Weve been stacking, our cash over on the public, app use that link and you dont support the hedge funds. You wont support the people on wall street who are doing the most to try to keep the money out of your own pockets and we get the instant deposits hit. The link pin to the top comment get up 73 dollars in free stocks, thats. What we all at ill see you over there baby, but lets have some grown folks talk right now. What am i talking about? I want you to see how some people are living in this world and its all a game to them, but i know that the money that you work for is your hard earned money and we got to break it down just so. You can see how so many people lost a lot of money playing around not doing their research and some even did research and it just went left but lets break it all the way down. So, first of all check this out the overall median lifetime earnings for all workers is 1.7 million dollars lifetime earnings, you add it all up. This is basically over forty thousand dollars a year about forty two thousand to be exact for forty years in a row. Working nine to five family, one point: seven million. Why do i bring this number up? In particular, i wan na introduce you to somebody who you may or may not already know.

His name is ksi now hes, one of the youtubers who got into a fight with logan paul theyre doing these boxing matches. You may or may not have heard of that, but check this out. They said that the youtuber ksi lost 2.8 million dollars in a day on a luna crypto crash. Why do i bring this up because, like i said in the beginning of this video, some people are living in a totally different experience than others, where the point that they lose money, but they laugh at losing how much 2.8 million dollars he put 2.8 million dollars. According to himself on twitter, this is his verified account. His verified crypto account 2.8 million dollars into luna and turned it into 1 000. Why do i highlight this family? Because i want you to just see he even put laughing emojis. I dont know if hes laughing to keep from crying – or i dont know if he just has so much money, which is probably the case that 2.8 million dollars is nothing to him and keep in mind. Thats 1.7 million dollars is the average lifetime earning of anyone or basically most people, the median amount of people. Now this is crazy. He turned it to one thousand seventeen dollars exactly. How did he do so? If you look back a week ago, even youll see that this cryptocurrency was eighty dollars for each coin. You look at it now. It dropped all the way down to point: zero: zero, zero, zero, basically, four zeros five or eight five, two thats crazy people are trying to buy the dip.

I want you to watch out, especially for these influencers, that you are following online. Like i posted on twitter. Yesterday i was talking about how you keep hearing all these new influences on twitter. All these other spaces, talking about oh get cash up, get your cash, get your cash! Get your cash weve been talking about getting cash weve been talking about that since the beginning of the year, because i value the money that you have, i want you to become wealthy. I want you to become financially stable. I want you to become financially independent and then i want you to graduate to being financially free family. I want you to just have it, and i know that when you see people playing around with money like this theres, 2.8 million dollars and theyre laughing about it family. This is no disrespect to ksi. But i just want everybody to know that this is a lot of money and when you see influencers saying yo man im buying this or you going by that, you got to think to yourself look. This is what theyre willing to put in. I cant put my life savings into something like a luna. I cant put my life savings into something thats very volatile. Like that, i need a strong foundation. I want you to have a strong foundation family, so lets check this out according to cnbc, they said. Luna is now almost worthless, which we already saw if you times luna by 1000 family, you would just get to like eight cents.

It used to be eighty dollars now the current price times that by one thousand you do the math you get to like eight cents, depending on where it is, it could be even lower or slightly higher by the time of this recording, but people are still buying And i want you to be on a look im, not telling you to buy, hold or sell. I want you to just watch out and were going to talk about something that you should buy, preferably but youll be the judge right ill. Give you the facts. You always be the judge. Cryptocurrency luna is now almost worthless after controversial, stable coin that is linked to loses its peg. It was pegged to a dollar. Basically, they was basically just linked to each other, the stable coin, stable coin supposed to be about a dollar a little bit over a little bit under, but never much. It dropped down 50, 50 to 50 cents, and then people said whoa whoa, whoa whats going on here. Next thing you know crazy, sell off its supposed to be a stable coin. I want you to understand when you get into these stable coins, and then they tell you, oh man were going to get you 20 interest were going to get you 30 interest. You got to think. Is this too good to be true, and if it sounds too good to be true, its probably too good to be true straight up and you need to stay away from that type of stuff lets.

Look at this unusual wells. Excuse me. They just recently said my allergies, family theyre. Getting me you see its spring is coming. You know what time it is. I might start taking allergy medicine again, but lets keep it going family. You know we keep real, we keep it raw, so luna the price. On a current c exchange, they said that it got all the way down to four zeros and three two in the last seven days, it was eighty dollars which we just showed right. According to usual wells, this thing is dropping, like thousands of like yo, its just crazy, its just straight up crazy. We cant even see the facts. We even got to trust any source like this, but what i want you to think about instead of loading up on these cryptocurrencies that are crazy, speculative is to get into the big dogs, the beasts, the bangers, the ones that started it all now. The first banger is ethereum ethereum. At the time of this recording is about two thousand dollars. However, this does not mean go and buy it at two thousand. It has touched down in the seventeen hundred dollar range and then thats, where we could start dollar cost averaging. Then it doesnt mean that you have to, but it means that if you can get your ethereum purchases in the 1000s, even the hundreds like. If we see something like that, you got to be prepared as cryptocurrency baby.

It is what it is, but if you get it down there, then this is great, buy ranges and im talking, not just go load up, buy it all in the lump sum im talking about buying it, holding it and then buy more over time and try to Buy only what you expect to hold for 10 years, if not longer, because this is a banger, we just in a bit of a what you might call a recession right now, but not officially, but some are saying that were gon na get the official numbers after Q2 and find out that weve officially been in a cr in a cryptocurrency and stock market recession. Now ethereum had a little pump today, but remember after crazy drops theres, always these buys theres a phenomenon. If you order a stock, its called a limit buy and you can actually set your limit, buy or, and then basically set it and forget it, and then next thing you know when stocks or cryptocurrencies come down to these levels. People who already set these limit orders. They get hit, people be at work, people be in the office, people, be they theyre everywhere and what happens is their limit? Orders are getting hit and then next thing you know you get a little spike up like this before the continuation on the way down when they realize that you know what i shouldnt have bought it here. I should have buy it even lower, so expect things to come down a little bit more.

It doesnt mean that they will thats why we dollar cost average, because we cant tell the future, but we do like to buy it at the lowest price as possible. Now check it out, just even today, we seen ethereum go all the way down to about 1800, but this week it was down all the way to 1700. However, keep in mind its about to break the low of the year so thats about 1700 flat and its looking real algorithm algorithmic to me. So here we go. I want you to keep in mind why we like ethereum, we know ethereum 2.0 is coming out, and why is that important? Because the sole fact of when was this may 11th and i got the receipts. It says that ethereum the people in the background theyre merged testing on ethereum. Why? Because they have to merge it and link the block chains and basically make it happen with ethereum 2.0. So when ethereum 2.0 rolls out its going to be cheaper, more scalable, more efficient to create nfts just to use the blockchain, the gas fees that you have to pay, which are just fees on a cryptocurrency, blockchain theyre going to be cheaper to use. So what you got to do is say: okay, do i like ethereum as it stands, and then its only going to get better okay boom? Why do we like ethereum, first of all, its the second biggest crypto in the game, its one of the most secure networks of all cryptocurrencies in the game, and they build a lot of these other cryptocurrencies on top of the family? We cant just leave ethereum in the dust we let it come and pick us up.

I want you to hit the public app in the top comments. You can get those free stocks theres. So many people who have been signing up – and i appreciate yall for using my link – i know you can use some other link but youve been using mine. So you know what theyve been showing me: love and im glad that you getting shown love too by getting your free stocks join the discord with us. The discord is growing like wow fire, but yo come on now. I love you, but if you cant get through the heat of these hot stocks, then stay out of the kitchen. Consider investing in index funds.