Welcome back to the live capital youtube channel where life fee is for the taking in this video im. Gon na be talking to you about the recent crypto market crash and what it means for iso 222, but specifically ill, be talking about why the market is falling and how its going to be impacting the adoption of the wealthy standard were all looking forward to. So, if youre interested in learning a little bit more about iso 222, stick around because thats how we do around here. This is this: is the video for you, okay, my people, iso gang you already know we got some merch drop in later on were going to be talking about that, but i hope you guys have been enjoying the weekend. I know you know you have to take a little bit of a time to step back away from the markets and just think to yourself hold up where the heck am i going why the heck are the? Why is the market falling whats happening so were going to be doing that, of course uh? If you are new over here, we do focus on utility cryptos and mostly iso 222 compliant cryptos, but lets go ahead and take a look at the market, as you guys see, pretty much everybodys just crapping bricks, theyre like okay, well, im going to step away from Crypto now um, but during these times guys during these times, these are more so the best times for you guys to really understand this is what weve been looking forward to? Okay, i mean, i know it sounds crazy.

I know it sounds like oh man. What are you saying, but really understand, ive been in this thing since 2017? Okay from from this point, the deepest that ive seen that can really weather these storms that were all witnessing right now is utility cryptos cryptos that were designed with the use and especially if the higher the utility, the higher the use case. Obviously, thats going to be better for your prop your pockets and better for generational wealth thats. Another thing that we do focus on over here really quickly, so we can look at our bitcoin right there. You have it at 29.. So of course its really a question. Well, look at the uh bitcoin chart, but guys uh be prepared. You know were not were not totally out of the out of the woods yet uh. You have your ethereum right there i mean nobodys, even worried about ethereum, because who can pay the gas fees right, but what we do focus on, like i said you have your xrp right, there, 41 cents – guys of course, another program that we do over here. Of course, as you guys know, you dollar cost average into your iso cryptos. What were saying guys its, not really financial advice. What were talking about is really, you know, advice from a friend really that you can see hey look out for your childrens children. If these things do pop off and of course, can go to their triple digits as its possible and again guys, you really have to think about your metric of control on all of these cryptos all right.

You cant go based off market cap of this when it reaches that tokenomics were going to be getting to a point of on demand. Liquidity were talking about gigantic amounts of liquidity that are going to be entering into this digital asset space, but you cant go by what you see right here. You have your seller right there at 13 cents and your algorithm 45 cents were going to be talking about a little bit more about uh your iota. You have your hot, dare there at 10 cents, guys so again, look were in like a quasi sales state. Okay, its really about right now, deepening your resolve and how far you really want to go in this crypto market uh, but right here you have your iota right there. I just wanted to show you guys this just to keep in mind. This is the all time chart. Okay, when this baby was listed right here in june. Okay, it ran all the way up to uh 5.36, a coin okay, so, as you guys can see here through the past few years, its been, you know a little low, but as you already you understand this okay, this is a part of the chosen five and You dont want to sleep, so i want to show you guys a little bit of charting, as you guys know, look thats the sentiment over here on this channel. Nobody wants you to really say anything bad about bitcoin but im, sorry, but i want you guys to see this right here that there is going to be most likely.

You know were still kind of meandering at this bottom, but if it decides to dip again and im sure you guys have been seeing the guy uh robert kiyosaki hes, more so put it out himself. You know he sees the bottom right there at uh 20 000 and then he he even see you know, look guys. We can even see that thing to you know your sub 10. You know 10k youre, pretty pretty hairy right there at 10k, but im not here to you know, bury your bags or bear the crypto market really. What i want you to understand is over on this side. We look forward to it because, because what we do is total utility, so just want to, let you guys know were gon na be doing an official merchandise release today, um were gon na, be doing our live stream, of course, and were gon na be dropping the Link at the end of the live, so you guys can get on that, as you guys can see here were repping the army of x iso gang all right. So another thing i know you guys are really wondering well why the heck? Why the heck is the market still still dumping so again, what we do over here was we. We dropped some knowledge, so im going to touch on this really quickly. The guy crypto knowledge. He dropped this one out already that the uk government already said over a month in advance that stable coins will be regulated right here.

As you guys can see, the government intends to legislate to br to bring legislation uh to stable coins where used as a means of payment within the payments, regulatory, perimeters, creating conditions, creating conditions for stablecoin issuers and service providers to operate and invest in the uk. So with that being said, they can create conditions all right in the real world and the crypto world, so thats what were witnessing now uh but as well uh, like i said, guys uh the uk. This guy had announced it already back in april. Fourth, okay. They already said the uk government has today announced moves that will see stable coins, recognized as a valid form of payment as a part of a wider plan to make britain a global hub but see what im saying they want to regulate all of it. You see so people just think that stuff is just small stuff, but im telling you aint got to pay attention again right here from the icc they dropped. This talking about a very there are very few. There are very few platforms where smes can put forward their views, so i want to put this one out there that they just released this about the key priorities of the icc: small business champions. Now this is for our xdc holders. Of course, you already know that the icc supports the supports xdc. So with that being said, i want you guys to really just see how theyre promoting the use of digital technologies to help small and medium enterprises access global markets and facilitate international trade.

If you guys have been listening over here, you already know thats one of the utilities that xdc handles mostly thats what its been created to do address the small, the sme finance gap to help small businesses access access, the funding they need to seize new business opportunities. So were just helping them out now for uh, our g backs holders, okay for real, so you already know, uh trading on bitchu is going to be starting tomorrow, which is basically today so go ahead, and do that i believe they have the whole um. Uh rewards thing worked out, so its really cool um. If you guys dont know this is the global exchange uh more so its a bank exchange decks all of those different things on the xdc network um. If you really want to think about the the gbx token in itself, just think um how you have kucoin shares bnb your exchange tokens, but the unique thing about this is more. So it is a deflationary one, so um, if you, if youre new over here, go ahead to go, go to globians.com check out your region where it might be. If you are active and get a part of this uh nextly, we have right here. So you guys already know so algorithm already itself. It was built out in boston but theyre theyre repping it during the playoffs. So just understand you have a lot of people out in boston. Al goran is in their face.

Um we have put this one out. Is the wands pay community still alive where them cards at where them cards at so uh after that one in wildspay? I put this one out, so people can really understand and know what theyre doing over there. You know its not just about you, know a niche tweet its not just about twitter and stuff theyre, really making moves happen. You know its not just about you know about the hype hype hype. You know uh so to accelerate customer demand and create more job opportunities. Wads pay inaugurates its second office in new delhi, india, so just that was some news that happened back in april, but it was really cool, as you guys can see this, you know they had things going on over there. Theyre expanding you know um, so you have right here guys you already know a songbird has been in quite a little bit of a dip, but the utility behind flare, okay, the utility behind flare – is still there. So i want you guys to see this uh. Just more so putting it back in your face, so you guys can understand what theyre building over there and what f assets layer cake is all about its its huge okay. The stake connector flare. All of that stuff. You know you might get a lot of fun in the community and stuff, but really what theyre building over there is essential. So flair is building three core interoperability products, one f asset, so thats, basically going to be providing non smart contract chain tokens with smart contract functionality.

Okay, what im saying there is no other product really that youre seeing that for for uh in the crypto market. So really, if you think about the fxrp asset, okay, that that thats man, okay, its something to really think about layer, cake, safe, genuinely decentralized bridges between smart contract platform, so um, basically both to and from uh flair, so flare and solana and all uh and an Other third party uh chain can use f assets, so it can all be integrated through layer cake and then they have a relay now. This is our main piece guys. So bitcoin has no future. As a payments network says the ftx chief, its almost as if dude listens over here, you know what i mean. You know you have to say these things, but people dont want to hear it. People dont want to hear it its like: hey man leave bitcoin alone. Man, why are you trying to flood it? You know youre, coming against the future of crypto. Bitcoin has no future as a payment network because of its inefficiency and high environmental costs. According to one of cryptos, most influential chief executives come on the founder of the digital asset exchange. Ftx said the proof of work system of validating blockchain transactions, which underpins bitcoin was not capable of scaling up to cope with the millions of transactions that would be needed to make the cryptocurrency an effective means of payment. The bitcoin network is not a payment network and is not a scaling network.

Okay, his comments came as a fast growing. Cryptocurrency market was hit by a punishing sell off that left, bitcoin down by more than 35 percent since january, at its lowest level. So really understand why im reading all of this, for you its because bitcoin gives us something thats, most so precious over on this side. You know what i mean. You have a lot of people that are on the mainstream and yes, bitcoin ethereum bitcoin ethereum. What else matters are there? Any other coins but im trying to show yall look, take advantage of the merch that we have going on im telling you xrp xdc, xlm, iot and algorithm. Well, we talk about iso 222 compliant kryptos uh, but look uh. Bitcoin is still seen by some crypto enthusiasts as a way to conduct everyday transactions which dude. No, you know what im saying. Even with the lightning network, you cant even handle uh tiny transactions, but look whatever im, you know, keep it. Generic for yall countries such as el salvador and central africa republic have adopted bitcoin as legal tender, but recent research by academics in the us found that bitcoin has scarcely been used for daily payments in el salvador. It takes at least 10 minutes for it to settle. Why would you want to use that as a payment? You know yeah, okay, itll get confirmed on the blockchain. Eventually, you know, but if we can have near instant settlement, thats peace of mind, thats, just peace of mind, the 30 year old billionaire, who has expanded ftx into one of the worlds largest virtual asset exchanges, said an alternative type of blockchain, known as proof of stake Or other technological innovations would be required to uh, create a functional crypto payment network which is xrp, obviously uh, but ill leave.

You guys a link if you want to dive into that. Oh hold up. I think i already saw it look. Ftx has used carbon offsets to compensate for the companys emissions, which is really good. Last but not least, you have them right here. You have your jay clayton and william. Can you catch me catch me? If you can catch me if you can yeah? This is a reason why your ethereum is what it is: okay, but look yall.