A lot of people that want to celebrate the big wins that theyve had at some of these lows and ive had some big wins myself and i talked about it just recently, i talked about it on twitter, really breaking down exactly everything that i had when it Comes to tara, how much ive gained in the end, and what i want to talk about as of late, is basically turning forty dollars into almost six thousand dollars at one point and now were at standing its somewhere around five thousand. But i wan na talk about everything that i did from turning that forty thousand or that forty dollars worth of tara luna into six thousand dollars worth of you know other things not just tara luna, but basically it was six thousand dollars worth of tara luna, because Um, you know i sold it and then sold it for other things, but well talk about that. So make sure you guys hit that, like button hit, that subscribe button hit the notification bell for more videos like this. One also make sure you guys check out some of the links down below it does help out the channel quite a bit, if you guys want to follow me on twitter and get any of these updates, because i did post everything im about to talk about here. On twitter and go over there and follow me at perry8k, youll also follow find the link down in the description, but lets talk about tara luna a little bit so first lets um look at where the price is because i really dont understand whats going on.

With coin market cap, but the prices are obviously just ridiculous. It says here thats point: zero, zero, zero one, seven um, but then, when you go into trading view its going to show that its a different price, its going to show that its .0067. So, obviously, at a way lower price than what its showing uh up here and its showing it at a very low price here, where it was at point: zero: zero, zero, zero, zero one um, but ive seen it even lower to where it basically cost you nothing. In order to buy you know tens of millions of coins and thats how i got to this point um. So recently, if you arent familiar with what what buys ive made, i bought um some tara when it was around two cents. I bought a lot of tara, or at least i thought was a lot of terra around um point: zero, zero, uh, four cents, or so something like that, and i basically got 50 000 and thought that was gon na, be like a whale position. Um not knowing that they would obviously increase into the trillions not into three trillion, but also to six trillion and from what i saw last night. It was actually more than that, but it must have been an error of some sort. I dont know, but they increased the supply so much so 50 000 is not worth as much as we thought it would be worth um, so i saw it decrease or the price decreased a hell of a lot.

So i decided to check how much i would be able to get at some of these lower lows, because it was at not only point zero zero zero, but it was at point: zero, zero, zero, zero, zero um and its saying the last 24 hours. It was only at four zeros, but i i could have swore i saw it at five zeros thats, how i ended up getting this for forty dollars so um. With all of these moves, as i did make that move with 50 uh 50 000 coins. It ended up moving from that point all the way up to about four cents, um my the amount that i had. I think it improved a little bit more yeah up to four cents, so the amount that i had ended up increasing to about three thousand four thousand dollars. I think it was like four thousand five hundred or so i ended up taking 500 of that, which is basically 200 more than my original investment and pulling that out, leaving four thousand dollars worth in there um well, with 40 of that um of that money, i Ended up buying more because i didnt want to spend too much and i wanted to buy a certain amount and i ended up putting some other money in some other places. So i really only had forty dollars at that point, so i took forty dollars of that and put it into terra luna at that price and at that price it got me 63 million tara, luna coins and i dont know if that was an error or whatever.

But uh you know um. What is this place? Pancake swap ended up giving me 63 million coins and i was excited because now i consider myself a whale. However increasing to the trillions. I still dont consider myself a whale now, but i looked at it as an opportunity to where i can gain my original investment back and gain a little bit more and what happened when i woke up the value of that 40, 40 million or 40 dollars worth And 63 million that i had was worth over four thousand dollars, so i decided to take out 427 out of it. So i took out 427 um out of that 63 million, which was about 10 million coins. I had 53 million that were left, so i took um another 25 million when the price increased again um. It was around 3 000, or so i took another 25 million and took that out, which is which was around 1 500 or 1 400, or something like that. I cant remember the exact amount, but it was half of what it was worth. It also was cheaper because um as you sell it, the price obviously goes down and you factor that into your selling amount, so total that i had. There was a little under two thousand dollars that ive gained well um or sorry a little over two thousand dollars at that point. So now i have about 28 million thats left and we can go through like all these numbers.

I wont be able to show you literally everything, but i have a little over 28 million thats left and thats worth on my phone. It shows 3000 plus um on the computer. It doesnt show the actual dollar value, but i can tell you that its been fluctuating from three thousand four thousand five hundred or five thousand uh all the way down to about two thousand eight hundred is what i saw as the low. Now it could go even lower, but i already profited two thousand dollars out of it so going taking this two thousand dollars and also taking the four thousand five hundred or five thousand thats left, literally youre, taking the thousand that you made plus the five thousand dollars That it got to and that six thousand plus dollars that i ended up making off of a 40 investment. So i wanted to really explain that and break that all down for you guys, because it was definitely eye opening for me because again i i literally took forty dollars and turned it into six thousand dollars, which is something that doesnt typically happen. You dont ever see that really happen. That often imagine if i would have taken that full investment that i had. I took the 500. I could have taken that 500 and threw it in on that, and i would have had hundreds of millions of coins and i would have been to a point to where i would probably be at uh tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of Dollars at that point, because it was a very, very low price that i bought in at so um thats, a woulda shoulda, coulda woulda, but im happy with what i gained, because i still gained something out of it.

While people lost money so anyways lets go into uh just show you pancake swap a little bit. This is where i bought my tara luna. A lot of people were buying it on crypto.com were buying it on binance. It was suspended on binance or de listed, and now i think its relisted again. But if i go in here – and i show you the value of my 28 million its going to show 25 point or 2 500 worth which is still higher than what um i had so if we actually look at it above my head, my 28 million is Worth 2 488.28. But if i go into my phone, which youre not going to be able to see im going to go into here and show you or at least talk you through how much i havent met a mask its showing actually the same amount, no its showing a little Bit more so 2826. The only reason its showing less is because im selling it or im not actually selling it. But if i was to sell it, it would factor in an adjusted price because it would impact the price so much right, but currently its looking like 2 826. But i am holding another 1 500 in dogecoin that i decided to buy into with my winnings lets. Call it but yeah thats how i was able to turn 40 into 6 000. Technically. It was more than that because i turned my original amount into 4 000 and then i turned this one to if i would have held on to it.

It would have been a lot more, but i didnt hold on to all of it. I decided to take my profits, its always comfortable, to take profits dont, just because youre frowned upon by other people that you take some profit. Okay, let them do what theyre doing you can take some profits and settle with the fact that youve gained your original investment back plus a lot more and now you can sit on whatever you have now. I dont know what luna will be as we move forward, but no ive already made two thousand dollars from it. So, no matter what this goes to. If it goes to two dollars or five dollars or one dollar, i now made two thousand and one dollars right. So thats, really what i what i look at there and i i want to know if you think the same way because thats the way you have to think if you want to gain something long term and short term, so guys hit that like button at that Subscribe button, this is definitely a win win scenario for me and i hope that we can have a lot more potential in the future. If you have not checked out my latest video talking about you know: duquans um, you know, plan to or plan for the network. Uh, please check that out because its definitely eye opening but im going to get out of here guys. Thank you so much for watching and ill catch.