We see is having huge potential for the future and, as always, please remember that nothing on this channel is financial advice. Rather my own thoughts, opinions and research that i have compiled and broken down for viewer, education and entertainment purposes. Only please invest responsibly and i love and appreciate you all and with that said, lets get into this weeks. Chronos market update, as there is plenty of news to get through uh. First of all, we have a new project on the chronos chain here, ferra protocol. We did cover this in yesterdays, video and essentially this is the newest, stable, swap venue on the kronos chain. It was also sponsored by chronos labs, which means that the team behind crypto.com and the chronos chain do have quite a bit of conviction in this project and essentially fair protocol. Here is optimized to bring you the best rates to trade, your stable coins and pegged assets. This is a very important aspect of any d5 system in my opinion, and we can see here that swapping a thousand usdc will get you 999.9 usdt, so very low slippage rate very, very attractive, swap rates, and you can also net yourself up to 104 apr through. Actually staking your stable coins on fair protocol. Obviously i would expect this to go down as time goes on and as the protocol does pick up some steam. However, for now you are able to net this 100 yield on your stable coins, which is pretty impressive.

In my opinion, now we also saw news here from kronos labs. They actually announced the launch of the kronos accelerator program and what this is basically is. It is a program that will offer funding and mentorship opportunities to new projects in d5, web 3 and infrastructure development. So it is a hundred million dollar fund and a 10 week program to help promising teams and founders build new blockchain parts. The program will connect startups and mentors to provide weekly workshops and topics associated with protocol building and startups will be able to top into kronoss network of venture capital partners for possible investments. So, basically, its going to provide for investments of a hundred thousand to three hundred thousand into early stage projects. And if you do note here, they have a hundred million in total to spend meaning theyre going to be funding. I mean anywhere from like 100 to 50 new projects, which will be absolutely amazing for the chronos chain, in my opinion and thats, because it is still such an early stage project. Remember that kronos, even though it has already made its way into the top 10 of tvl for all blockchains, it was only launched on november 8th of 2021 and just like other blockchains and other foundations, like hedera, are doing with these funds. I think it is very important to actually incentivize builders to come over to the chronos chain and for the team behind kronos to actually support these builders to really build out their platform and make it something special and speaking of building out platforms.

I think its important to also focus on the crypto.com main app, especially in a bear market. I mean we see coin base, we see gemini cutting jobs across the board and, as we have said, bear markets are the times when builders build and when the hype boys get weaned out. So, as we can see, uh ceo chris merzella here had a whole thread about what crypto.com is doing during the bear market. I think it is very important that we do read this to understand what crypto.com will continue to do and how they will come out on the other side for the next bull run. So he says here that some of you have been with us since 2016 2017 and have seen us building steadily with conviction throughout the 2018 to 2019 crypto winter, that conviction that focus on building throughout the bear market, in spite of crypto naysayers being out in full Force was what made us one of the fastest growing companies in 2021, reaching 50 million users milestone, and that is exactly what we will do this time around. Our approach is to stay focused on executing against our roadmap and optimizing for profitability, as we do so. This means making difficult and necessary decisions to ensure continued and sustainable growth for the long term by making targeted reductions of approximately 260 or 5 percent of our corporate workforce, we will continue to evaluate how to best optimize our resources to position ourselves as the strongest builders.

During the down cycle to become the one of the biggest winners during the next bull run, the markets will turn and when they do, you can be sure that we will be ready to drive and capture the next wave of growth for cryptocurrency adoption. So plain and simple, i mean theyre cutting about five percent of their corporate workforce, which is obviously incredibly unfortunate. You never want to see it, but to put things into perspective thats about half of the cuts that these other exchanges like coinbase and gemini are making, and furthermore, we have talked on this channel about how bear markets. One of the biggest functions of the bear markets is to wean out the hype, men, the hype projects and to really get down to the biggest and best innovators and builders. So it is very reassuring to see that the ceo discusses hero – that is what they did during the 2018 2019 winter, and they were huge beneficiaries of the 2020 and 2021 bull run, and they are planning to do the exact same thing now in preparation for the Next bull run and although it may seem like its never gon na, come guys trust me its gon na come. It might not be this year. It might not even be next year, but its going to come and its just going to smack everyone in the face and krypto.com is here and they are going to be ready to be a huge beneficiary of the next bull run.

Now, speaking of crypto.com growth, here we can see that it is actually flipped coinbase and a binance by the daily growth rate and trading volume coming in at 94. Here, with binance coming in at 86 growth and coinbase coinbase, coming in at 72 growth, so crypto.com outpacing binance by about eight percent and out basing coinbase by 22, and obviously we would want this gap to continue widening as crypto.com has surpassed coinbase. And we would like to eventually see it surpass binance in that trading volume. Now, moving on to the weekly growth rate in total, unique addresses of the top evm blockchains and once again, crypto.com is outspeeding the competition by a significant margin coming in here at 1.06 percent growth week over week, compared to polygon. Coming in at zero point, eight one percent – so essentially it is outpacing second place by a solid 25 percent and then uh avalanche at zero point. Seven four percent and b and b chain only coming in at zero point six percent on that weekly growth rate, and here we can actually take a look at the chronos on chain dashboard. This is the on chain data and activities on the chrono chain. Over the past week – and this blue and purple bar here is the total amount of transactions and the white line here is actually the amount of unique addresses that were transacting on the kronos network. So over this past week we did reach over 44 million in total transactions and we also surpassed the 841 000 total wallet address milestone.

Now i would expect, by the end of the summer that we will actually surpass that 1 million wallets and easily also surpass that 50 million in total transactions and those would be two huge steps for the growth of the chronos chain. In my opinion, now looking here at the social dominance of the chronos chain and once again, a lot of people think that these statistics are not important, but i think they are incredibly important when the main investment thesis of this project is. We are looking for crypto.com to raise awareness for more people to come to the crypto.com main app to be introduced to the d5 wallet and, furthermore, to then find their way on onto the chronos chain, and the social awareness plays a huge aspect in this. So you can see here that all of the other uh cryptos here their weekly growth rates and social dominance are well in the negatives, with crypto.com, with kronos coin coming in here at 145, weekly growth rate and social dominance. That means that a lot of people are talking about the kronos chain and what we can do is i also pair that, up with the actual bullish to bearish sentiment on social media and what youll notice um is. This really just gives us a better idea of what this sentiment is of the social dominance. Is it positive? Is it negative and, as you can see here, it is actually quite positive. In my opinion, as 65 of social metrics are indicating that people are looking to buy and 24 indicate that people are looking to hotel so right, there youre already looking at about 90 of the community talking about crow, either buying or holding with only 10 percent.

Looking at sell or just having, you know, being neutral on the project, having no opinion, so that means 90 of people that are discussing crow are talking about either buying or holding their bag. And i think that just really goes to show the strength of the kronos community as a whole, and then we also have the daily growth rate and nft sales volume. Here and once again, kronos is well in the lead, with a 79.33 daily growth rate compared to avalanche, coming in second place at 22 and b and b chain coming in here at only one percent, and then we got phantom polygon and ethereum growing in the negatives. As obviously, nfts have slowed down with the rest of the bear market, but that has not stopped kronos at all from actually continuing their growth even during the bear market. Now, speaking of nfts, we often talk about ebisus bay. However, a smaller nft platform, crow c, has actually launched their own nft creation feature, and i think this is a really cool feature basically allows anybody to hop onto crow c and begin minting their own nfts very, very quickly. So here is a step by step process. If you were interested first, you got to head over to the website and connect your kronos compatible wallet so metamask, for example. Then, after connecting your wallet, you can start adding as many layers as necessary. You can choose the project name and description. The collection size, the rarity of different attributes and once ready, you can proceed to generate the collection after processing.

The collection is to be published by the chronos blockchain and you can choose to either set a mint price in crow or in usdc and choose the collection symbol, so just take into account that kroc charges a fixed fee of 99 crore to launch an nft on The platform which is like piss, cheap thats, like 10 bucks or something 15 bucks um. So i definitely think – and i do agree – that novel ideas like this is going to help pave the road for creators and collectors to capture additional market share from the current nft leaders like ethereum and solana, and i do think this is an incredible feature to add. To really just drive more traffic to the platform now taking a look at mad meerkat here is: they do provide a flurry of updates in search of green candles, and this will serve as a prelude to tomorrows video, which is going to be all about mmf, and Why exactly this ecosystem in particular has been crashing so hard and there is actually a valid reason for this uh, but just broadly speaking here in the markets, the past weeks have definitely been unkind to all asset classes and mmf is not immune to this whatsoever. So, as i say here when the time is right, you will see mm finance at the forefront of innovation and traction to fly our flag high once again, today, our team humbly trudges on to work on stuff behind the scenes.

These include many important but overlooked items, and some of the things they are working on in the upcoming weeks include mma equipment minting and the launch of an mma game. Ui improvements across various products protocol parameter tweaks, stronger integration and collaboration with other d5 projects. This is something im, definitely looking forward to and will be keeping an eye on, as well as better ux and faster loading speed on the technical side of things. Now they also did announce their 15th launchpad sahara. Dow and to be honest, i dont know how i feel about this aggressive push of the launch pads. I think that it would almost be better if they did focus on their existing launch pads and really focus on producing more quality products, as opposed to just pumping out the quantity of these launch pads. So i honestly dont really see this as like a a positive in most sites. I wish they would just actually work on their existing launch pads because they already have 14 as it is, and thats a lot for a fairly new decks right, and then we can see over here that, moreover, mmf will make significant changes to the mad meerkat etf Platform, which is a decentralized exchange, traded fund protocol that plans to bring reliable baskets of goods and investments to chronos. So definitely some exciting updates um. But despite all these updates, they have obviously not been immune to the bear market and there is actually a reason that they have been crashing, which has to do with an algorithmically pegged stablecoin musd, which we will cover in tomorrows.

Video definitely stay tuned for that. However, given the bear market mmf has not slowed down here in terms of the user growth, as you can see here, it is still the top dap on chronos by weekly, active users coming in at 18.67 k, then you got vvs finance in a close second. Actually, its 17.28 k so vvns here vvs is definitely closing the gap here between itself and mm finance, and then these two uh in particular just smoked the rest of the competition with ibisus bay coming in third at 3.17 k. So about 15k, less uh, weekly, active users. You can also see here that when we compare mmf to other ecosystems, not just the chronos chain that has actually flipped trader joe by monthly trading volume and trader joe is the largest dex on avalanche. So that is a very big deal you can see here that trader joe has done 850 mil in the past month, whereas mmf has done 1.3 bill. So that is definitely an impressive statistic for mm finance to boast and im moving on here to the kronos chain. Update in terms of the tvl, you can see that if we take a look at the tvl across all blockchains, that kronos is still sitting in eighth place here at 1.28 billion already down significantly down 16 in the past seven days, as there has been this widespread Blood bath across the board and uh. If we take a look at the evm compatible chains, youll notice that chronos is still sitting in sixth place here, uh just behind phantom, and i would expect chronos to take that top five spot eventually.

And i do think that longer term we are looking at a potential top three now keep in mind that, even with all of the bearish sentiment with all of the brutal selling that has been going on so far, i mean were at 1.28 billion thats. Bringing us back to levels that we were at in december of 2021. But again, i think if you are in kronos for the long term as we are, then this six month setback is not a big deal when you actually zoom out, and obviously this should be expected as a crypto investor, especially in a newer project and a newer Blockchain and to put things into perspective here, chronos is at levels that we have not seen since december of 2021. Well guess what ethereum is at levels that we have not seen since like may of 2021, so eth here has been set back in just over a year in terms of its total value locked on d5. If we take a look at binance here, i mean its showing a pretty similar picture were at levels that we have not seen since march of 2021. So when you put things into perspective that way, chronos is actually faring quite well versus the rest of these d5 chains and once again, i do think that, with time we will work our way eventually into the top five and longer down the road into the top. Three – and that is what we are looking for, so i hope you guys did enjoy this weekly market up.

They definitely stay tuned for the mmf, dedicated video that will be coming out tomorrow for any of you that are wondering what is happening with that ecosystem.