1 trillion dollars down 8 over the past 24 hours and some top 10 cryptocurrencies down 10 500 million dollars has been liquidated, as bitcoin has dumped to 27 000. This is indeed been a weekend massacre. What does this mean for your crypto portfolio and whats the very end where well be revealing what were doing here at crypto busy? My name is tom, and this is crypto busy if youre new here – and you want to see more videos like this – be sure to join the creativity family today and subscribe. And if you liked the video make sure to leave a like its very much appreciated. And so with that being said, guys lets jump straight into whats happening with the crypto markets for today. And how does this affect you going forward because its super important um of how these next few weeks for crypto uh pan out and how that will affect everything going forward now? The main thing really at the end of the day, is you know what is affecting these crypto markets really and truly, what is happening? Is the inflation cpi came out last week saying that inflation in may went up to eight point six percent in the us, and that is mainly driven by the energy crisis with petrol or gas? You know going up exponential amounts and its affecting a lot of people at the moment and theres a lot of talk at the moment with the federal reserve within the united states, raising the interest rates to uh.

You know 0.5 percent to also potentially 0.75 percent, which would mean a squeeze on peoples, uh savings and also encouraging a lot of people to save rather than invest, and so that is a big driving force, a motivating factor for why bitcoin has dumped and that we Have been saying this for quite some time here, crypto busy that we are gon na be seeing a bit of a further dump before we see the next pump for bitcoin and for crypto again, 500 million dollars has been liquidated um, as bitcoin has done to 27 000 old coins seeing double digits crash for that. So, as you can see yeah first day in crypto versus five years in crypto uh, you know young fresh, faced uh jordan belfort back here and then you can see uh. You know leonardo dicaprio being in the revenant. There absolutely crazy there, so you can see the extreme fear is still in the markets, and this will continue to be in the markets for the next few weeks. In my opinion, before we see some form of reversal, the main thing really. I think this is actually quite interesting, and i do urge you guys to look into this as well is the cme gap, so this crash has happened over the weekend and in a way. That is a good thing. You want to be seeing these sort of crazy movements over the weekend because of the cme gap, and this usually means that you know the futures exchange the cme exchange.

Usually that gap is filled uh going into the next week. So whenever you see a pump or a dump over the weekend, necessarily it means that you would be seeing uh prices change and go back up to uh, the the friday close and that friday close tends to act as a magnet for bitcoins price as well um. So as we tweeted out earlier on our twitter one final dump and then the the pump going next so having a look into the markets for uh for the whole cryptocurrency market, as you can see, uh going to one trillion dollars, which is absolutely insane bitcoins uh Dominance has also increased, and this is also going to affect the old coins going forward. So how is this going to affect your portfolio? Well, the first thing is that you know bitcoin going to 27 000. That is a major key factor and i think also we are expecting the prices to go a little bit lower were expecting sort of the the low 20s. At this point we have been saying this again for the last few months. Um, you know certainly towards coming into the lunar crash and how thats affected everything internally within crypto um. I do think were going to be seeing just one final dump to run sort of the low 20s. Before we see the relief rally. We are already oversold on the rsi um, but i think going further to that. I think at that point we can be very much oversold and at that point one bit once bitcoin does dip to 20.

You know 20, 000 to 23 000, that sort of level a lot of institutions are gon na be buying up already. They have been buying up as well. A lot of longs will be um instigated as well, and also peoples buy. Orders will be instigated at that point same with ethereum going to ransom to 1200 to 1300. That is also certainly on the cards again aetherium being absolutely slaughtered here at this point down 20 over the past week, the king of the old coins, and that has had a knock on effect with the rest of the old coins with the likes of cardano xrp Solana, polkadot as well many of the old coins being slaughtered here and um. You know in a good way. This is uh. You know good for the cryptocurrency market to get away from the the bearish momentum in the in sort of the longer term. You want to see these sort of price fluctuations you dont, want it to be always been going up into the next level. You need to see these. You know these pullbacks and these corrections before we see the next and before we start talking about the next leg upwards. So what to do? If you are in a situation like this well, you have a number of options again. None of this is financial advice, but not financial advisors here accurate to busy, but importantly, what to do so uh. First of all, if you are a long term holder – and you know you have sort of your dca and you have been doing that for quite a few months – and you carry on doing that, then that is your choice.

You carry on doing that um. You know accumulates bitcoin over the longer period of time, accumulates ethereum over the long good period of time and have that as a as a setup. If you are over leveraged, if you are overborrowing dont, do that at all you know: dont invest how much youre willing to lose. That is a major key factor when it comes to crypto when it comes to investing in general likes with krypto, its very young, its very mature. It is very volatile, and that is super important. So have a look into what your investing strategy is. We have some strategies were going to be making some new strategies very soon, so stay tuned for that as well. Stay subscribed for that, bringing some new strategies to you guys very very soon, but just again you have to look at the the overall picture of what youre doing with your investing. Are you just going straight into crypto 100 into crypto um, and then, if that is the case, should you really be doing that have a look at other options as well? Have a look at the stock markets have a look at other types of investing not just being 100 into one particular asset class, and that goes for the same being 100 into the stock market or 100 into precious metals. It goes the same with uh crypto as well, spreading that risk over certain areas and also to stick to projects that have great teams: great white papers, great communities that is also super important um, but for ourselves here, creator busy, we are long term holders were bullish In the long term, so again were just going to dollar cost average in and out of positions, as i said, we also have our crypto busy twitter linked down the description below.

So you can shout out so much for the detail. We have some extra content on there for you guys who also do some giveaways. We have our recent giveaway. We gave away 1000 usdc to one lucky follower on our twitter. We also have some extra content on there, some behind the scenes, content as well and its a great opportunity to interact with you guys, the crypto busy community, the best crypto community around so lets go into some technicals here. Josh will also go through much for the detail, with the technical analysis so make sure to check out his videos as well, but looking into the technicals here guys again. As mentioned, your bitcoins price has been range trading between 28 000 and 30 000 for nearly up coming up to a month now, and we have been expecting a break above or break below. We are getting that break below now so again and we could be seeing other areas around 25 000 in the immediate short term going into the next week would be going a little bit lower there as well, but then also at the same time, if you have A look over on the rsi, it is very much oversold and also going into the oversold territory. So, on the longer term, a relief rally is expected between sort of the end of june, going into july and sort of having a summer rally in a sense. That is also on the cards there, but i think in the immediate short term, for the next few days, uh bitcoins price to go just a little bit lower before wed reach those levels and just find areas of support, because between 27 500 and sort of around 22, 23.

000. There is not much support to be found uh around the 25 000 – maybe a little bit, but not as much as the 20 000 region, so to find support there or bitcoin to find support. That would be great to see in the media short term but comment down below. What are you doing? You know, what are your strategies right now? Are you just waiting for bitcoin to go a little bit lower to go in um? Are you just holding? What are you doing here? Because you know what were doing here is uh dollar cost averaging thats the main thing that were doing here accurate to busy having a look at the bitcoin monthly returns chart. This gives a good overview. Whats happened with bitcoin over the past few years, so again, weve had three months in the red here and again. This has also been affected by how uh bitcoins price and also how the the stock market has performed with the overall economy so weve had. You know the first quarter of negative returns. If were having another quarter of negative returns in gdp, then we are technically in a technical recession. So there is also that to be expected – and i think most of this price action here with the cpi, within interest rates with inflation, all that sort of stuff will be priced in before the actual decisions are made and executed. So by the time the federal reserve raised their prices to 0.

75 percent or weve raised their interest rates to 0.75 percent. Then thats the point where bitcoin doesnt crash any further, maybe a little bit of a dip, but not as much as what weve been seeing already, because that price has already been priced in for bitcoins price. If you see what i mean, if you follow that, but do comment down below whether you dont ill be happy to uh, keep up with you guys in the comments below as well. Fidelity is also talking about um, their third crypto wins or the third crypto winter. That were about to enter. If this is the case, i mean i sort of take this with a pinch of salt, because at the end of the day, um you know the the next crypt of harvard and the next bitcoin halving is in about 600 days time. Um and the average bear market lasts a lot shorter than the average bull market, and that goes for the same in the stock market as well as the crypto market. So you know we are expecting some further price action to go downwards and that is expected. But in the longer term, things are looking absolutely amazing. Things are looking very strong and funnily enough. Bitcoins fundamentals have never been stronger. If you look at the amount of wallets that hold bitcoin um and also the amount of wallets that hold more than one bitcoin um and then also having a look at the whale wallets, whos actually selling at the end of the day, its not really the whale Wallet accounts for bitcoin its usually the downwards pressure from shorts on bitcoin, so people using their futures exchanges and putting a lot of shorts on bitcoin.

The shorting pressure on bitcoin has never been stronger, but the fundamentals there are very much stronger than ever now. El salvador has had the brethrens wood conference or the the elf their version of it uh. This is a very big turning point uh for how the monetary system works in the world, i mean the bretton woods agreement said that was back in the i believe in the 1940s, and that was an agreement of how the economy would run post world war ii And thats, where we had the gold standard, then in the 70s we went away from the gold standard and going towards some other system with sort of having more trust in the dollar. So we are in sort of an interesting inflection point in our time in our history of the economy of whats going to be going forward. How is the financial system going to go forward and, in my opinion, especially with the recent regulations coming out from america and also europe other places across the world um? I do think bitcoin and crypto will have its uh place in that agreement going forward. But do comment down below whether you agree where they disagree with me, im referenced to hear what you guys have to say and ill also be responding to some comments down below as well.