I want to talk about that. This will probably be my last luna video for a while, unless theres some kind of news ill just cover it, along with the rest of the crypto market. But i thought this would be one last video that would kind of wrap things up for now and kind of give you maybe a little bit of closure on whats happened this week. So i want to talk about that. Also talk about my plans and what i am going to do over the coming weeks and months. So if you guys like that, please hit the like button. Please hit the subscribe button. If you havent done that already, if youve watched a channel before and you havent hit subscribe, i would highly suggest it because im gon na make videos every single day on whats happening in crypto theres. Also, a link down there to blockfy, where you can get up to a 250 bonus in bitcoin when you start depositing, they also have interest for people outside the us. So if youre outside the us, i would highly suggest it as well now. Bitcoins price is right. Around 30 000, when we look at the whole crypto market, its pretty much where it was this morning, maybe its cooled down a little bit uh since earlier today, at least some of the altcoins, but its looking a lot better than it was just a day or Two ago now terra has been obviously blowing up in a bad way.

Its pretty much worthless terra itself for luna ust has dropped peg significantly. I havent checked it since this morning, but back in the morning it was five or six cents, something like that now dokwan. Finally, made a post talking about what he wants to do to to bring luna back. So this is the terra ecosystem revival plan. He just posted this, and this is after being dark for several days he says: theres been several community and validator groups discussing launching a fork of terror chain to make the whole uh to make the ecosystem whole from the ust depending event wanted to offer my perspective On how this should be done, so he says there are still several billions of dollars worth of ust now im guessing. He means several billion ust left, not several billion dollars worth of ust because its lost peg. They say the value of luna token has fallen to essentially zero, even if the peg were to eventually restore after the last marginal buyers and sellers have capitulated. The holders of luna have been so severely liquidated and diluted that we will lack the ecosystem to build back from the ashes, so it remains uh, while the usd has been the central narrative to terrorist growth over the last year. The terror ecosystem and its community is whats worth preserving. They say that theyre, one of the largest and most vibrant developer ecosystems in crypto, with some of the smartest minds in the world working on products with the ui and ux tara station, has a large install base with millions of users across the world and, although in Distress, strong brand recognition and a name almost everyone in the world have heard about now.

I dont know if theyve heard about it in a good way. I think this is where and well go into what he plans on doing here a second he might be thinking that theres a strong brand theres strong brand recognition, because it was one of the biggest failures in crypto history and lost people billions of dollars within days Id say this is probably the biggest black swan event or one of the biggest uh one of the worst events. Thats happened in crypto history, along with some of the major hacks that happened. You know years ago, stealing billions of dollars from uh people in bitcoin uh, with bitcoin extra or with crypto exchanges being hacked. But id say this is probably bigger, theres more wealth that was destroyed. They say the terror community must reconstitute the chain to preserve the community and the in the developer. Ecosystem validators should reset the network ownership to 1 billion. Tokens 40 percent should go to luna holders before the deep pegging event. Last one dollar tick before the dpeg on finance should be reasonable, be luna, luna, x and luna held in contract should also be recipients. Minus the terraform labs account. The new chain should be community owned, preserving decent ownership of the network and its strong believers in builders is important, so forty percent to luna holders uh before the d pegging event, four to forty percent to ust holders. Pro rata, at the time of the new network, upgrade ust holders need to be made whole as much as possible 10 to luna holders at the final moment of the chain halt.

So i believe that was just last night or yesterday during the day and then 10 to the community pool to fund future development. All luna, besides the third tranche, should be should be staked at the network. Genesis state the network should be, should incentivize its security with a reasonable inflation rate. Lets say: seven percent, as fees and no longer as fees will no longer be enough to pay for security without the swap fees. So that is his plan. You know redistribute to the holders of ust luna their own ecosystem to build from here now um. I think that this, no matter what they do, its its failed um. What theyve tried to do failed? They lost what 60 billion dollars in market cap from the peak of luna to the p and the peak of ust to now basically destroyed 50 60 billion dollars out of nowhere. So i dont think people will ever believe in luna again now there will be some speculation. I think itll be hard for people to want, especially vcs, to want to back this its not someone that sees luna at a discount and sees that theyre coming back with some plan and just wants to throw 100 bucks at it. Im talking about. You know 10 million 100 million a billion dollars worth. I dont think theyre going to be vcs that want to do that anymore. So that is the plan now. My plan is to continue stacking sats, so im going to continue to buy bitcoin down im going to continue to dca theres cool news like this, like uh, that germany wont tax, bitcoin or ethereum sold after one year possession.

Now that would make a sweet retirement plan. If we, if we really do get to the prices that we think were gon na get to a million dollar bitcoin, maybe a hundred thousand dollar ethereum or fifty thousand years from now imagine not having to pay any taxes on that. Even if youre in the us, you might only have to pay 15 percent if youre talking about long term capital gains. So there are great. These are great wealth building times, and i think going with some of these safer cryptos makes sense right now, because these will be around uh. These will be in the top five top ten cryptocurrencies five ten years down the road and bitcoin is so scarce. I know that theres capitulation times like over the last few days, where it can still fall significantly, but the fact is, there is so little out there, and so many people are losing it, so many people are buying and holding it for the long term that theres Just going to be this, this point, where theres nowhere to go up but up and its going to shoot up in price. You know multiple xs over probably a couple months like all of a sudden. Everyone buys it off exchanges and theres. Barely anything left, especially after we get regulation and then the price just skyrockets, real, quick, so im going to focus on some of these top cryptos, not really worry about whats down here.

Until we get maybe some lower prices, if theres real fear, like bitcoin, starts falling down to the mid 20s again and then all of a sudden salon is at 30, then ill start adding a little bit more to these bags, because that will be better over the Long term uh in terms of price appreciation, i think in like the next one or two years, because next bull run solana could easily 10 or 20 x if its at 20 30 when youre buying it. So i think that would make sense, but right now theres, just a lot of uncertainty and a lot of fear so im going to continue to dollar cost average into bitcoin, specifically maybe a little bit of ethereum if we start getting down a little bit further. But im excited i mean i want to be careful because some people are giving me a hard time if i say that im excited about the state of the market, because so many people were devastated and i am there with you, i didnt lose my house or Anything like that, like some people um, but i lost a lot of money, a lot of money that i had on the sidelines, but im excited to get started on the next step. Im excited to rebuild and to start stacking sats again im excited because things will turn around and will become really really wealthy, really well off and im just excited for everything thats to come, so that is lunas plan.

That is my plan. I am here for you guys. Let me know if theres something specifically, you want to see in the comments section.