So today we are going to talk about luna and, as you can see, luna in the past 24 hours has increased 699 percent, all right so yeah. I think its recovering in 700 now and uh still im. I do not recommend people to purchase this token because we dont know if this dips again but im, seeing some positive action thats going on and we are going to explain that in this video and yesterday i told you that you can invest only 10 or 20 Dollars into this project, because if it moves back to uh, maybe 0.1 or one dollar, you could become a millionaire or maybe 100 thousand all right. So i have invested about 15 dollars yesterday and that came up to be, i think, about 200 or something so thats. Really awesome and i didnt purchase on the bottom and yeah so uh. I hope some people have invested 10 or 15 when i told you yesterday at that price uh by the way, the price when i talked about it on the video, was uh a good price point so that you could multiply your money. So still, if you want to invest in terra luna, what you have to do is only invest the money that you can afford to lose. Dont invest a lot of money and we are going to see many people. For example, if you know the moon car carl hes, 1.9 million dollars, luna is now worth about 3 000.

Guys and many people lose a lot of money and many people are suffering because of it. So i dont recommend you to invest a lot more money than you. Cant afford to lose, so invest only ten dollars, maybe a hundred dollars maximum, so that yeah. If it goes back to one dollar, you could become that 10 dollar could become a lot more money. All right so, but i dont know if it moves back, but lets see what uh happened in the past 24 hours. Alright, so finance have delisted, um, delisted, terra luna in the past 24 hours and after that, because they want to reach out to the tree. Leno luna ecosystem, but they didnt respond so that many people were losing a lot of money. Because of that – and there were a lot of terra luna tokens that were being minted so because of that, the price of the token decreased a lot more. So the finance uh contacted them, but they didnt respawn so that they delisted terra luna. Because of that the price went down more alright. So, but after that, whats in uh seated on binance have posted that in 16 hours ago was in no form meeting for two hours at least theres progress, luna blockchain, resumed no more meeting so and the deposits, withdrawal and trading reasoned trading is important for existing holders And he said that please do not buy a coin just because trading is on. Do your own research extreme caution, all right, so yeah thats.

What im saying to you guys uh! Please do your own research dont, listen to uh people that talk that are very bullish. Uh during this time, because yeah its hard to believe it happened this time, all right, so uh thats what happened and on the terra usd they say that uh, the post motor mortem on everything that transpired the past week is in progress. It will be published as soon as possible and they thank the community because because of the strings and so on, and the tera blockchain has resumed block production and also they stopped minting so that the price of the token may not decrease more alright. So, as you can see, 800 percent increasing its increasing its recovering – i think, in my opinion, but still dont, invest the money that you cant afford to lose its high risk. Alright guys so lets see some tweets that many people are talking about so uh raise your hand, should we buy luna now, maybe or maybe not, but dont invest the money that cant afford to lose and also some guy posted. That luna is now up 200x from the bottom, all right guys. This is really insane if its true, i think its about. Maybe if we go to the comments and see uh people are saying it went to from 0.0 something to something and its 56x, not 200x. Maybe its true so yeah people that both in the bottom are becoming yeah they they are getting a lot of money and also some guys say that he bought one dollar worth of luna yesterday and its now 23 dollars.

That means if he bought one thousand dollars, that would be 23 000 within a day all right. So but when you see this, dont be jealous and invest the money that you can afford to lose so im not recommending you but im just sharing the news that just happened. So if we did the chart, as you can see in the past uh one day yeah, it has increased on one moment from to about 0.006, but now its at 0.0027, which is still big and in the past seven days we clicked that yeah from 73 dollars To oh, its, like it, crashed like crazy thats.