery store and pack bananas and milk yeah, but at least you can drive with bugatti there.

I can do that, but maybe i have to sell it. Yeah yeah my ferrari too yeah. It is what it is. No guys look if theres a bear market, its just an opportunity for us to accumulate, build and um become better humans thats. What we can do right, we can always better ourselves. We can develop ourselves, read books, listen to podcasts uh, make your brain, smarter and uh and more informed about crypto and then youll be. Then you can be prepared for the next bull market coming up very very soon, unless ted d packs too, if tethered depends too, then im definitely back to the grocery store. Yes, and then we are all screwed, then were all pretty hot, honestly uh. If that happens, then crypto would be its dead. It would be very bad because tether is everywhere right now like what is the backbone of crypto. Sadly, yes, actually now that i think about it. Maybe there is some like big players who made that happen deliberately because they want to collapse crypto in the future, because tether does have a lot of um question marks around it. I think tethers, a fractional reserve is very corrupt. There are many shady companies involved with the tether to be perfect, honest with you so far so good, but what happened with ust can happen to tether as well. That would be bad yeah, really bad yeah, but the best stable coin in the world is bitcoin guys because thats, the only coin you you know for sure there will never be more than 21 million, so im, not necessarily saying stable in terms of price.

But i am saying stable in terms of the supply, because the supply will not change, and in 20 years from now um i think bitcoin is going to be uh more stable than the us dollar, actually, maybe even five years from now or or within 10 years. I think actually bitcoin will be more stable than the us dollar, because the dollar will go closer and closer to zero. Hyperinflating and bitcoin will keep going up and getting more more higher market cap higher liquidity and its gon na be much safer, guys um. If you also want to hire alex as your drum technician link down below to his youtube channel, um and um yeah, let me know in the comments right now should i sell all of my luna, or should i buy more? Should i double down thats a question for you guys leave a thumbs up down below dont forget to subscribe, and actually, if you wan na trade luna you wan na trade, bitcoin short or long, you have my buy bit affiliate link down below at the top of The description, if you click it, you get four thousand dollar bonus, which is of course, a massive massive uh opportunity right now, four thousand dollars into your account, but you need to click my specific link and sign up with your email thats. The only thing you need to do, thank you for watching guys.