A cryptocurrency tycoon is spending millions in an otherwise obscure congressional primary in kentucky. Well, the most interesting horse race. There was probably held at churchill downs, but in idaho. What on earth is going on in idaho lets go inside the forecast for the may 17th primaries Music. The largest and most important state is pennsylvania, where the governorship remember im, calling that one, a toss up and a senate seat are up for grabs. Both parties face competitive primaries and its the republican race thats most uncertain mehmet oz yeah, dr oz. He has trumps endorsement, but he doesnt have a lot of distance between himself in the polls and fellow cell funder, david mccormick between the two men theyve spent upwards of 25 million dollars on television ads thats enough to buy 250 teslas. Then theres army veteran kathy barnett, who ended her last political run with a 19 point defeat, despite being outspent on tv ads 350 to one shes, having a surprising last minute surge in the polls as primary day approaches. Those polls generally give oz a slight edge, but his opponents, especially mccormick, have slammed the doctors past more liberal positions and his dual turkish citizenship, which he says hell renounce before taking office. Barnett in particular, could benefit from all the mudslinging between oz and mccormick. Whoever wins is likely to face democratic, lieutenant governor john fetterman in november fetterman, if you havent seen him usually dresses like this is the favorite in that partys primary against congressman conor, lamb and state representative, malcolm kenyatta, in the governors race, democratic state attorney, general josh.

Shapiro is unopposed in his partys primary, while on the republican side, some in the gop are worried that state senator doug mastriano could threaten his partys chances, not just in that race, but up and down the ticket if he wins. The nomination masteriana was currently leading the polls, but some republicans consider him problematic thanks to his participation in the pre riot protests on january 6th and attending events promoting q anon and 9 11 conspiracies. While we have the race currently rated as a toss up, it may move toward democrats if masteriano wins, theres no guarantee masteriano will be the nominee and a bunch of other candidates, including former congressman lou barletta arent far behind in north carolina trumps. Endorsement could power congressman ted budd to a come from behind victory over former governor pat mccrory and former congressman mark walker, itd be jd, vance, deja vu. Ladies and gentlemen, we just answered the question. We have this race as lean republican, because although democrats cleared their field for sherry, beasley, the former chief justice of the state supreme court, a democrat hasnt won an election for president or senate in north carolina since barack obama in 2008., and then theres idaho, where the Former president has endorsed the states lieutenant governor janice mcgeehan against incumbent governor brad little mcgeah made a name for herself when little left the state on official business. Back in october, she used her temporary authority as acting governor to hand down executive orders banning coveted restrictions that didnt exist little angrily rescinded those orders when he returned home, but the whole episode set the stage for this bitter primary speaking of republican primaries.

That pit the far right against an incumbent theres, the tight rematch in the 2nd congressional district between congressman mike simpson and the man he beat in 2014 attorney brian smith, just across the border in oregon. There are three house primaries were watching. First in the fifth district, where democratic congressman curt schroeder faces a tough test from a liberal primary challenger. Jamie mcleod skinner schrader has the backing of a number of outside groups supporting his centrist politics, including one funded by big pharma. Schraders seat, is one of three competitive but democratic, leaning districts in oregon. The other two are open seats. One thanks to the retirement of congressman peter defazio, the other, a new district thanks to oregons gain in population in the last census. In the sixth district, a super pac funded almost entirely by crypto billionaire sam bankman freed, has spent a staggering 6.7 million dollars to boost a first time candidate, carrick flynn in the democratic primary. This highly unusual spending has wrangled some democrats back in dc, especially members of the congressional hispanic caucus who preferred state legislator, andrea salinas in the race. These are just a few of the house primaries im watching on may 17th.