Luna is up a lot and im going to talk about why luna is actually going up right now. Should you still be holding luna? Should you be buying luna? What should you do were also, of course, talking about bitcoin were talking about everything you need to know right now, and this weekend is extremely important. I think that, with a high degree of certainty, you are going to see another big move in bitcoin this weekend. So we need to talk about why in this video guys, so welcome back everybody. My name is cristiano, bringing you cryptocurrency videos every day, teaching you how to make money in this market and what a wild couple of days it has been. So just for complete transparency. I got completely wrecked on terra usd this one, so you know i had a significant amount of terra, ust and um yeah. I got wrecked on this. This is right now not at a dollar. Its at 17 stand still so yeah. I did get wrecked on that, but one thing i did not really get that wrecked on is actually tara luna because, as you know, on twitter, i was telling you like look. This is gon na continue to crash when people were buying at you know fifty dollars. I said its gon na continue to crash when people were buying at 10. I said its gon na continue to crash when people were buying at five cents. I said its still going to continue to crash, but it did reach a point in which i saw a big opportunity right.

So this is why i put out the video yesterday, where i talked about that i had just bought billions of of terra here. For you know thousands of dollars, and today terra is up – i mean just look at this. This is completely insane and um. You know the thousands of dollars i put into luna was worth this morning, hundreds of thousands of dollars, which i also said here on twitter. So i did go ahead and take profit on that guys when something is going up like that, you know um. This is probably not going to continue forever. If you just look at the market cap, its already at 1.7 billion dollars. So for this to you know 100x from this point well its at like 170 billion dollars right so i mean it cannot do that. I mean unless they do something drastically different with the network, but just know that there is limited upside left like from a logical perspective, theres limited upside left for tara luna. I still have some i sold about 80 of my bag now that it went up several hundred percent um. So i you know several hundred x, i should say so. I did take some profit on luna still holding about 20 thats fine thats, my moon bag. If it goes anywhere, you know its not gon na go close to where it was, but i mean even if this just gets to you, know one dollar if they implement some burning mechanism or anything like that, you know you might start to see.

Uh see some good opportunities here as well by holding by holding luna from this point on, but i would not buy luna right now. Guys yesterday was the time to buy or two days ago, when it was at literally zero. When i, when i spoke about it in this video um, but now very, very risky to get into luna or terra usd for that matter as well, so be very careful out there guys i took 80 profit still holding 20 and yeah thats, my moon back. We will see what happens with that. Now lets talk about the latest proposal. Why is terra luna going up right now? Well, apart from it being, you know at a very low price and thats the reason why it is even able to have these kind of pumps? Well, we do have some proposals right, so a lot of people are proposing a lot of different stuff. The leading proposal right now seems to be that uh they are going to fork the network and if theyve worked, the network theyre going to consider uh the network at the time of the departing, basically so for everyone who are buying luna right now, there is a High chance that if this proposal goes through, your luna is going to be worthless, okay, so there is that you know completely worthless there. Is that possibility so be careful with that guys, but if this doesnt get through and uh, you dont see that fork.

Well, maybe theyre gon na try to do something with the actual network, as its state is right now by implementing maybe luna burn on transactions, maybe something else i mean. I can see this going in a different uh, a couple of different ways, but the people buying right now. Basically, they are betting on the luna network, not being forked and uh yeah being able to just scoop up luna at a very cheap price, but remember it has a ridiculous supply already, so i mean yeah, there is limited upside left for tara. Luna. Now lets talk about bitcoin and lets talk about a massive move, potentially about to happen here. So what we can see on bitcoin is that, after having this v shape recovery here going above the orange box going above, the two red lines were now finding ourselves below. Here were finding ourselves trying to break through this red line here so at 29, 552.. So uh. This is resistance right now for for bitcoin lets see i mean we are most likely going to see a big move this weekend. I will tell you why um, because this is the first weekend after this big volatility weve seen throughout the week so going into the weekend where we get the lowest liquidity. I expect large market makers are going to test positions extensively. Pegs pool ratios leverage position, hunting perpetual rates. This is player versus player mode, so make sure you arent levered up to an 11.

, so i mean youre gon na see the the whales youre gon na see something happen this weekend. This is what adam cochran was. A very smart guy is actually saying here. Also chris burniske wait until crypto fund redemption start to take effect or staked assets, pass their unbonding period and get sold or nft newcomers freak and sell their art for ethereum and then ethereum for usd or the next ponzi blows up or big company insolvency is declared Or boom boom boom boom boom theres a couple of different reasons why you are going to continue to see uh bitcoin have massive volatility and crypt overall have massive volatility in the next couple of weeks. So we need to be prepared for that, but also definitely this weekend. We need to be prepared for these people. These whales market makers try to take advantage of the current situation, so be careful out there guys dont be overexposed, even though you know today you are seeing um some cryptos, but terra luna, definitely having a nice pump. We are not out of the woods yet but im going to stick to what ive always been saying. You know i am going to be a big buyer below 30k here. If we go any lower, i will be a big buyer, and so that is my opinion about that. Other than that we are having this candle. This weekly candle right now below the red line still have two days left.

If we can see a rally here above the red line here on the weekly time frame on the longer term, weekly time frame, that is perfect for for bitcoin here for ethereum, nothing really special going on here were still you know. After having this drop were going kind of sideways kind of mirroring, the bitcoin moves right now, so uh yeah thats. Basically what i got for you today guys be very careful with luna for everyone who got into luna at the bottom with me yesterday. Congratulations on your on your profits. Luna is by the way, being traded on by bit in which you are able to get four thousand five hundred and thirty dollars. If you use my link right here as a bonus but as i said, be extremely careful, my luna positions, the the money i threw at luna, just as a gamble here was like 0.001, maybe percent of my portfolio. So i mean yeah uh dont do anything stupid, but if you want to claim this bonus and trade luna, you can do that on by bit, but dont do anything stupid guys. Okay, guys! Thank you so much for watching.