As of press time, bitcoin is exchanging hands at 28 488 dollars per coin. Over the past week. Bitcoin has lost over 26 of its price and around 28 over the past month, its been nothing but carnage and confusion all week as investors try to cut their losses before prices go lower. On wednesday alone, the crypto market went down by over 200 billion dollars, ethereum binance, xrp, cardano, dogecoin, polpidot, avalanche shiba, inu, solana, polygon algorand and stellar have all lost over 10 of their prices in less than a day. Solana has lost around 28 of its price avalanche. Has lost over 31 percent dogecoin and sheba in you have lost 23 and 27 percent of their prices respectively, but nothing compares to the damage to the main tokens of the terra protocol. Luna lost over 91 of its price on wednesday. The protocols stablecoin has also lost its peg and previously fell to around 30 cents. Amidst the carnage plan b has shared some important information with his almost 2 million followers, including what seems to be a bullish sentiment for the worlds largest cryptocurrency in his first tweet. The anonymous investor poses an interesting question to bitcoin investors. Here is the tweet short term holders realize price is below 2 year holders realized price, which is approximately forty thousand dollars. The question is: will short term holder price and thus be it? Coins price drop to the realized price level of twenty four thousand dollars, like 2011 2014 and 2018.

plan b accompanies his tweet with a chart indicating bitcoins price, the realized price five month, short term holders price and two year holders price. As a result of weeks of consolidating followed by several days of consistent decline, investors that have had their coin for approximately two years bought in at a slightly higher price than the short term investors. However, if the decline continues, many investors and analysts believe we could be heading for the realized price or even sub 20s. The replies to plan bs question were split both ways, while some people believe bitcoin wont go as low as the realized price, because the top of the cycle was less than expected. Others believe macro issues like inflation, fed tightening and the war could make the crypto asset dip even further than the realized price. Let us know what you think about plan. Bs question in the comments section below plan b also dropped a few replies to twitter users, who decided to take a jab at him and his stock to flow model for a twitter user, who assumes the independent analyst was making a price prediction with his tweet plan. Bs reply reads: i do not predict 24 000. I am not an influencer, just an investor sharing data charts and models for free. Most of my followers are smart enough. Not to get wrecked. No coins, no leverage invest what you can afford to lose in a follow up. Tweet plan b reminds investors sitting on the sidelines that their indecision at d fear is the same reason why they missed the 4k bottom in march 2020.

. Here is the tweet. The reason why you are not buying bitcoin below thirty thousand dollars now is the same reason why you did not buy bitcoin at four thousand dollars during the march 2020 bottom or three thousand dollars during the december 2018. Bear market bottom fear fear that bitcoin could drop to twenty thousand dollars, but three thousand four thousand or five thousand does not matter now, nor will twenty thousand thirty thousand or forty thousand in two years, despite the current market situation, there has been quite a lot of Positive adoption news for bitcoin: if these developments are anything to go by plan, bs prediction could come to pass much sooner than we expect. However, we still have to face the bumpy road ahead. Here is another tweet from the pseudonymous analyst time for some hopium. We have been in the 30k to 60k range for one and a half years now, but for the first time we were at 30k. In december 2020, bitcoin was overbought. Weekly relative strength index was approximately 90.. The second time at 30k bitcoin was neutral. Relative strength index was approximately 50. now at 30k. Bitcoin is oversold like it was during pete coronados fear. In march 2020., the relative strength index is 34., with the relative strength index so low. There is a high chance that bitcoin could make a grand recovery soon. An oversold market is one that has fallen sharply and is expected to bounce higher. If this happens with bitcoin, we could be on our way to a new all time high later this year.

However, this is just a probability with all the macro issues. The market might not improve much for several weeks or months. Today, investors face a dilemma. Inflation is at its highest point. In 40 years the fed is going through a phase of aggressive monetary tightening and top firms predict stock market returns under five percent until 2035.. Restructuring your portfolio has never been more difficult or more crucial. So where can you turn? Well, you all know that ive been advocating for alternatives for years and theyve done pretty well for me, and it seems like people are catching up. A recent jpmorgan report declared alternative assets are no longer optional. In light of this new normal, certain platforms have arisen, giving access to the top alternative asset classes theres one in particular. That seems like a no brainer to me. Its called masterworks masterworks.i o has solidified itself as the platform for investing in contemporary art. It lets you access their exclusive investments from names like banksy, monet and other iconic artists for just a fraction of what billionaires pay to purchase, because roughly two thirds of billionaires allocate between 10 and 30 percent of their overall portfolio of art in part to diversify it. Because its a natural inflation hedge, it makes sense after all, contemporary art prices, outpace the s p 500 total return by 164 percent from 1995 to 2021 and have exhibited the lowest correlation to equities of nearly any major asset class. Since 2020, masterworks has sold three paintings with each returning over 30 net irr to investors and their new offerings usually sell out in hours 30 plus percent thats wild.

If you want to get in on it early, all you have to do is go to masterworks dot. Io create an account check out what they have and invest in their offerings, and my subscribers get to skip their wait list at the special link in my description. But most bitcoin maxes are confident that the terror crash will make a great case for bitcoin and increase its market dominance. Here is a tweet from barry silbert, the founder and ceo of digital currency group, grayscales parent company, silberts tweet reads: i have a newfound appreciation for the boringness of bitcoin. Here is a similar tweet from jeff ross, the founder and ceo of valencia capital management, and whom do you trust, lunatics, duke 1. ethereum holders, vitalik buterin, us dollar proponents, the federal reserve bitcoiners, no one. What do you think is bitcoins simplicity, a certainty it remains safe and other networks complexities, a signal of doom. Please share your thoughts about the tweets in the comment section below also remember, to comment on plan bs tweets and hit the like button. You can also subscribe to the channel for more videos like this and turn on post notifications.