Today we have to talk about luna ust, some developments with that and with finance. I also want to talk about how this this whole thing was horrible for everyone that was invested, but it might have actually been somewhat good for the overall crypto ecosystem. In a way, i want to explain that because, obviously some people are fearful thinking. People are just going to get out and theyre never going to trust crypto again, but theres, something that can change and i think its changed some peoples, thoughts on crypto and what has to happen next. So i want to explain that also talk about why one really well known trader is getting close to going all in on bitcoin. So i want to talk about all that if you guys dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button if youve never come to the channel before or if youre a returning viewer and havent hit subscribe. I would highly suggest that i make videos every single day on whats happening in crypto, and the stock market so definitely hit that subscribe. Button theres also a link down there to ftx us block folio there. You can get free crypto whenever you trade, 10 or more, and they have 6 million users. Ive said this a couple times recently, but i think it really is important when theres extreme volatility to have multiple exchanges set up, because you never know when ones going to go down or stop trading off something that you like or something that youre invested in.

So you have to be careful and have multiple exchanges set up for liquidity, so definitely check that out. Underneath the video and check out that link now the whole crypto market is looking better. Today, 24 hours were actually up 10 on bitcoin 11 on ethereum 16 on bnb xrp is up 21. just the further. You go down the higher. It goes up apparently cardanos up 26 polka dots up 42 percent avalanche is up 30., so the whole crypto market is bouncing back really surprisingly, the whole markets up 10 today so, i think, were in an interesting spot. Either we just hit max fear, and this was probably the greatest shakeout of all time i mean when you look at the longs liquidated. We had billions over the last few days, so this was either the greatest shakeout of all time. People hit max fear a stable coin that people had well. The market cap was like 18 billion, 19 billion, whatever it was, went to zero essentially and when the top 10 cryptocurrencies fell to zero either. You know that was all coordinated and were flying up from here and we just hit rock bottom prices. People saw 26 000 bitcoin and thats the lowest, or this is a dead cat bounce and some people are throwing money back into the market. They might short it again to try and make it fall down either way i think, buying and holding for the long term is the way to go because theres so much uncertainty right now.

Now the the whole stock market is doing well today, as well, i mean the nasdaqs up: 3.2 percent. It hit 30 down yesterday 30 percent down from the high so its time for some kind of relief rally, either way whether it stays here or not. A lot of stocks are doing really well. Today, a lot of small stocks are actually up 20, 30 percent. Now bitcoin itself is going back up to that 30. 31. 000 mark. If we turn thirty thousand dollars into support thats great, but who knows whether that continues or like? I said whether its just kind of a bounce and then we fall back down at this point? I have money on the sidelines. I also am dollar cost averaging in so im happy with wherever it goes, because either i get cheap bitcoin or you know, the fear is kind of dying down or uh and will return from here now. Binance just ceased: support for luna and ust across their savings and staking auto, invest and dual invest and then cz actually spoke out about luna in ust trading. He says he usually doesnt talk about cryptos and he tries to remain unbiased, but he felt like he needed to talk about this. So what does he say? Well, he says an exponential amount of new luna were minted due to flaws in the design of the tara protocol. The validators have suspended their entire network, resulting in no new deposits or withdrawals possible to or from any exchange some of the users unaware of the large amounts of newly minted luna outside of the exchange started to buy luna again without understanding that as soon as the Deposits are allowed, the price will likely crash further to these significant risks.

We suspended trading that is kind of crazy to think about. If you dont watch youtube or youre, not on twitter youre, just you know a normal person just buying crypto and you see luna fall in the fall and fall and fall youre thinking hey, i can get rich. I i fully realized that some people saw lunas price at a cent and thought hey. If this just goes back up to its old price, you know thats a thousand x, i should put in a thousand dollars and then become a millionaire thats, not how it works, and then it went down. Ninety nine point: nine nine percent – after that he says well, finance always remains to be neutral, helpful and protective of all users and industry peers. We typically refrain from commenting on other projects, but hes breaking at this rule, uh this hes breaking the rule. This time he says, im very disappointed with how ust and luna was handled by the terra team. We requested their team to restore the network, burn the extra minted luna and recover the ust peg. So far we havent gotten any positive response or much response at all. He says this is very different than actually infinity when they took accountability, had a plan and were communicating with us proactively. We know there are different opinions in the community. We felt suspending trading is the best way to protect all the users that were trying to buy and sell.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely. All actions will be announced on binance, so this is coming from the binance ceo cz. I think this was disappointing for me as well. I mean we saw dokwan say that they have a plan and he said dont worry its coming. They said study on so he posted multiple messages for almost a day and then came out with a plan that seemed kind of part of my english. Half assed and didnt really seem to help the root of the problem it didnt seem like it would be enough, and then we just didnt, hear anything dokwan, didnt, say anything and thats when when he came out with a plan thats when i wanted to get out It didnt seem like it was enough um and it didnt instill any confidence in me, so i understand that they that some exchanges are going to have to start taking this kind of trading off just to protect their users. Now i think this is going to lead to crypto regulation uh. I think it was yellen that was already talking about it. Referencing ust pegging a few days ago, and some people are scared about this. I think its actually going to be really good because it will allow large institutions to invest. I mean most of most, investments are regulated, crypto isnt regulated that much like i dont think anything will happen to dokwan. I dont think anything will happen to tara.

I dont think anythings going to happen here. I think that the u.s needs regulation and i think this might actually push it. Faster. People might push to get regulation in place faster, which is going to scare a lot of people when it happens, like i said, but all the good projects, all the top cryptocurrencies well most of the cryptocurrencies – will be fine in the top. You know top 10 or so maybe outside of that as well, but especially bitcoin and ethereum. Those are going to be fine and over the long term. This means that institutional money can flow in a lot easier and will flow in. So i think this might actually push it to happen faster. Some are saying that its not going to happen in the next year. Some say its coming soon. Who knows whats going to happen next, but i think it is important that that comes eventually now. I do want to give a special shout out to unstoppable domains. I will talk to you about the trader now thats about to go all in on krypto in a second, but they do giveaways all the time and theyre giving this ticket uh to consensus 2022. So if you want to win, one of the 10 tickets definitely go. Follow them get your unstoppable domain underneath the video they have like 43 people liking this, and you can get a free ticket to a awesome conference. So they have a ton of people that follow them already about quarter million its a super legit company.

I work with them check out the link to them underneath the video to get a readable wallet address, but lets now move on to the trader will clemente. That is getting close to getting close to going all in with all his dry powder to give his grandchildrens children. Generational amounts of wealth, so he says were very close to the realized price, which is the aggregated cost basis for investors, its right around 24 000.. With that in mind, the market price to realize price is very close to the green bottom zone. So when you look at where were actually at 30 000 divided by 24, you know 1.25 dormancy flow has been the in the buy zone for the last few months, but is now approaching levels that previously set generational bottoms. We also have risk reserve heading into the lower bound of the buy zone illustrating holder confidence relative to the price. We have mayor, multiple in the buy zone, almost at historic lows and were approaching a 200 week moving average as well. So this is what im looking at the most, because this is generally, where weve hit in the past. I mean you can see here we broke through it just like on a down wick, but then came right back. So i think that this is going to be a crucial level to watch. This is around 22 000 right now i am in a similar boat to will, which is uh.

Im dollar cost averaging right now, but if we fall down to 22 24 ill be dumping a lot more money if we fall underneath 22 in the 20 to 22 000 range. I might just put you know the majority of my dry powder in and buy bitcoin and ill keep ill keep some, because we can always fall further, but thats going to be a very important time to be going heavily into the market because thats, where weve seen The bottom, i mean think about everything: thats happened this year right, we have war, we have inflation fears, we have uh supply chain issues, we have the whole general stock market, doing terrible. We have quantum tightening. We have a top 10 stable coin. That was that people had 20 billion dollars in go down to essentially zero. We had a top 10 cryptocurrency. It was worth 40 billion at one point: go down to zero. We had all these things happen and bitcoins at thirty thousand isnt that crazy, like uh. It was just at forty, four thousand and the nasdaqs fallen about the same as bitcoin when all this stuff has happened, thats specific to crypto as well, so its holding up really well right. Now i wouldnt be surprised if we saw a little bit of weakness if we dont great, you know if we stay in this 30 to 40, 000 range ill keep on accumulating, but its just crazy. How well its held up bitcoin, specifically right, so i want to average more into it.

Let me know your thoughts underneath. The video, though, do you want to buy more. I think now, like i said, is a good time to be accumulating for the long term, because you know it seems terrible now theres a lot of fear right now. The fear index is at extreme fear, which is generally a good time to be buying. But remember what we were at our low last year or last cycle – it was three thousand dollars give or take were still 10x that and before that the low was significantly lower back in that bull run before that. So, even if we fall down to 21 000 right below the 200 week moving average, its still 7x, what last cycle was, i mean imagine the next cycle, then for 7x, that 21 times 747 imagine thats the low for the next cycle. We get up to 300 or 400 next cycle and then fall down to 141 or 147 thats. Why you have to dollar cost average into bitcoin, because it becomes harder and harder to over time next cycle, its nearly going to be impossible to dollar cost average compared to what were getting now right like trying to get to one bitcoin when bitcoins at 145 000? Its going to be insanely hard for 99.9 people, so thats why im dollar cost averaging im going to continue to buy bitcoin on the way down if it stays here for months, which i think it could could take until regulation or until spot etf is approved, or I think now regulation might have to happen before the spot, etf, um or the fed changes their tune.

Maybe inflation comes down and that starts pumping bitcoin. You know, i think its hard to tell exactly whats going to happen right now, but i think we are through some of the darkest days some of the most fearful days. Even if bitcoin starts falling down, you know down to 25, 24 or 23. I cant imagine i i just hope theres, not any kind of event like whats happened this week, its been horrible for a lot of investors, but i think were going to get through this and were going to come out stronger and come out wealthier, especially in a Few years when were at the next cycle peak, so let me know your thoughts.