I have to have at least forty thousand dollars to get into bitcoin or get into other cryptocurrencies. The answer is jeremy whats. The number one secret um from everything youve been able to glean so far to being able to successfully invest with cryptocurrency and or the metaverse with real estate. Investing well, its gon na have to be time. Time is gon na, be the key. What ive seen far too many people do is try to get excessively rich, excessively quick. I think we all know, especially and by the way, man. I cannot wait to get your book, please. Let me know when it comes out, i will buy it immediately. Thats gon na be so good thats gon na be such a good read, but the get rich slowly tactic works extremely well and almost i would say in every market same with crypto time is your friend. You have to buy assets to expand your wealth, and these assets can be real estate. Digital real estate, just like a website. They could be cryptocurrencies, they could be cryptocurrencies that are used in video games or in the metaverse or in virtual reality. But you still need time time on your side, patience, dont, press, the gas pedal too hard dont be too ridiculous and dont be too insane, but a tip one, a right. If thats number one secret number one a is anyone can get involved with any amount of money, thats a big one, because many people feel okay well bitcoins at forty thousand.

I have to have at least forty thousand dollars to get into bitcoin or get into other cryptocurrencies. The answer is no, you can get in. You can trade it actively. You can be a real market participant with hundreds of dollars if you want to which is intriguing, because anyone listening to this has that type of capital, and you would be able to get in to get involved and to be able to grow that capital. Using your brain, which is, in my opinion, the best thing that anyone can do excellent, so those two things uh, the gr get rich, slowly tactic right, which is realizing that its not going to be easy and overnight. But if you can get educated and if you can start practicing and flexing the muscle and using the muscle of investing is really what it comes down to by the way anyone can get involved. We can all start trading and doing these things, but its about doing that is that a fair summary so far, 100, my maam, so whats number two number two would be do it like you mentioned, get involved its, not scary, its not for the extremely computer locked Right, i dont have handcuffs im not tied to my computer. I can move in and out do whatever i want to do anytime, thats. One thing i love the most about liquid markets is that you can take advantage of a 30 move in an hour. That is possible.

I know it sounds insane, but with crypto that is achievable its not something thats going to happen every day. But if you want to buy a hundred thousand dollars worth of a token and that token has a 30 increase in seven hours and you end up selling it, you have the ability to do that very easily, very fluidly, without phone calls without stress, without refunds, without Customers, the cash flow opportunities in crypto trading is exceptional, splendid and just honestly, almost unparalleled yeah. So lets talk about that right, because the high risk potentially right for some of these things, especially um these these wild swings um. So what what and you come from a stock uh market background, perhaps maybe you can share a little bit more about that with our listeners and then an understanding and seeing trends right and be able to read graphs and thats what youre doing full time and youre Helping others do that as well, so walk us through how that parallels, and maybe maybe the most commonly misunderstood thing about trading crypto in the way that you trade stocks boils down brett to second grade math thats, going to be the really big key in this lets. Break it down, and i will use it doesnt matter if its a stock or crypto lets just say a liquid asset and lets say for this example. This liquid asset is trading 130, u.s dollar value per asset unit, and if that is trading at 130, us dollar per asset unit, and you bought a hundred of those units.

Your investment is thirteen thousand dollars. However, with a thirteen thousand dollar investment, could you only lose one hundred us dollars if you are wrong on that trade on that investment, and the answer is absolutely so: even buying 100 units of that asset doesnt matter, if its amd or solana right stock versus uh Cryptocurrency, if you buy a hundred units and you place a stop loss, one dollar lower than where you got in youre only risking 100, and if your upside is larger than that. So lets say your upside is five. Ten fifteen dollars, then youre risking one dollar to make fifteen dollars, which is a phenomenal risk reward, so its not gambling and thats. What a lot of people feel crypto bitcoin active trading day trading, they feel like it is gambling, because theyve heard stories that people have lost all their money, doing it and right before this podcast, you were talking about your specialty and how youve helped thousands of people Understand how to properly use their leverage and use their money, so they dont go bankrupt and do anything insane and stupid. So when youre talking about trading yes, can it be gambling, of course right. I like to gamble full disclosure. I do like going to casinos. I like playing roulette, i like going to the blackjack table, i like losing money or i love making money. So i can go into a casino with a risk amount of money that im comfortable losing just like in trading, and you can come up with a system and a mathematical strategy to win consistently got it right.

Thats, stop loss. I think most people uh on the they hear the horror stories or theyre, maybe not theyre, not um. They made all their money in real estate or they made it only in the stock market and and its at lac or and havent made it in crypto and so their lack of clarity in each marketplace and realizing that you can put stop losses in in place. Um it can help um demystify this whole thing. Its only game is that a fair summary.